Readly Review: Thousands of Magazines in One App

Dubbed by readers as the ‘Spotify for magazines’, Readly is one of the most successful online magazine and newspaper subscription services.

With a website headline of ‘you’ll never be bored again’, Readly live up to their promise by providing worldwide users with over 5000 titles to choose from; all for a small monthly subscription fee.

It seems the age of the magazine is far from dying out; as a published Readly annual report stated that the app had over 83 million digital reads throughout 2019. And it’s no surprise, reviews report Readly’s high-resolution scans make you feel like you’ve “flopped a magazine right out in front of you”.* With the average cost of a magazine in the US costing the customer at least $7, it’s no wonder users are flocking to download Readly to use on a daily basis.

What is Readly?

Readly is the ultimate magazine and newspaper subscription service. Founded in Sweden in 2012, the team behind the name wanted to provide a simple way of reading the latest local and international titles.

With a monthly fee of $9.99, subscribers will have unlimited access to thousands of titles provided by the app. The issues can be downloaded and saved for offline use and can be favorited and stored for easy access every time the app is used.

The app can be downloaded from your average App Store and will be ready to use as soon as you’ve signed up. If English isn’t your first language, or you have trouble reading small font sizes, you can use the search filters to change the app to your desired settings.

To make things even easier and user-friendly, Readly stores and notes your personal preferences for updated recommended titles every time you refresh. There’s space for you to store your favorites, and parental controls to make you feel at ease if little fingers are having fun browsing the app.

And just to make the app that little bit better; it’s totally on-trend with being eco-friendly. With zero paper used, and the magazines being entirely digital, it’s the perfect way to do your bit for the planet. I mean, are we really cutting down a tree just to read an article about Meghan Markle on glossy paper?

Is Readly for me?

Readly can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet and is best seen on a smaller screen. It can be viewed on a desktop browser, but the high-resolution scans and images work best on smaller devices. There’s also an option to read the magazine in plain text if you’re reading a longer article or news story, and don’t want too much going on across your screen.

There’ll be no family arguments when it comes to who’s using the app next, as Readly can be used by up to 5 users at a time. Sort your preferences into personal groups, and each member of the family can enjoy their own personalized section on the app (Don’t worry; there’ll be no ‘Go Girl’ teen magazine notifications popping up on your home screen. Well, unless you want there to be.)

Described as ‘the perfect gift for someone who has everything’, Readly can be purchased via a handy gift card option. With 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions available, it’s an ideal last-minute gift for any bookworms or readers in the family.

An endless selection of titles

Whatever your interests are, Readly has it covered. Whether it’s high-end fashion, parenting, food, cars, business, hunting, or fishing (we’re sure some of you out there enjoy reading about catching giant roach in the Angling Times), there’s a title for everyone.

Plus, with Readly there are no limits or restrictions. Look at a hotel in Milan today, then delve into the world of stocks tomorrow. You can even fill in crosswords online in the puzzle mag library, or get your brain working with sudoku on your lunch break. All 5000 titles, regardless of preference, are available when you’ve paid the monthly subscription fee.

With a quick Google search, you’ll find thousands of reviews for Readly. And you don’t have to worry about being tied down; Readly is currently offering a 30-day trial with zero contracts and commitments. Don’t like the app? Cancel with the click of a button.

Now it’s your turn to see if Readly live up to their “you’ll never be bored again” headline.




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