Strategies for a Stress-Free Divorce

Divorce can disrupt your life in more ways than one. Managing the practicalities of where to live and how to manage your finances can be challenging enough without the emotional strain of coming to terms with the end of your marriage.

To help you navigate your divorce proceedings in the most efficient way, it is best to be prepared. This article will guide you through some steps to consider to help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Type of Divorce

Despite what you might think, divorce needn’t be an adversarial experience between two ex-partners.  With as many as 95% of divorces in the United States being settled out of court, the reality suggests it can be a relatively civil process.

Depending on your personal circumstances and your ex’s ability to cooperate on key matters such as the division of marital assets, living arrangements, and child custody issues, it is worth considering alternative routes to divorce proceedings that take place out of court. 

These include the following procedures:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Collaborative divorce

An alternative to traditional divorce can ensure the process is less costly and time-consuming and less stressful for all involved.

Legal Advice

In most cases, seeking legal advice when going through a divorce is advisable to protect your long-term interests. Legal assistance is also invaluable when dealing with financial or other complexities and where your ex is being legally represented.

When seeking a lawyer for divorce, look for someone experienced in this area of law, the method of divorce you seek, and who is highly regarded and recommended by their previous clients.

Most law firms offer potential clients a free consultation where you can discuss matters such as your circumstances, your legal options, and costs. 

A free consultation will also allow you to assess whether you can work well with the attorney. Good communication skills, professionalism, and understanding are some qualities to look for in a divorce lawyer.

Parenting Plan

If you have children with your ex-partner, taking the opportunity to create a parenting plan can make this aspect of the divorce process easier. 

Child custody rules will vary according to state, so it is advisable to check these beforehand. Outline how you will divide your time with your children by creating a parenting schedule that considers school holidays, vacations, and travel times. Also, consider how you and your ex-partner will make decisions impacting your children.

You may also be eligible for child support before your divorce is finalized by applying for a temporary child support order from the court.

Living Arrangements

Moving out of a marital home is something one or both of you will likely have to consider while your divorce is pending. In cases where children are involved, the parent primarily responsible for their caretaking will usually stay in the home. Courts generally rule in their favor as it creates less instability in the children’s routine.

Depending on your situation, you may need to consider alternative living arrangements until your divorce is finalized.

Taking the steps listed in this article can help you start a new life after divorce with the least stress.



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