Sponsored Heroes – Advertising Super Heroes by Roberto Santos

You may find this difficult to believe, but I’ll say it anyway: I hate most advertising.

I know what you’re thinking, how can a person who’s sole income relies on advertising dislike it? You’re right, it’s a bit of a riddle. So let me try and explain before I leave you to check out these awesome “Sponsored Heroes” by the extremely talented Roberto Vergati Santos of VanGoGh Creative. More on him later. 

A Not So Subtle Shift in Advertising

While I would prefer people not have to advertise, I appreciate the necessity of the beast. After all, even when people come up with amazing products, services, or talents, people aren’t just going to magically know about them. I think that’s a valid use for the medium – showing off the qualities of your product or service. The problem, is that marketing and advertising has become so much more, or rather, less.

Though there are awesome products out there, with awesome, truthful advertising, all too often people create junk, and through the magic (read: deception) of advertising, manage to become wealthy off that junk, at the expense of everyone around them. They’ll use any medium they can, especially film and television, to inject their rubbish advertising for their rubbish products into the lives our of favorite characters and super heroes, and by proxy, our own lives too. Truth in advertising, bitches! Heard of it?

Iron Man is powered by Burgers…

I give the movie industry, let’s say… two years… two years before we see Tony Stark in Iron Man 16 eating a big delicious burger will telling the audience “I’m lovin’ it”. No wonder he needs some fancy coil to keep his heart going.

This is just too perfect. You’re going to notice a bit of a trend here. Though the outfits have obviously been edited, the colors really do lend themselves well to various soft drinks and fast food chains. Curious indeed…

Yikes, bad choice Batman. For someone who runs around so often, you’re probably better off trying out some minimalist running shoes instead. Get back to your roots, run like the ancients used to do!

Disgusting energy drink? Check. Tribal tattoos? Double check. Doughbag confirmed!

I don’t know who created the original artwork for this one, but you know what? It’s pretty damn awesome. Logan is one tough dude.

You know, I was thinking this the whole time I was watching The Avengers, and I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one. I think I would actually like UPS a whole lot better if they dressed like Allied soldiers instead.

His name… is Santos.

When a person has a name like Santos, you know that they’re pretty awesome. It has a serious vampire tone to it. But in any case, if you’re interested in seeing any more of Roberto’s work, then head over to his VanGoGh Creative website and have a look around. He’s done all sorts of awesome work.



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