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watch dogs clothing line

Let me start off by saying, ahahahahahhahahaha. Okay, that's better. Yeah... I don't know, man, something about video game inspired clothing cracks me up, especially when it just kind of, you know... looks like regular clothing. This Watch Dogs Collections by Frank & Oak is in no way any different, which is what makes it [...]

Non-traditional Easter Celebration in Malta: Party is the Word Thumbnail

Easter Sunday on the island of Malta is not the traditional conservative family celebration you may be used to with egg hunts and baskets.  It is an island-wide party in every sense - from classy wine bars packed with families to historical buildings turned to daytime clubs, with party-goers overflowing into Malta's historic streets. That [...]

las vegas strip at night

According to Las Vegas Tourism, more than 40 million people from everywhere visit Las Vegas every year. This makes “Vegas” in the top three or four most popular destinations in the world. (Note: Las Vegas draws even more people to visit than Disney World, so there’s lots to do here.) Though most people visit Vegas [...]

Fiat Ducato Ram ProMaster

I used to drive the Fiat 500 a couple of years ago when I was working at a car rental place and it was one of those vehicles where most customers would try to avoid at all costs except a few female college students here and there. Unlike the Fiat 500, which I'd never want [...]

[Video] Fast & Furious Race Scene with RC Cars Thumbnail

Some of my friends absolutely love the Fast & Furious movie franchise, any movie that comes out with the F&F name, they think its pure gold and Oscar worthy. Personally, I liked the first one, after that the movies were “meh”; maybe I grew up and realized no one can act in those movies and [...]

Germany’s Hidden Gem: Exploring Hamburg by Bike Thumbnail

Imagine the setting. You have just ridden across Germany on the Bahn (not to be mistaken with the autobahn) watching the countryside pass you by. You arrive in a city often mistaken for the origin of the hamburger (it's not), overlooked in favor of other German destinations like Berlin, and are not sure what to [...]

money conversion example

International travel is exciting. A job or vacation can allow us to experience an entirely new culture. We can learn snippets of a new language or develop a taste for the delicious local foods. Even the basics, such as the currency used by people in this new land, can create an "aha!" moment. We start [...]

composite by jake stollery

I moved into this apartment about a year ago. I never painted, and though the walls are in good condition, they're absolutely barren. In fact, I've never had any art hanging on the walls, unless you count the Star Wars and Matrix posters I had as a teenager... But I'm all grown up now (at [...]

rio from the air

With the world’s grandest football event rolling into the Brazilian sun this summer, flocks of eager fans are set to descend on the samba nation. While your thirst for sport is set to be satisfied, the sizzling settings and electrifying atmosphere are sure to get you fired up too. After all, this is a country [...]

pocket printer

How many times have you been out and about and wished that you had access to a printer? I don't know about you guys but there have been many occasions where I was in need of a printer but had no choice but to delay what I was doing until I was able to get [...]