Lucy Skull by Mike Pelletier – Spooky 3D Printed Artwork

Call me an pessimist, but I believe that technology is the only thing that’s going to save our greedy, destructive species.

The massive improvements we’ve seen to rapid prototyping and 3d printing technologies over the last few years have been staggering, and I’m excited to see how they shape our world. We’ve seen everything from 3d printed shoes, to implantable jawbones, and now we’re starting to see a lot of sweet ass art as well, such as Lucy Skull from artist Mike Pelletier.

A Seriously Twisted Skull

Lucy Skull is the result of dental imaging fed into a computer, with each successive copy of the skull is scaled and rotated to create the effect you see above and below.

Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I quite like the polygonal look of the skull. It reminds me of a computer model, yes… but mostly of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution aesthetic. If tattoos weren’t so permanent, I would probably have my arms covered in triangles.

This final shot shows the rotation and scaling to great effect. It’s also very, very creepy – in a good way, of course. It’s a bit like what a Xenomorph would look like if it had a traditional skull instead of an exoskeleton.

Mike Pelletier & Eric van Straaten

If you’re interested in seeing more of Mike’s work, then head over to his website and take a look around. He’s done a swack of awesome work, ranging from exhibits to vibrant, psychedelic video games.

Lastly, you should also check out the works of Eric van Straaten as well. He too does 3d printing artwork, but with a surreal bent. His work is extremely impressive, but I warn you… you may leave his site feeling just a little bit dirty, or at least, I did. You’ll see what I mean.



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