Why Do Men Store Their Wallet in their Underwear?

You’ve probably seen the classic scene from “The Office”: A man sits on his couch while Jim, Pam or someone else asks him something about taking out the trash. He fumbles with some papers before he realizes that he has no garbage bags. So instead of answering their question directly — “I don’t know” — he just reaches into his pants pockets (in his boxers) for any loose change so they’ll think that he forgot. Then he pulls out a small wallet-sized pocket organizer card. The viewer stares at this tiny little thing because… well, who carries around a wallet like that these days? It seems totally unnecessary. But if you’re wondering where exactly the wallet goes, we have answers for you!

This isn’t an uncommon practice among people today; many men keep spare cash right inside their boxer briefs’ waistband as part of a special system called “the money belt.” There are several different types of money belts available online and through retail stores, but all basically work similarly. Most include two compartments separated by a zipper or Velcro tab. Some feature multiple compartments, such as one large compartment for bills/coins and another smaller one for credit cards. Others may only contain a single space between the layers of fabric. In either case, when a person wants to find extra coins or bills, they simply reach down to pull them up. This process can be done quickly without having to fumble around in your jeans’ pockets. Instead, you can easily see whether you have anything left over before leaving home. And unlike other methods, there aren’t any embarrassing moments involved since nobody else will ever see those coins or bills sitting within inches of your genitals.

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So now you know why most guys carry a wallet in their undies. What makes one better than others, though? Why do certain companies market products specifically designed to hold this type of item? Read ahead to learn more.

What Makes Men Wear Underwear With Pockets?

As mentioned earlier, people used to wear clothing without pockets back in ancient times. They’d stuff things like jewelry, personal items and even food underneath their clothes until later eras, when pockets became standard. Today, wearing underpants that fit too loosely allows us to access our wallets, cell phones or keys quicker and easier than traditional pants. Although not everyone wears underwear for practical purposes alone, it’s certainly convenient to have the option.

There are a few factors contributing to why people choose to store things elsewhere rather than keeping them in their drawers. For starters, consider how much time you spend looking for things when you go shopping. If you’re constantly rummaging through purses, digging through zippered pockets and pulling out loose change, then you might want to stick with carrying everything around with you. Also, let’s say you leave your house to run errands during lunchtime but forget to bring along a bag for miscellaneous purchases. You could end up spending way longer searching for extra coins than you would if you had a place to stash them away. On top of that, if you’re going somewhere new, you might need directions or look up phone numbers using your smartphone. When you’re walking around aimlessly, the last thing you want to worry about is digging through your purse for information. That said, it also depends on which kind of guy you prefer. Many people enjoy being hands free when running errands, especially when driving.

Some men feel uncomfortable putting important possessions like cash, cards and makeup in areas prone to getting dirty or wet. Keeping it close at hand prevents your belongings from becoming damaged or destroyed. Besides preventing messiness, some believe that hiding things away keeps you from losing track of them. However, studies show that this doesn’t really happen very often. Researchers found that people actually tend to overestimate how often they lose things they put away versus those they wear 24 hours a day. While you should definitely try to remember where you hid your wallet every once in awhile, chances are good that you won’t accidentally walk off with it unless you’re distracted. We suggest you take a moment to check your pockets and underwear daily to make sure nothing gets misplaced. Plus, it helps to plan ahead each morning by placing your wallet, cellphone and keys in easy-to-find places like bedside tables and nightstands.




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