The “Wooly Pully” Re-Imagined – Triple Aught Design’s Special Service Sweater


If you were to ask one of my friends to describe me, I’m betting that they would say that a) I’m a bit of a weirdo, and b) that I’m extremely fussy about the things I buy. I research heavily before pulling the trigger on anything, and I’ve come to expect only the best. So far, this has worked out pretty well for me.

You see, researching has its perks, especially when it results in finding awesome companies like Triple Aught Design (or TADgear), my go-to brand when I want a piece of clothing or gear that’s tough as nails, and versatile enough to wear for a night on the town, or a trek up a mountain. Triple Aught has safely seen me through the sweltering jungles of Belize and Guatemala, and the frigid weather of Montreal, Canada. Today I’m going to focus on the latter climate.

The Special Service Sweater by Triple Aught Design

Based on the classic Wooly Pully of the British elite forces, TADgears modern interpretation is a not only a worthy successor, but one amazing zippered sweater in general. Here’s what I like…

  • Like everything that TAD designs, the Special Service Sweater (SSS) is tough enough to throw through a wood chipper. I mean… don’t actually do that, because that’s stupid and it’s rather expensive, but just know that it’s really damn sturdy. I’ve climbed trees with it, rolled around on the ground, and even leaned menacingly against a wall. None of that was enough to leave even a pulled thread on it.
  • The sweater is made from Merino wool, which means it’s soft and comfortable, without the scratchiness of regular wool. If you’ve ever worn or owned one of the “classic” wooly pully sweaters, then perhaps you can empathize when I say that they’re very scratchy and unpleasant.
  • I’ve never seen such fantastic heat regulation as I did with this Special Service Sweater. While hiking, I was sweating up a storm, and not once did I feel disgusting or soggy. Again, the moisture wicking qualities of the Merino wool made it the perfect choice for the SSS. I couldn’t have done it better myself.
  • Though the materials and cut have been modernized, the TAD guys have managed to do so while maintaining the classic style I enjoyed so much from the original. Had they veered too far into “tactiLOL” territory, then I wouldn’t like it nearly as much. There’s something to be said for understated.
  • Though the SSS lacks pocket space, the one front pocket that it does have is extremely useful. It’s surprisingly spacious, and I often use it to store my cell phone or sensitive documents such as movie tickets. Hey, I can’t have someone stealing my tickets to the latest Bond movie, okay?

If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, then perhaps you’ve noticed that I don’t like things that suck. Who would have thought, right? Well, the Special Service Sweater most definitely does not suck, and in fact I like it so much that it’s become an absolute staple of my wardrobe. I wear it on walks, I wear it in the shower, to bed… you name it.

Hiking with my new Friend, the SSS

special service sweater in a tree

It’s the perfect climbing companion. If I ever get my wish and have a pet monkey named Bon Homme, I’ll make sure he has one to wear as well. Patrick, this might require some custom work…

wooly pully style sweater

Don’t worry, I’m always quite puzzled and confused after climbing around. It’s just the fresh mountain air and all the excitement, nothing to worry about.

wearing tadgear on a mountain

Wait, what? Where am I? The huge drop off snuck up on me a bit. Now to use my sure-footed goat legs and climb back up.

behind the special service sweater

Ah, beautiful… this is what made the trek all worth it. Now if only I had gotten my hair cut first and didn’t look quite so much like a homeless person, this would have been perfect!

Creeping Around Churches at Night – SSS in Tow

sss hidden pocket

This is the “hidden” pocket I mentioned earlier. It’s excellent for stashing little things, like cell phones. Believe it or not, I wasn’t simply examining my nipple.

special service sweater

Yeah, I know… we can’t all look this awesome.

Where to buy the SSS?

Now, at $235 USD I think it’s fair to say that it’s on the expensive side for a sweater, but I promise you it’s worth every penny. You’ll look like a badass, and stay the right temperature while doing it. That’s the magic of Triple Aught Design.


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