Colds Blow – Part 2: Avoiding Head Colds Entirely

Once upon a time I wrote a short article about a trick I used to clear my sinuses every time I got a bad head cold. You see, at the time I was the reigning king of colds. Just as I got over one cold, I would catch another, and the cycle repeated for most of the year. It was never pleasant, and since then I’ve made some major changes in my life, much to the dismay of my rhino virus suitors.

Instead of writing out a long lists of useless suggestions like most articles on avoiding colds, I’m going to tell you very specifically what I changed in my life to boost my immune system so dramatically. No crazy pills or herbs, and I didn’t even need to change many of my habits. No, just a few slight tweaks to your diet and how you touch yourself at night.

Giving Mr. Rhinovirus the Cold Shoulder

If you’re ready to begin the next chapter of your cold free life, then read on, but be aware… my suggestions are what worked for me personally, and nothing more. I believe they’ll work for you too, but I’m neither a doctor nor a moon scientist, so your millage may vary. If – once you finish reading them – you shake your head at how simple… how obvious they are, then just remember: if they were so obvious, you probably should have been doing them anyway.

  • Stop touching your face so often, especially your mouth and eyes. Large mucus membranes and your grimy little hands do not a good pair make. They’re a perfect gateway for viruses to invade and make you sick. If you’re constantly rubbing at your eyes, consider trying out my “system” for shedding bad habits. If you insist on rubbing your eyes, then make sure to…
  • Start washing your hands before you eat, touch your face, or touch your penis. Yes, they’re all important, even the last one. Most people wash their hands after they take a piss, but it’s just as important to wash them before hand as well. Just make sure to wash with something that is NOT anti-bacterial, as it’s both unnecessary and drives further antibiotic resistance.
  • Eat veggies with every single meal, even if it’s just a little bit. This may sound a bit wishy washy at first brush, but I honestly believe this was the one major change that really got my immune system firing on all four cylinders. Ideally I recommend switching to a paleo diet, but eating a lot more veggies is a great start.
  • Start getting some exercise, especially if you’re cubicle bound. For most of our existence as a species, we spent the vast majority of our time running around, lifting heavy things, and being tough bad-asses  We’ve mostly lost that in modern time, and it’s to the detriment of our health. You’ve probably heard your doctor nag at you to get off your fat ass and go for a walk, and he’s right.

That’s it… honestly, I told you they were simple. I don’t think that people give enough credit to simple things like eating properly and getting exercise. Once upon a time people relied on more than just a pill to cure all of their ailments, and I suggest you consider doing the same. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing that has helped humans live longer than ever, but it has also made us weak. We use it as a crutch to replace good habits, and that my friend, is the reason you get colds so often. Too much medicine, and not enough prevention.

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