The Modern Man: Online Entertainment and Gaming Options for 2015

modern day entertainment for men

In previous generations, the male of the species enjoyed relatively simple and straightforward forms of entertainment. From singing around a piano and enjoying a pint or two in the local pub with friends and family, the concept of entertainment was based around real-time interaction within a specific location. This has changed beyond all recognition in […]

Greco Hexagonal Nut Watches


Here’s a watch for the true gearhead, or maybe nutcases? Greco Hexagonal Nut watch is created by watchmaker Stephane Greco, who/is a parts supplier to other watchmakers. The Greco Nut watches, as you might have guessed it, are shaped like a massive nut. The “nut” or case of the watch is made out of titanium […]

8 Stunning Photos of the Northern Lights

Photo by  Andrés Nieto Porras

Everyone needs a little travel inspiration, and the phenomenon known as the Aurora Borealis – or Northern Lights – never ceases to amaze me and many others the world over. It’s beautiful, haunting, and seemingly supernatural. Though people once believed that the Auroras were a product of the gods, today we know that the Northern […]

Rodent Pets For Children – Yea Or Nay?


I have an eight year old niece who keeps begging her parents and her uncles for a Chameleon lizard or a “Finger Monkey” (Pygmy Marmoset). Oh and she’s already been through the “I want a pony” phase. I’m not a parent myself but I know enough to stay away from pets because they end up […]

Taurus Curve Handgun — A Cyberpunk Self-Defense Weapon


I’m not a gun enthusiast by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve never owned a gun, and I’ve only fired them a few times at a . Even so, I can appreciate their power, and even their unique and interesting designs. If nothing else, the Taurus Curve is one unique looking handgun. Designed to fit […]

Is A Steam Shower Right For You? See The Benefits

steam shower

After a long shift at work, you’re usually exhausted, feeling aches all over the body, and you simply want to relax in a peaceful environment. Let your spouse take care of the kids and sneak away to enjoy your brand new . Our family has been considering a steam shower for a few months so […]

Win an AMAZING Solar System Worth $16,500! #WinSolar

Photo by CoCreatr

Readers of Unfinished Man know how passionate we are about solar energy. Solar energy is completely renewable energy that benefits the environment and, most importantly, saves the homeowner significantly on monthly energy bills. As more , it’s fairly standard to have an electric bill of $100 a month or higher. Homeowners living in California, New […]