The Best Games of E3 2013 – “Halo Isn’t on the List” Edition

E3 2013 is well under way, and if the following footage is any indication, it looks like the next generation of video games is actually going to be pretty great.

Though we’re seeing many of the same old, so very, very tired franchises such as Halo and Call of Duty making a return, we’re also seeing a nice selection of new original titles as well. So what I propose is to share a few of my favorites with you, and hopefully you’ll agree with me. I’ve got an excellent sense of taste when it comes to women and games, so I promise, you won’t be disappointed. I mean, not unless you’ve got poor taste.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

I know what you’re going to say, but Chad, you just covered The Witcher 3 yesterday! Yes, it’s true… but this is so good that I just had to include it in my top picks for E3 2013. As I said the other day, if you haven’t played the previous games in the franchise, then get on that shit boy; they’re bloody game.

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I’m really excited about the huge bump in visual fidelity, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of what the team is doing with all that extra horsepower. Pretty graphics are wonderful on their own, but they can also empower developers to weave some incredible stories as well. Geralt, you had better not disappoint me.

Watch Dogs

I’ve shared some Watch Dogs action with you before, but now we’re really starting to see some of the good stuff. I’m getting a serious Taken vibe from this cinematic trailer…

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And thankfully it doesn’t end there. No, we get to see quite a bit of new in-game footage as well. Even better, is that the gameplay looks interesting, and the story seems fantastic. Maybe I’ve just got a hard-on for characters with raspy voice (Oh Adam Jensen, how I miss you!), but man… Aiden Pearce seems like a real bad-ass.

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Speaking of Deus Ex, anyone else find the aesthetics similar? I’m not complaining here, but they do bear some similarities if you ask me. The rain… the neon… the funky art pieces.


Ever since I was but a wee lad, I’ve loved me some robots. I was obsessed with Robot Jox and  The Terminator, and when the Mech Warrior franchise really kicked off, oh man… my parents couldn’t have dragged me away from the computer. Now it looks like I’m about to get another game to obsess over, Titanfall.

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That was pretty cool, right? Well, let’s check out some proper in-game footage as well.

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I really liked the trend this year of doing one cinematic video, and one in-game video. I remember from previous years how many of the developers simply released a cinematic and that was that, waiting months and months to show us anything from the real, actual game. I wasn’t a fan, and I’m guessing other people weren’t either. I’m glad “they” decided to take that to heart.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these trailers, and if you’ve got any suggestions of your own, feel free to chime in using the comment system below. Believe it or not, I love hearing from you guys.




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  1. The Division, from Ubisoft I believe, looks amazing, and the latest Bungie title, Destiny, looks pretty good as well.

    • I agree, The Division looks fantastic. I quite enjoyed both of the cinematic and in-game trailers. The world is surprisingly beautiful.


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