Nirvana HMB: Nirvana Water Sciences’ Sports Nutrition Drink

Water is vitally important. Everyone needs to drink in order to stay healthy. Proper hydration is a must all day no matter what you’re doing. The same is true at night. When people have access to top quality water, they will find it easier to concentrate on the tasks at hand they have to get done. This is particularly true for those who like to engage in all sorts of sports. Athletes must be able to concentrate on everything they are doing as they do it. That way, they can workout or attend a competition safely. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that so many athletes, particularly those who do a lot of weight lifting and rock climbing are always on the lookout for really quality water sources. That’s something those at Nirvana Water know well. They offer clean, pure water that is designed to ensure your water and wellness needs are fully met.

Fed From a Spring

Good water that tastes wonderful all starts at the source. This is something those at Nirvana Water know oh so well. The water that they use in their bottles begins in the very foothills of the incredibly lovely Adirondack Mountains. Here, lies over sixteen hundred acres of pristine and verdant wilderness. The meadows are alive with the sound of birdsong. Beyond this place of amazing purity is where it all starts for them and for their many fans.

nirvana hmb

Five natural springs bring water to the surface from deep in the middle of the earth. That makes for water that is known to have incredible properties. Aquifers dating back to the very start of the ice age that feed the springs bring an incomparable taste to the water. That’s why this is one water you’ll want to drink again and again. They bring water that has not been touched by modern life since it was first formed so many millions of years ago.

Many Benefits

Drinking Nirvana Water has a great many benefits. Every single drop begins with a naturally refreshing temp of natural 42°. That keeps it light as you drink it. Even better, each drop also has a lot of calcium. This is particularly important when you’re engaging in the process of weight lifting. You’ll need to build up as much bone as you can in order to get the best possible results. Drinking water with lots of calcium can help speed up this process. The same is true of those who engage in the process climbing rocks either indoors or outdoors. They need to have steady hands as they navigate walls. They also need to have strong bones that can take a lot of weight. Water and wellness are linked. This is one type of water that will keep you fit no matter what you’re doing.

Building Muscle

Weight lifters and rock climbers also need to be able to build muscle tissues. Nirvana Water is right there to help with this process in every way. Dr. Naji Abumrad knows all about muscle development. The good doctor is a professor of Surgery at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. His work includes the development of safe products that can help with this process. He has worked on Metabolic Technologies LLC. He and his company have paired up with Nirvana Water to offer the first water with an infusion of myHMB® Clear. That means that each sip contains products that support the athlete in pursuing their goals. It also means that each sip is low in sodium. That way, you can drink without add unwanted salt that can raise your blood pressure and prevent you from achieving your aims.

Naturally Good

Your body makes HMB naturally. It is used to make sure your muscles are functioning as they should. However, as people age, it can be harder and harder to produce the HMB you really need. Drinking this water can help your body replenish its supply and achieve the kind of optimum wellness you really need. The result for many people is a stronger body that does exactly what the person wants it to do. That makes this water a useful addition to your planned daily and monthly workouts. It helps you get strong and helps you stay there as as you exercise. For many athletes, this is a vitally important process that must take place every single time they workout. They need to have water that makes it possible to get the most out of very single movement. That’s why they opt for this beverage.

It’s your water, you way. Have a bottle before you workout and a grab one once you’re done. You’ll have something on hand that helps you feel better and lets you grow your muscles with every drop.



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