What is The Purpose of the Pouch in Men’s Underwear?

The days when we had to use a handkerchief or even a small towel as pants linings are long gone — now there are all manner of fancy fabric options available for us to choose from that make our bottoms feel more comfortable and secure while still remaining stylish.

One such option is known as “wet look boxers” (or briefs) which have been around since the 1930s. The first iteration was made by boxer Joe Louis who reportedly wore wet baggy boxing trunks with his shorts pulled up over his hips so he could keep an eye out for incoming blows.

These early versions were rather loose fitting with very little padding and didn’t provide any support whatsoever. Over time, manufacturers started adding extra layers of material between your skin and the outside world but these variations weren’t particularly popular due to having less utility than regular pair of boxer brief style underpants. They also added bulk and weight making them uncomfortable to wear.

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Fast forward to today where you can find many styles of both padded and unpadded wet-look boxers in every colour imaginable. However, what exactly does this type of underwear offer that makes it worth wearing again? In short, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages but ultimately, everyone should be able to determine whether they’re right for them based on personal preference. Here are some general guidelines to help get you started.

Types of Men’s Undergarments

There are three main categories of men’s underwear – standard cut briefs, cut & fold briefs, and boxer briefs. Each one offers slightly varying degrees of protection and comfort depending on how much room they take up underneath your clothing. For example, if you like to run then a snug pair of briefs may not be suitable because they’ll ride down too low and restrict movement. If you prefer something looser, try a pair of cut & fold briefs instead.

Standard Cut Briefs

With the rise in popularity of high waisted denim jeans in recent years, the name “brief” seems outdated. These tight fitting garments typically sit just below the waistband of your jeans and often feature elastic panels along the sides or across the front. Some brands also include built-in pockets whereas others don’t. Standard cut briefs usually come two sizes smaller than normal size briefs without any additional padding.

They tend to fit closer to the body compared to other forms of briefs and therefore, aren’t great if you want something looser. Also, the leg length can sometimes seem shorter than usual. Finally, they don’t add any stretchability so won’t work well for those wanting to lose belly fat.

Cut And Fold Briefs

This category includes everything else aside from standard cut briefs including half brief, full brief, contour brief and hipster briefs. Their design allows for greater ease of motion and range of activity, meaning that they’re best suited to active individuals.

Like standard cut briefs, cut and fold briefs don’t contain any internal structure designed to hold urine away from the genitals. Instead, they rely solely on moisture wicking technology to prevent bacteria buildup and irritation. This means that they will need frequent washing or dry cleaning to avoid discomfort. It is generally recommended to wash after exercise to remove sweat.

Boxer Briefs

Also called wet look briefs, boxer briefs, or simply boxer socks, are similar to traditional briefs except they are longer and tighter fitting. Like their counterparts, boxer briefs are good for people who enjoy running and exercising. Not only do they allow freedom of movement but they also create a natural pocket for your penis to rest inside.

While boxer briefs are considered premium products, the quality varies significantly among companies. There are several factors to consider before buying such as price, materials used, stitching details, etc. Unfortunately, most boxer briefs lack any sort of breathable mesh paneling system to move sweat towards the outer edge of the garment. As mentioned previously, boxer briefs are traditionally worn during physical activities and require frequent laundering to maintain hygiene.

If you decide to buy boxer briefs, check to see if they have adjustable Velcro straps. This function allows you to tighten the briefs according to the level of comfort desired.

Now that you know about various types of men’s underwear, let’s talk specifics!

Advantages of Pouched Boxer Briefs

Pouched boxer briefs combine the best features of standard cut briefs and cut and fold briefs into one product. They are extremely lightweight, flexible and breathable yet durable enough to withstand rigorous workouts.

Since this form of underwear doesn’t contain any internal structures designed to absorb liquid waste, they are ideal for anyone who enjoys vigorous sports or swimming. Additionally, they boast better airflow allowing your legs to breathe naturally. Unlike traditional briefs, they are easy to pull on and off quickly and effortlessly. They also give you more choice in terms of sizing and fits. Lastly, they retain heat evenly throughout your day unlike standard briefs.

Disadvantages of Padded Boxer Briefs

Unlike unpadded briefs, padded boxer briefs don’t offer significant levels of compression against your thighs. Hence, they might not be ideal for someone who wants to tone their lower body muscles or burn fat through toned glutes. You’ll also notice that they don’t perform as effectively as unpadded briefs in lifting weights.


D-crotched boxer briefs are a hybrid version of standard cut briefs and cut & fold briefs. Its unique crotch gives it the ability to compress your junk downwards to protect your bits from getting hit hard. Similar to padded briefs, they don’t absorb any liquids. Therefore, they are excellent for gym rats who love doing squats and deadlifts.

However, d-crotchboxers are not necessarily recommended for beginners. Because of their nature, they are harder to master than either standard briefs or cut & folds. Due to being shorter than regular briefs, they may leave you feeling uncomfortably exposed especially if you’ve got large testicles.

It is important to note that if you are concerned about losing pubic hair, d-crotchboxers would probably be the worst choice for you. While the company provides free samples of their underwear, people report that it takes weeks to grow out pubes fully.

Another issue with d-crotchboxers is that they are not always constructed using top-quality fabrics resulting in a noticeable difference in performance. Although the effect is subtle, you will likely experience stinky odours and unpleasant smells within hours of purchase.

Lastly, it is advisable to wash your d-crotchboxers regularly since they are unable to self clean. Soap residue tends to build up causing unsightly stains over time.




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