Volvo P1800 Wagon Design Study by Bo Zoland

A few years ago we posted some pictures of a Volvo P1800 Coupe design study by Swedish designer Bo Zoland from VicTech.  Bo is at it again with the Volvo P1800 Wagon design study, you remember Bo’s take on the classic 1955 Ford Thunderbird with modern flare.  Bo has also designed numerous other classic cars with modern twists.  Check out his website for all his work.

The P1800 wagon or hatchback takes the design from the coupe and adds a very sporty hatch to it.  At the front, there are elements of classic Ferrari design, maybe in the grill?  The car (design study) comes with modern headlights and taillights, and has a very aggressive low-stance with beautiful retro chrome spoke wheels.  The rear part of the hatchback has a very aggressive slant to it, with a large rear window.  The rear also comes with a two-piece bumper and below it sits, what looks like a diffuser with a pair of exhaust tips.

Volvo-P1800-ZES-Bo-Zolland_1The Bo Zoland designed Volvo P1800 hatchback design study is a fantastic looking car; it keeps the classic look of the original P1800 but it also has a lot of modern design elements to it.  Well done Mr. Zoland.  Via: Viztech

Volvo P1800 Hatchback Concept by Bo Zoland




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  1. Around 2000-2004, a friend of my brother’s had just painted one of these like gunmetal (kind of like the silver one on this site) I immediately fell in love. Just saw an ep on ‘All Girls Garage’ where they’re doing a restoration on one. And reminded me to look for one on the web. Absolutely beautiful, these slammed ones. About once a year, I’ll give it a google.


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