SHIRI – The Emotional Humanoid Buttocks

I used to think that I would wear this one out, but here goes… only in Japan. It’s a phrase that I find myself using again and again, especially in reference to all the crazy robotic contraptions that come out of that fine, denim loving, rockabilly idolizing country. This particular “robot” is especially worth seeing though, as it’s based on… a human buttocks.

SHIRI, as its creators affectionately call it, is a “Buttocks Humanoid that Represents Emotions with Visual and Tactual Transformation of the Muscles“. I know, it’s quite the lengthy title, but fitting of such a strange looking… machine. It’s like a mix between a scared animal, and the perfectly smooth butt of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2. Funny enough, this robot seems to have an even wider range of emotions, such as fear, which it shows by vibrating profusely and emitting a noise that sounds very much like the ratatat of a machine gun.

SHIRI The Robot Butt

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I find it fitting that I’m listening to a song called Dream Machine by Lazerhawk as I write this post, SHIRI’s buttocks gently vibrating in the background. If you’re as perverted as I am, you probably have a singular question on your mind: can a person fuck it? I have a feeling that SHIRI doesn’t have his/her own ausgang, and that’s a shame. The creator of this robot could make a fortune converting the technology for use in the sex toy industry. What man wouldn’t want to put his dick into a robot that can actually express emotions? As you slowly slide your throbbing manhood into the robot, it begins humming with a dull mechanical whine, before violently erupting into gyrations, the sound of stacato gunfire filling the air! Doesn’t that sound amazing and erotic?

Unfortunately Nobuhiro Takahashi of The University of Electro-Communications, Japan, hasn’t posted very much information on the baby bottomed robot, but rest assured, the moment I hear more, you’ll hear all about it.




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