Opel Adam S – Battle Of The Hatchbacks

Adam S by Opel

I wrote about the Opel Adam a while back and its similarities to the Fiat 500. In my opinion, the Adam is a better looking vehicle on the inside and exterior. What the Opel Adam was missing all this time was a performance oriented model similar to the Fiat 500 Abarth. But Opel has no […]

The Pursuit Half-Zip by Triple Aught Design


I’ve written about Triple Aught Design many times over the years. Simply put, they’re one of my favorite clothing brands. I’m slightly embarrassed to admit their clothes make me feel a little like Jason Bourne. I tend to gravitate towards “tactical clothes” because they’re often really well made, but they’re also also often quite… utilitarian. […]

Urwerk EMC Black Watches


Last year we wrote about the Urwerk EMC watch, a watch that comes with an Electro Mechanical Control (hence the name); the watch comes with a built-in electric device that checks the accuracy of the mechanical movement. This is the first time a mechanical watch comes with a built-in accuracy checker, normally you’d need to […]

A Look Into The Future: Renault EOLAB Concept

Renault EOLAB fuel efficient car

Here is a concept vehicle that looks a bit further into the future than most concepts. The Renault EOLAB Concept previews a feasible B-segment car for within the next decade. According to Renault, this sub-compact model incorporates close to a 100 innovations which will gradually find their way onto production cars before 2020. The strange […]

Less Is More? De-Tuned Porsche Boxster & Cayman 211


Normally when a carmaker introduces a car, it’s followed up by upgrades and more powerful versions. This holds true in Porsche’s case, which keeps introducing a wide range of special models that are more powerful, feature different body kits, and are usually more expensive. However, this time Porsche is introducing a less powerful version of […]

Learn How to Break Down a Door

judge dredd kicking down a door

Ever wanted to learn how to kick down a door like Judge Dredd or Jason Bourne? Maybe you just lost your keys, or maybe you want to impress a friend by senselessly destroying your own door. Whatever your reason, there are always better ways to get that door open. Before Jason Bourne would even consider […]