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I’ve tested out a great many pairs of minimalist running shoes over the last two years. As someone who trains Parkour, and who travels on foot most of the time, “awesome shoes” have become one of my many obsessions. After all, there’s almost nothing more satisfying that a great new pair of shoes.

The trouble is that finding that perfect pair of minimalist running shoes (or even running shoes in general) has been quite the challenge. As more and more people have jumped on the “barefoot movement” and demand for this style of shoe has increased, we’re seeing a lot more variety. Unfortunately, many of the companies designing these shoes, well… kind of suck. That’s why, after testing out a pair of SKORA FORMs – a relative newcomer to the running shoe scene – I feel that I’m two steps closer to finding the perfect minimalist running shoe.


skora form shoe

What I like about the the FORM

  • The FORM is incredibly light, weighing in at just 8.2oz. There’s something really liberating about a light shoe, especially for those of us who previously wore shoes with heavy soles. Onitsuka Tigers have been my staple for a few years now, and even those are heavier than a pair of FORMs.
  • As with most minimalist running shoes, the FORM is very flexible, from the sole to the uppers. The key difference is that the top of the shoe doesn’t crease uncomfortably when I flex my toes. This is invaluable when I’m climbing around or balancing on things.
  • The entire shoe is well designed and constructed. The asymmetrical lacing works well, ensuring a snug fit, and the lack of a free floating tongue means that you won’t have to go digging inside your shoe when the tongue slides down. Simply put, it doesn’t slide down at all, because it can’t.
  • If you enjoy wearing your shoes without socks, then you’re in for a treat. The FORM has better breathability than just about any shoe I’ve tested. I’m all for manufacturers using non animal-based materials when possible, but in this case, Pittard’s “Armor Tan” goat leather is absolutely incredible. Even after faux-jogging along the canal without socks in the scalding summer heat, hardly any sweat accumulated in my shoes.
  • For someone who trains Parkour, or relies on a tough, grippy sole, you can count on the FORM to deliver. I’m very fussy about the rubber used on shoes, and I actually found the tread/rubber type better than that used in VIVOBAREFOOT’s EVO II line, which I already liked quite a bit.

I always find it difficult to objectively review minimalist running shoes, because by their very nature, I feel they are, in general, far better than “traditional” running shoes by being so much thinner and lighter. Having said that, I enjoyed reviewing the FORM more than any other running shoe in recent memory. It isn’t the lightest or the thinnest, but it feels like the most “complete package” to me. SKORA has done a good job adding in just about every useful feature I could want in a minimalist running shoe, while maintaining a high level of construction quality. What more could a man ask for?

Skora shoe on railing
white skora shoe
jogging in a minimalist running shoe
in a tree with barefoot shoe
skora form in a tree
Chad climbing a tree

If you’re interested in finding out more about the technology behind SKORA shoes, or learning more about their company, then you can do so by heading to the official SKORA website.

The Skora FORM retails for about $185 USD, and you can order a pair on the official website or on Amazon. If you’re already buying on Amazon, then you may as well order it there and save on the shipping cost. It’s a nice little perk, especially when you’re spending almost $200 on a pair of shoes.




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4 comments on “SKORA FORM Review: Hands On – Run Real, For Real”

  1. I got the Forms based on a bunch of reviews like this online and just wanted to post my experience to help out anyone else who might be on the fence. I’ve worn VFF’s, Merrell Gloves and Vivo’s and there seems to be a lot of argument over exactly how minimal these are in comparison. In my opinion, they are not the most extreme minimal you can get, however they are exactly minimal enough for me. The thing that I have noticed that separates them from the other shoes on the market is the quality. They look better and really are just a pleasure to wear. Any soccer players out there remember when the focus on boots was top quality k-leather instead of the synthetics? Well, the forms feel kind of like that only significantly better because the leather is softer and doesn’t have to be as durable as a soccer boot. The leather really wraps, molds and comforms to the foot in a much more forgiving way than any synthetic material can. Also, these can really be worn with anything except a suit. I have left the insoles in and run in them without socks. They also look great with casual shorts or jeans. I can even get away with them at work wearing business casual or casual fridays. On runs I haven’t taken them on any rocky trails but they feel great on roads, gravel, wood chip and dirt paths. And don’t forget they easily double as a nice crossfit option. I noticed one hot spot on the instep of my right foot while running without socks that lasted for 1 run and has gone away, but I expect something like that with anything leather. I would buy these again and recommend them to anyone because regardless of how minimal they are, I think they are the best overall package and the most enjoyable to wear out of anything on the market. If I was going full on extreme minimal I would get something else, and for that reason I would not get the Base model, but I’ve tried that and I like the experience/feel/ride/look of these Forms a lot more. The price tag is more than justified.

    And by the way, I wear a 11.5US in Vivo and Merrell Gloves and these fit the same way with the insoles left in. I haven’t really felt the need to take them out but I read you might want to get half a size down if you plan on wearing them primarily without the insoles.

    • Hey Roark,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with them. I agree, I think they’re pretty fantastic shoes. I’ll be interested to see what SKORA comes up with next.


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