King of Toilets – The Kohler Numi High-Tech Toilet

Most of the folks here at the Unfinished Man team can be considered clean freaks for the most part, except for Chad. He’s a dirty dirty boy. If we could afford it, this would be our dream toilet. A toilet that pretty much does everything for you.

Although the Kohler Numi toilet looks nothing like the traditional English style toilet such as the toto cst744s drake toilet, this $6,400 piece of hardware is jammed packed with high tech features to satisfy any geek out there. So what does the Kohler Numi toilet do that other toilets can’t?

The features list is quite long so get ready for it. First of all, the Kohler Numi toilet features motion activated lid and seat. There are sensors in front of the toilet that react to movement as soon as you enter the washroom. Now you never have to touch the seat or the lid again. The next feature is the bidet functionality of the toilet. A self-cleaning wand will spray water to gently massage your butt-cheeks and the surrounding region with the option to change the water pattern, pressure, and temperature. After receiving a gentle butt cleaning, the toilet will now dry you up with the integrated air-dryer.

With the Kohler Numi, there will be no need for those Just a Drop odor eliminators. The Kohler Numi toilet also features a powerful deodorizing charcoal filter towards the back of the toilet that pulls all that fresh air coming out of your rear. And for those of you, who hate sitting on a cold toilet seat, don’t even worry about it with this toilet. You guessed it; it also features a heated seat for those brisk nights.

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Not only does it feature the heated seat but the toilet will also keep your feet warm. The Kohler Numi toilet features floor-level vents which blow warm air to keep the surface around the toilet nice and toasty. And for those of you that like to use the can in the dark, the Kohler Numi also has got you covered. The ambient lighting in the back of the toilet will illuminate the washroom creating an inviting atmosphere.  And one of the best and favorite features is the music capabilities of the toilet. The Kohler Numi toilet features built-in speakers with pre-programmed music, FM radio, or you can connect it to your mp3 player via an audio input jack in the remote docking station.

There is more but I’ll let you check out the other details at the Kohler website. This is definitely on my list of things to get. The price, the price is what’s keeping me from getting this right now. Check out the demo video I made of me using it a few days ago.



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