Mutsy Evo Stroller and Bassinet – Affordable Luxury at its Finest

If you’re looking for stylish luxury stroller at an affordable price, look no further than the Mutsy Evo. With the addition of the Evo Bassinet, you will be pushing a pram fit for celebrity status. The Mutsy Evo is very attractive, coming in several different color combinations; exceptionally easy to maneuver; extremely versatile and very compact. The Evo was awarded Best Pushchair in the UK’s Smallish Design Awards in 2015.

The Mutsy Evo and Bassinet come in three color collections. The Urban Nomad collection, also used in our pictures, is available with brown leather accents in light gray and dark gray on a silver or black frame. The Industrial collection is available with brown leather accents in gray and blue on a silver frame. The Farmer Earth Evo, a rich earthy color, is available with dark brown leather accents and a silver or dark grey frame. We received the stroller and bassinet in the Urban Nomad light grey color and it reminds of a finely tailored suit.


Let’s get down to the brass tax and talk about this stroller top to bottom. With an adjustable push bar, this stroller is perfect for parents of all heights, even tall dads. The push bar can be lowered to as low as 33” or as high as 44” from the ground. The handle is clad in leather which really adds to the high-end look of this stroller and because it is such a durable material it should last well for the life of the stroller as opposed to the foam cover some other strollers have which tends to fall apart too soon.


The frame of the stroller is lightweight at just over 18 lbs. for the frame alone, and folds up to be very compact. Even with the seat attached, this stroller is still quite light; the frame and seat weigh under 26.5 lbs. together and the stroller has a convenient carry handle making it very easy to tote. This stroller does have a bit of a learning curve for folding and unfolding, but once you get the hang of it, it is easy and quick and makes for an extremely compact package that will fit in even small trunks or storage spaces. There is an automatic locking mechanism to keep the stroller folded, which is easily unlocked with the push of a lever when you’re ready to unfold the stroller.


The Mutsy Evo comes with a very versatile stroller seat. The seat is made out of exceptionally high quality and attractive fabric and with so many colors options to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. This seat is fairly roomy at 12” wide with a 20” seat back height and has a generous 50 lb. weight limit. It does only have a 21” height from seat bottom to the canopy, which may be a little on the low side for taller children as they get older, but should easily fit kids up to age three or so. The fully adjustable 5-point harness will keep kids safe, but it is fairly easy to undo and as your child gets older they may be able to unhook the harness themselves.

The seat can be put on facing forward or facing back at the parents and is easy to remove and replace in either direction. It also has a good selection of recline angles from all the way flat to a comfortable upright position with two other angles in between. The fully reclined position of this stroller is especially nice because it is totally flat, putting the child in a more ergonomic position than some other strollers which tilt the whole seat back and leave the child in a seated position where their legs end up in the air. The foot rest is also adjustable and is great for holding up your child’s legs when the seat is fully reclined because it adjusts to be completely flat as well. The bumper bar, which will be the same color as the handle of the seat, is a nice addition for keeping kids contained and giving them something to hold onto.


The hood on the Evo seat is quite large and is also expandable in a couple of ways. It has a sun visor which can be tucked away and easily pulled out when needed. There is also a zipper along the middle of the hood which expands it providing more coverage. The hood also has a peek-a-boo panel for keeping an eye on your child that is made of mesh to provide some added ventilation and it’s cover attaches with Velcro or can be rolled up and fastened out of the way.


The storage on this stroller is adequate. There is a basket underneath the seat which is big enough to fit even a large diaper bag. The basket is, however, quite open to the back. This makes it easy to access, but could pose a problem with smaller objects as they possibly could fall out.

The Evo sits on 11” hard rubber back wheels and 9” hard rubber front wheels. All the wheels are easily removable and the front wheels can swivel 360° or be locked in place for use on rough terrain. Not enough can be said about just how easy this stroller is to push, the makers claim it feels like walking on air, and that is pretty close to the truth! And the ease with which the Evo navigates small spaces is very impressive. The parking brake on this stroller is activated by one simple foot lever in the middle of the back wheel bar. It is easy to activate and deactivate and very secure.

The Mutsy Evo Bassinet attaches to the Evo’s modular frame to create a modern, stylish pram for babies up to 20 lbs. The bassinet is generously sized to fit growing babies and weighs 10.5 lbs., bringing the strollers weight to just under 28.5 lbs. The integrated handle is the same leather material as on the Evo’s handles and make it very easy to carry. The bassinet is very simple to attach to the stroller frame with the included adapters which clip right in where the seat unit attaches. The mattress in the bassinet is breathable and soft, yet firm and supportive. There is an included cover to keep baby protected from the elements and a generously sized canopy with peek-a-boo window and zippered side vents. Adding this bassinet to the Evo stroller makes it exceptionally stylish and luxurious and creates a safe and comfortable sleeping space for young babies.


Additional Accessories
Mutsy also offers several accessory options for the Evo stroller. There are umbrellas in each of the colors to keep the sun off of baby when using the bassinet. There are rain covers for both the bassinet and the seat. There is also a UV cover for the seat and foot muffs available for keeping your child warm in chilly weather. If you have older children as well, Mutsy has a step-up board available which attaches to the back of the stroller for an older child to stand on. If you would like to use this stroller with your baby’s infant car seat, there are a couple of adapters available. The Graco car seat adapter works with the Snugride Classic Connect series and the Safeseat. The Maxi-Cozi car seat adapter works with the Mico and Prezi seats. Both of these adapters are simple to use and quite affordable, turning the Evo into a luxury travel system.

When shopping for a stylish stroller, the Mutsy Evo is definitely a great option. With its easy maneuverability, its compact size, the versatility of its seat and its luxurious design and materials, it is easy to see why this stroller is so well liked.

More information about the Evo stroller and Bassinet can be found at the Mutsy website. The Mutsy Evo retails for $399 and can be purchased on the Mutsy website or from many local retailers nationwide.



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