Manly Ice Cubes for Macho Drinks

When a man entertains, things like tablecloths and charger plates should not be the focal point of the evening. The next time you serve up a scotch on the rocks, try adding some of these studly ice cubes for maximum cool.

The AK Ice Tray- for a Killer Drink : These wicked bullet shaped ice cubes will have you wondering about “the perfect crime” and melting evidence. You may even put them into your drink so you can swirl them thoughtfully while pondering how plausible it would be to ride a T-Rex. Also suitable for a number of other less appropriate uses.

ginandtitonic 648 upscaled
Ice cubes don’t sink- irony.

Gin and Titonic- Sink one in your drink :  They’re either going put a hole in the bottom of your glass, or get you laid in the backseat; exciting, messy times either way. Especially radical in a skinny glass, for that sassy “tip ’em into the drink” angle.

shark fin icecubes
“Shark week is a national treasure.”

Shark Fin Ice Tray : If you aren’t drinking while watching Shark Week, you’re doing it wrong. Somebody should invent severed arm ice cube trays, right now.

whiskey stones
Will also make you look super strong because rocks are heavy. Science!

Whiskey Stonesimage 5783279 10746449 On the Rocks : These are actually rocks- carefully cut soapstone holds a chill and cools down your drink without any dilution.

skull martini icecubes
Because no one likes a dainty stir stick.

Death Chill Ice Skulls : Enough cutesy cartoon skull and crossbones already; these bad ass skulls can be frozen onto swizzle sticks that look like a brain and spinal cord.

guitar icecubes
The Warlock, The Flying V and The Explorer.

Electric Ice : Three different vintage metal shaped guitars will give you some street cred, even if you can’t actually play in real life. Use at your own risk- may turn you into a screaming fat man.

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