The Bourne Legacy – Trailer #2

If Jason Bourne was just the tip of the iceberg, then I can see why everyone is so scared of Aaron Cross in this brand new Bourne Legacy trailer.

Unlike the previous trailer, we actually get to see a bit of meat in this one. There’s plenty of action, but there’s also a lot more story this time around. In particular, the trailer drops numerous clues as to why Aaron Cross is such a talented individual, and we hear numerous references to the Jason Bourne we all know and love, including… well, you’ll see for yourself.

The Bourne Legacy

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After watching this new trailer, there are two things in particular that leave me feeling quietly excited for the upcoming film. I’m glad to see that Tony Gilroy, the writer for the previous films, has taken over as both writer AND director for Bourne Legacy. Given how much better the movies were than the books (I’m sorry, but it’s true), I’m excited to see such a talented person running the show now that Greengrass is no longer involved. I also like that Jeremy Renner appears to be a very capable actor, which is important because Matt Damon is no longer involved. Exciting stuff all around.

I’m secretly hoping that Matt Damon will surprise us with at least a minor cameo, but I’m certainly not holding my breath. I’ve read that he would only agree to do another film if Paul Greengrass directed, and it seems that Paul is no longer interested. It’s a shame, but after watching this new trailer, I have every reason to believe that Legacy will be awesome.

The Bourne Legacy arrives August 3rd, 2012 in theaters everywhere.



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