All About Caveman Circus – Website Stats + Review

What’s Caveman Circus about?

Self-proclaimed “the best site in the entire universe”, Caveman Circus is a website full of articles targeted at a male audience. As of today, their Facebook page has over 57,000 followers, and their Instagram has over 6,000 followers.

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What’s the content like?

Caveman Circus has a fantastic section called The Daily Man-Up on the front page, which provides friendly wisdom and advice every single day. These bring a large amount of positive energy to the website which keeps the readers coming back for more on a daily basis. Subsections of the Man-Up section also include dating advice and self-improvement, helping readers to work on themselves, as well as enhancing their dating potential.

Their Instagram page however, is full of memes and satirical content. Personally this is not where I’d suggest you go for your daily dose of memes because for one thing, the post schedule is quite inconsistent – the last one dating back to seven weeks ago. Additionally, none of it is original content and is likely reposted from other social media sites.

I suspect the 57,000 Facebook followers of Caveman Circus are patient folk, as the last post on there was back in June last year, and they are simply links to the articles on the website. Whilst we await new content, let’s go back to some great stuff on the actual site.

The Dumping Grounds is essentially an improved Instagram page for Caveman Circus. If you’re looking for over 200 pages of funny pictures and videos, this is the place to be. This section is also updated on the daily and keeps up to date with the newest memes before they inevitably die out by next week, which gives you enough time to send them to your friends before they become a crutch on your phone’s storage as they lose all comedic value. But for now, they’re hilarious!

Using the search tool

Upon searching the site for a general term like “fashion”, I found myself on a Linkage page with over a dozen links to articles posted every day – not many of them entirely related (at least from the titles) to what I searched for. I thought, am I doing this right? And not for the first time in my life.

Thus, I proceeded to search “women”, which a website like Caveman Circus is likely to have some interest in and voilà, some much more specific and recent results of supportive feminist content, and plenty of dating advice. There was also surprisingly a large amount of images marked, “image not found or was removed” which wouldn’t be a little bit concerning if there weren’t another article I stumbled across called “Women of the IDF” with pictures of young attractive girls posing next to weapons.




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