Want to Contribute to Unfinished Man?


Since we started Unfinished Man way back in 2010, we’ve received thousands of emails from you guys asking if you could contribute to the project in some way, be it writing about your favorite video game, or taking pictures of that sweet new jacket you just picked up. We’ve always declined (we had our hands […]

Omega Seamaster 300 Vintage Leather Watch


One of the most popular line of watches from Omega is the Speedmaster series, especially the Speedmaster Professional, I’m getting one this weekend. Another popular line is their Seamaster line and the various versions of those watches. The latest timepiece from the Swiss watchmaker is in the Seamaster line and is called the Omega Seamaster […]

Someone Made Agent 47’s Silverballer .45ACP Handgun from Hitman


One of my favorite video game characters is Agent 47, the anti-hero protagonist of IO Interactive’s Hitman series of video games. He’s stoic, he’s got a dark sense of humor, and he’s extremely talented at blending into his surroundings to infiltrate tough-to-enter places. He’s a man of many talents. As one would expect, he’s also […]

Mando Footloose – Electric Bike With Up To 28 Mile Range

electric bicycle

Electric modes of transportation are becoming more common and it doesn’t only apply to passenger vehicles. There’s electric motorcycles and skateboards which we’ve written about in the past. And the electric bike is also becoming a pretty common sight although I kind of have mixed feelings about these gadgets. Besides getting to work, people usually […]

Dyson V6+ Cordless Vacuum Review


Like most guys, I love cars, watches, and gadgets. When it comes to gadgets and gear, we usually gravitate toward outdoors gear, smart phones, and tablets. It’s rare for a guy to talk about a piece of equipment that is actually useful around the house, like a blender, a fan, a washing machine, or a […]

Dating On A Tight Budget

Photo by Sascha Kohlmann

Dating is usually an activity associated with spending lots and lots of money. From getting prepared to look the part, going to the cinema or restaurant, to paying for the cab ride home; finding new partners will often set our savings back. For better or worse, we often feel the need to spend in order […]