Bourne Legacy Sniper Rifle — The Vanquish .308 by Nemesis Arms


I’m not a gun owner, and I’ve only fired guns once in my life, but every so often I feel the urge to write about them. They’re a sort of historical icon.

You see, guns have played a major role in every major conflict of the last, well… since guns were invented, really. Prior to their invention, people used long bows and cross bows for long ranged fighting, and in that area, I would argue that we’ve seen the most significant “improvement”. Bows are powerful, but firearms like the Vanquish .308 Sniper Rifle by Nemesis Arms are truly off the charts.

The Nemesis Arms Vanquish

If you’ve seen The Bourne Legacy, you’ve already seen this rifle. Yes, it’s a real sniper rifle by a real company, and from what I’ve read – the people who have tested it like it very much… very much indeed. The Vanquish is capable of 6.5″ shot groups at 905 yards in the hands of a skilled shooter. That’s pretty impressive.


Notice the suitcase above? It’s not just there as a handy scale prop. One of the reasons people seem to be gushing about this precision rifle is because they’re able to break it down small enough to fit into that briefcase. Why a person would be carrying around a shiny metal briefcase in a war zone, I couldn’t say, but I would give them points for style at least.


If the suitcase isn’t your bag, you can always pack it away in this… I’m not completely sure about this one, but I believe this is the same satchel that Aaron Cross is carrying around in the aforementioned Bourne Legacy film.

Setting up and Firing the Vanquish

I admit, I didn’t find this half as exciting as the promotional video for the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol that I wrote about a few months ago, but it does show off how simple it is to set up the rifle, and then break it down again. As I mentioned earlier, it’s amazing that in the course of a few hundred years, we’ve gone from firing wooden long bows with arrows coated in honey to avoid deflection, to firing precision sniper rifles with long range optics to silently hit targets at incredible ranges. The amount of money we dump into creating something to make someone not only dead, but really really dead never fails to boggle my mind.

Where can I get One?

If you’re looking to play make-believe Aaron Cross, then you’re in luck – but it’s going to cost you. The Vanquish Multi-Caliber sells for a whopping $4450.00 USD, and that’s before you buy any of the sweet accessories, like the collectors backpack, muzzle brake, or trendy briefcase. Those are all priced separately, and you’ll find more details about them (and the rifle itself) on the official Nemesis Arms website.


  1. Prof. D. Shelton Parker says

    This looks like my AR-7 on steroids.
    My AR-7 is setup the same as this one.
    Stoner built the AR-7 for the US Air Force, and it packs into the butt when taken apart.
    My model packs into a metal case just like this one.
    The AR-7 uses the 22lr round.
    The basic rifle design is not new.
    The AR-7 is made to fit in the cockpit of a fighter jet with the pilot.
    This new will not.
    The new one is better, but still the same.
    The AR-7 has been in the movies too.
    You should give credit were credit is due.

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