Periodic TableWare: Chemistry Glasses to Make Drinking a Science

There are very few problems with summer, but one that comes up every year is the sudden tendency for the internet to swell with recipes for low-calorie cocktails and commercials for beer so light you could inflate a balloon with it. It’s all given a manly spin with bacon laden extreme sport references, but let’s face it- no guy really wants to drink any of that crap. Instead of worrying about keeping with the trends and trying the newest raspberry ale or negative 74 calorie beer substitute, why not stick with what you love and switch up your glasses instead? Periodic TableWare looks classy and is full of SCIENCE.

Engrave C2H5OH on your favorite bottle of Johnny Walker, and set your table with an awesome bunch of barware that looks like the flasks and cylinders you’d find in the lab. Instead of worrying about which super fruit to infuse your martini with, dazzle (confuse) your drunk friends with your superb measuring and mixing skills. If someone calls during liquid lunch, you can tell them that they are interrupting a very important experiment. Throw in the fact that the Periodic TableWare is great to look at, and there’s really no downside. If you kept these out in the open, you’d look just as cool as Don Draper, with the added bonus of also looking ten times more intelligent.

The Periodic TableWare is currently pledging on Kickstarter. For $25, you can choose one rocks, highball, wine or martini glass- and that’s including shipping and handling. From there on up in cost, you can choose different combinations of multiple glasses. There are also decanters, cocktail shakers, and mini beaker shot glasses, so there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from having your man cave double as your super-villain laboratory. Get in early on this Kickstarter project, as it’s well on its way to being funded. Once you’ve got your pledge in, I highly recommend shopping for some metal drink chillers to complete your high tech drink set. If you’re not actually sure what to drink out of your wicked science inspired tumblers, try Alexander + James’ gift-finder – it’s meant to help you choose presents for booze lovers, but can actually help you narrow down something perfect for your own bar.

Are you backing the Periodic TableWare set? Let me know so I can bring over a bottle of bourbon; we can play scientist.



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