Only Watch 2015: Patek Philippe 5016A-010


Here’s another unique watch that will be auctioned off at the Only Watch 2015 charity event; a Patek Philippe 5016A-010. Patek watches are usually the highlights of the Only Watch event, with a Patek watch stealing the show and selling for just shy of 3,000,000 Euros. The Patek Philippe 5016A-010 is a unique take on […]

How to Upgrade your Office with Linear Motion Systems

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Linear motions systems are a critical part of modern day systems. The critical division between uniform and non-uniform motion along a vertical plane has made technology applications numerous. However, it is essential for users of this technology to be able to identify systems that will integrate seamlessly. To meet modern technological needs, linear technology has […]

Only Watch 2015: Tudor Heritage Black Bay One


For Only Watch 2015, Rolex has decided to put one of their watches up in the charity auction, but not from their regular Rolex line, instead their sub brand Tudor. We’re not sure why the Swiss watchmaker went this route; this will be the first time the Rolex/Tudor brand will make an appearance at the […]

Jaw-Dropping Advice to Help You Buy Your Next Car

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Okay, so you’ve decided it’s time to buy your next car, but maybe you’re unsure how to proceed. Well, here is some advice to help you cover your bases and make the right decisions. Set a Budget The most important part of the process, when you’re preparing to buy a car, is the budget. You […]

Crystal Wash – A Better Way To Do Laundry?

Bio Ceramics Crystal Wash

Laundry is a never ending story and unfortunately it’s something that has to be done unless your intention is to keep people away. If you don’t like using detergent because you think it’s a ripoff or perhaps you don’t want the chemicals or perfumes on your clothes then consider the Crystal Wash. Crystal Wash is […]

Only Watch 2015 Charity Auction

Only Watch 2015 Logo

Only Watch is a charity auction that takes place every other year, featuring one of a kind watches that are donated by various watchmakers and are auctioned to raise money for Monaco Association Against Muscular Dystrophy. The previous five only watch events have taken place in Monaco, but Only Watch 2015 is moving to Geneva, […]

Best Phuket Beaches for the Discerning Traveller

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Most tourists go to Phuket for the beaches, so it’s no surprise that this Thai island has some of the best stretches of sand in the world. All the dozens of beaches around Phuket are not created equal, though. Read on for the best Phuket beaches for the discerning traveler.   Patong Beach Perhaps Phuket’s […]