Truth in Advertising? Honest Logos by Victor Hertz

Every day we’re bombarded with advertisements on television, the radio, and of course, the internet. Throughout the years, the face of advertising has changed, but one thing has remained the same: the fact that what advertising conveys is largely bullshit. In this amazing collection titled “honest logos”, Victor Hertz paints a more realistic version of the advertising world by showing us more truthful versions the logos we see daily.

Many artists have done riffs of big business and advertising before, but these are by far my favourites. As I’m sure you’ll agree, all of the modified logos convey exactly what we feel when we see these iconic logos;  especially the “Cat Videos” one. The sheer number of cat and animal cutesy videos on YouTube is appalling.

Honest Logos by Victor Hertz

Victor Hertz created a ton of these fake logos, and though they’re all fantastic, my favourite is probably “Procrastination”. I’ve largely managed to avoid the allure of constantly refreshing Facebook, but sometimes I’ll cave and spend far more time on there than I intend to. There’s something addictive about seeing what new and completely uninteresting things my friends have been doing as a way to escape doing real work.

Now, I’ve only included a small collection of my favourite pieces from this collection, but you can view the full set, as well as tons of other awesome pieces on his Flickr page. He’s done tons of amazing work, and some of it’s even serious!



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