A Retro Novel Spin on Our Favorite Movie Posters: Timothy Anderson

We always keep an eye out for unique and manly art, but it’s always a bonus when we find something like the work of Timothy Anderson – these stellar prints are the perfect combination of retro cool, trashy pulp novel, and ultimate nerdy subject matter. Now you can enjoy displaying love for some of your favorite sci-fi works, without resorting to framing crap quality posters you shamefully and un-ironically purchased at Hot Topic. Check out man cave worthy, fantastic print adaptations of Blade Runner, Star Wars, and Alien after the jump.

Timothy Anderson Illustration: Nerdy Retro Art That Isn’t Hipster or Douchey

I read science fiction and fantasy voraciously as a child, and some of the most striking covers were the minimalist, geometrically inspired graphics that made a print run on everything from The Chronicles of Narnia through Phillip Jose Farmer’s Riverworld to Asimov’s Foundation Series. Though I love my Kindle, I fiercely mourn the decline of thoughtfully crafted, strikingly beautiful cover art, even if it meant that new editions constantly tricked me into buying multiple copies of books every few years. It seems these days that every new author has grown up with Photoshop and is content to create their own visage for their basement dwelling masterpiece. Timothy Anderson’s illustrations are like a blast from the past, curiously packaged in a breath of fresh air. With the Star Wars pieces especially, I look at them and get a twinge of heartsick melancholy for when I spent hours into the night under the covers with a flashlight reading a Larry Niven novel, revelling in the smell of aged pages. Seriously, art is powerful, guys.

Everything about these Star Wars prints screams ‘awesome decor’ at me; iconic scenes, a perfect balance of negative space, and the curving, colorful aesthetic of the seventies and eighties. If I saw these in a guy’s place, I’d instantly be evaluating how to spend the night- great taste in art, great taste in movies, and great style? Yes, please.

While I never got into pulp novels, their sensationalist art, scantily clad women and WEASELS RIPPED MY FLESH over the top taglines make their covers some of the best art around. While these days, everything old is already new again, it’s rad to see this treatment given to the mainstays of our childhood; while I love the old pulp magazine art look, it’s great to be able to really love and connect with the subject matter too.

 If you’re looking for awesome art and you want some of these phenomenal prints for your man cave, check out the Timothy Anderson Illustration print store here, and add a little nerd and a LOT of style for as little as $20. You can also follow more of his work portfolio and concept work through the links from the store. And on an unrelated, related note: if you’re like me and have suddenly rediscovered your love for all things sci-fi novel related, I stumbled across this great blog while searching out some of my favorite covers. Ski-Ffy is definitely worth a look for an impressive collection of fantastic out of print science fiction art.



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