Moo Shoe Wash – “Shampoo” For Dirty Leather Shoes

anti-stink shoe wash

Smelly shoes are not cool and quite embarrassing, especially if you are visiting someone’s home and have to take off your shoes. Besides stinking up the shoe rack area, your socks will also stink and you’ll be inviting that smell into the living room with you. One pair of shoes I used to own created […]

Bentley Grand Convertible


When a vehicle’s name includes the word “grand”, you know it’s going to be GRAND. Cars made by Bentley are already pretty grand for us mere mortals but their latest vehicle, the Bentley Grand Convertible, is the grandest of them all. The Bentley Grand Convertible is based on the Mulsanne Speed sedan and is currently […]

Need Tattoo Ideas? 12 Amazing 3D Tattoos


I’ve wanted a tattoo since I first read books by Stephen King. I know, that’s a pretty strange connection. If I’m being completely honest, I can’t even remember why I made that association. What I do remember, however, is that I never ended up getting a tattoo for one very specific reason: I was worried […]

Seven Amazing Phone Apps You Can Use For Printing

Photo by Daniel Go

Following the news of a , we examine some of the applications and programmes making the printing process more efficient and intuitive for your mobile device. Printing from my phone, you say? It’s the future, my friend. So here are just seven of the best phone apps available to help streamline your printing process whether […]

Prynt Cases – Turn Smartphones Into A Polaroid-Like Camera

prynt case for smartphones

When was the last time you and your family sat down and went through albums with pictures of past generations and family vacations? Chances are, it was some time ago. We take more pictures today than ever before yet most of them are quite meaningless. How many people on your Social Media contacts post pictures […]

Autómata — Opening Sequence Photos


A while back I saw a trailer for a movie called Autómata starring Antonio Banderas. He plays a sort of futuristic insurance adjuster named Jacq Vaucan, and given my love of all (most) things Sci-fi, . Autómata starts out strong; think Blade Runner and The Road Warrior. Unfortunately, it just never seems to really go […]

Three Ways to Save on Car Repair Bills

Photo by Olli Wilkman

That pinging noise that you hear coming from your engine can take a few minutes and less than $100 to repair. If you leave the problem untreated, you might find yourself facing a much more serious and much more expensive repair bill in the future. Your car serves as your connection to the world. It […]