Kate Upton for GQ Italy – Beautifully Retro

Another day, another set of pictures of our favorite model – the fabulous Kate Upton.

This time the curvy model is posing for GQ Italy, where a very lucky Guy Aroch did the camera work. This entire set is a lot less risqué than we would have liked, but honestly, you won’t hear me complaining that much. Kate is in fine form, and this very retro looking photo shoot has certainly satisfied my daily craving for Miss Upton.

Go ahead and hit the jump to see the entire Kate Upton shoot for GQ Italia. You won’t be disappointed that you did.

Kate Upton goes Retro

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I’m told that the 70s were an amazing time for free love, free spirits, and freely growing pu… okay, maybe not the last one. Though I’m in no place to judge, I’m hoping that Kate didn’t follow the role that closely. She’s a beautiful woman, and had I seen that protrude from her bathing suit in her recent Baywatch parody, well… I would have been a very sad man indeed.

If you’re interested in seeing more photos and videos of Kate Upton, you can either head to her official website, or check out this video of her prancing around like Peter Cottontail, or even this awesome set of outtakes. She’s been quite busy being popular lately, and that means that all of us fans are the winners in this situation. If we’re lucky, she’ll keep doing what she does best, and we’ll keep enjoying it.




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