The Bourne Legacy – Official Trailer

It’s been years since the last Bourne film came out, and though there were rumblings about a new one, details were scarce. That’s all changed with the release of The Bourne Legacy official trailer. The new Bourne film stars Jeremy Renner, most recently seen in Mission Impossible 4, and you know what? The movie actually looks pretty damn good. Despite the lack of Matt Damon, this actually looks like a Bourne film.

Now, you’ll probably recognize a few faces in the trailer. It looks like Matt Damon is one of the few actors *not* returning to the franchise. Everyone else is there, with some new additions.

The Bourne Legacy – Official Trailer

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Notice someone new? Eduard Norton has joined the cast, and he just happens to be one of my favorite actors; next to Daniel Craig, of course. In addition, I’ve noticed that the camera work and fighting seems a lot less choppy. One of my long time martial artist friends explained that when directors use lots of cuts and shaky footage,  it’s usually to cover an actors inability to fight. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Bourne Legacy, so perhaps Jeremy Renner really knows his shit? I’m sure we’ll hear more about it as the actors start doing interviews. He certainly seems like a person who would know how to throw a punch.

Unfortunately there’s no exact release date, but the trailer does peg it as summer 2012. That’s not so far away, and that gives all of us an opportunity to read through the Bourne books and grimace at the later ones. They really do get pretty terrible after the first three or four books. At least the movies don’t even pretend to be based on the books.



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