Household Items Designed To Look Like Weapons

For some reason most, if not all, men love weapons.  Be it grenades, guns, swords, tanks, or whatever, we just love them.  Maybe we love these weapons because they are used to blow things up, which makes us feel like manly men? 

Doesn’t matter what the reasons are, below is a list of some very cool household items that are designed to mimic weapons.  The list is fairy long and should be enough to satisfy all your weapons desires.

TNT Candles upscaled

TNT Candle & Incense Holder (Meninos – $N/A) – Nothing says “I Love You” like a TNT-lit dinner with that special someone.

Chopsticks darth vader yoda upscaled

Star Wars Light Saber Chopsticks (Kotobukiya – $19.99 for a set of Yoda/Luke Skywalker or Yoda/Darth Vader) – Use the force to eat all your Chinese food.

knuckle duster mug upscaled

Brass Knuckle Coffee Mug (Thabto – $15.00) – Drink your coffee in style and as a bonus, none of your co-workers would dare to bother you while you’re having your coffee.

knuckles soap upscaled

Soapy Knuckles (Spye – $15.00 ) – Perfect for prison, no fear of dropping your soap and the other inmates will stay away thinking it’s a real weapon.

knuckle duster corkscrew upscaled

Knuckle Duster Corkscrew (Think Geek – $12.99) – Perfect for opening that bottle of champagne and also very function for punching.

Grenade salt and pepper upscaled

Grenade Salt & Pepper Shakers (Thabto – $15.00) – Spice up your dinner, Rambo style.

Grenade Christmas Tree upscaled

Grenade Christmas Tree Ornaments (Suck UK – $30.00 for a set of 6) – Very classy Christmas decorations, brings that feeling of love and peace to any Christmas tree.

sword umbrella upscaled

Knight, Pirate, & Samurai Sword Umbrellas (Kikkerland – $36.00 each) – An umbrella that looks like a sword, you can have sword fights with your buddies when it’s not raining.  Who says umbrellas are not cool?

Dart coat hanger upscaled

Dart Coat Hangers (Suck UK – $30.00 for a set of 3) – Cool and funky way to hang your coats.

Ninja star coat hanger upscaled

Ninja Star Coat Hanger (Spinning Hat – $12.00) – Another cool coat hanger, just don’t cut your fingers or your coats with the sharp edges.

Axe Hanger upscaled

Axe Coat Hanger (Meninos – $19.99) – Not as cool as the other two coat hangers but wins in the psycho and scary department.

three guns table vase upscaled

Guns Table Vase (Suck UK – $50.00) – This gives a whole new meaning to “Guns ‘N Roses”

flower grenade upscaled

Flower Grenade (Suck UK – $20.00) – Throw and Grow, baby!

Gun Fan upscaled

Gun Fan (Kikkerland – $5.00) – A fan to keep your head cool on hot summer days without the fear of blowing your brains out.

Table saw cake cutter upscaled

Table Saw Cake Cutter (Fredflare – $9.00) – Hard time cutting that Dairy Queen ice cream cake?  Not anymore!



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  1. first off, this is an awesome collaberation of things i would want in my housr just for laughs. question though, where is the Knight umbrella sold like the one in the picture you have posted, i have wound 3 different modles online but the one posted here is by far the coolest.


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