Volvo P1800 Concept Car

If you thought purchasing a Volvo was something old people did, think again. The new Volvo P1800 Concept is sure to turn heads at every corner. Mattias Vöx has approached a Swedish design firm, Vizualtech, to handle the styling of this new sexy ride. This new design has incorporated many of the original design features from the 1960’s. The power plant for the car is a 600-horsepower V8 which is borrowed from the Volvo XC90 SUV and  mated to a 6-speed  manual transmission. I really like this and hope that it goes from concept car to a production vehicle.

New P1800 Concept Car

New Volvo P1800 Concept Car





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  1. The P1800 was my teen dream car ( and my dads)! Drove a 142s and 144- those low brow tanks still amaze me to this day! I awonder if you could “mod” and old P1800 to look like the concept ride?

  2. I had a 1970 P-1800 for 20 years and I wish I didn’t have to sell it when I finally did. But the memory of it still satisfies.

    • The 1969 and 1970 came with the B20 engine. 1971 killed the car with the fuel injection…. those SU carburetors were tops performer when filled with oil..

  3. I had three of these cars. 1965 P1800S with the bull horn bumpers in white, a 1966 P1800S in silver blue with spoke wheels, and a 1971 P1800E. Out of all three the 1966 was the brought me lots of attention a lots of good looking girls as girlfriends. I loved my 1966 P1800S more than my 1971 purple plum dodge Challenger.. One full tanks of regular gas took me a long way, pop that clutch, and put it on over drive at 4th gear, and its like driving a pure machine, as it only gets stronger..Loved that car..


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