Real Estate Entrepreneur Reno Davis is a Man of Passion and Fashion

The concept of dressing for success has been proven to be more than just a motto. Various scientific journals have shown that suiting up can lead to several advantages, with good-looking clothing leading to significantly greater outcomes in negotiations and business interactions. At the same time, suiting up has also been linked to better personal performance. The concept of looking good to feel good, it seems, is not scientifically proven to lead to greater gains for individuals.

With over 3 million followers on Instagram tuning in not only for his relentless entrepreneurial but also his trademark swaggy style, real estate entrepreneur Reno Davis knows this lesson better than everyone. For Reno, the passion for business feeds into his love for fashion and vise-versa.

Reno’s flashy persona, however, belies his humble beginnings. Reno actually started out as a landscaper, spending much of his time with manual labor in the notorious Florida heat. While landscaping was working out quite well for him, Reno decided early that he could be something bigger. The desire to be his own boss combined with hometown’s bustling housing market led him to go into real estate. Reno shares:

“I liked landscaping, but I knew I didn’t want to do physical labor and report to someone my whole life. That led me to look at self-employment, businesses, what have you. Houses were being sold within days in Miami, so I decided to give it all up and risk it all to go into real estate at just 20 years old.”

Today, Reno Davis is able to make months’ worth of landscaping labor in a single one of his deals. His niche of real estate wholesaling has turned out to be the perfect fit for what Reno wanted in his life. He shares  “Real estate really allows to me to never be satisfied. I’m always looking for more, I’m always looking to upgrade, always looking to take things to new heights. I want to try everything and go big in everything I do.”

Reno’s ‘go big’ mentality is perhaps best seen in his fashion sense. Known for his flashy clothing and funky hairstyle, Reno recently made waves after being seen rocking a $5,000 Dior outfit courtside at a Miami Heat game.

“I got into fashion and designer clothing as soon as I was able to afford them.” shares Reno.

For him, clothing started as a way to reward himself and to acknowledge how far he’s come from his landscaping days. In time, he realized the difference in the quality of designer clothing and how it feeds into a self-confidence that contributes further to his success. Eventually, he grew to have a passion for fashion – hoping to someday build his own fashion brand.

So far, Reno has built up a considerable wardrobe of some of the world’s top fashion brands. Aside from classics like Burberry, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci; some of Reno’s particular favorites are his Palm Angels track suits and his Johnny Dang jewelry composed of 10 on 10 VVS Diamond Grill and a Miami Cuban Link Chain that weighs a whopping 1,000 grams.

Reno’s biggest fashion piece so far? A brand-new yellow Jaguar F-Type R coupe with a custom multi-colored wrap.

With big money and an even bigger fashion sense, Reno Davis has skyrocketed to become one of the biggest personalities in the Miami scene. If business is all about distinguishing yourself from competition, then Reno has ensured that the competition has their work cut out for them.



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