The Bourne Legacy – Jeremy Renner is Bourne to Kill

After realizing that Matt Damon wouldn’t actually be starring in Bourne Legacy, the upcoming sequel to one of my all time favorite movie trilogies, I was rather worried. Actors are replaced all the time, but Matt Damon just did such a good job with his character that I couldn’t imagine someone else stepping into his shoes. Well, with each new trailer for Bourne Legacy, I feel less concerned.

The 2nd official trailer you’re about to watch doesn’t show a lot of new footage if you’ve seen the previous one that I posted, but it does most certainly confirm a theory that I had about Jeremy Renner’s character, Aaron Cross. We’ll see how big a role that plays in the actual movie, but for the time being, sit back and enjoy Aaron Cross’ awesome fighting style.

Bourn Legacy – 2nd Trailer

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He’s not just a science project, okay? He’s got feelings, and modified chromosomes for increased muscle efficiency and sensory function, okay? Yeah, I know, it’s a bit heavy handed, but given that the writer from the previous films – Tony Gilroy – both wrote and directed this one, I have at least a sliver of faith that the whole script isn’t so hammy, and that he’s woven in the science faction in at least a vaguely realistic, pseudo science manner. Hanna had the same type of deal, and that film was fantastic.

Now, The Bourne Legacy was delayed a bit, but not by much. The film is now hitting theaters everywhere on August 10th, 2012. That’s really not that far away, and then we’ll see more of Renner’s Filipino Kali fighting moves than we can uh… shake a fist at. If you ask me, he’s even more impressive than Sam Fisher and his Krav Maga.



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