iPad Survives Incredible Fall From the Stratosphere

What you’re about to watch is a video of an iPad plummeting 100,000 feet – or roughly 18 miles – from the stratosphere, onto some rocks, and not taking so much as a scratch anywhere on the device. Yes, the iPad is encased in the iPad Extreme Edge case, by the same company that created the iPad Extreme Sleeve that Eddie wrote about a while back, but I’m still slightly dubious that the iPad could survive such a fall without damage. Either way, the footage itself is still incredibly cool.

The team – using an inexpensive helium balloon – sends the gear up far enough that the view may as well be from space. I love when people set up rigs like this, and from what I’ve read, it’s incredibly inexpensive to do; for around $150, you too can send a balloon to near-space. At the very least, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than trying to catch a ride on Virgin Galactic.

iPad Surviving Massive Fall

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Whether you believe the un-damaged iPad is real or faked, I’m sure you’ll agree that the video was still pretty neat. I’m guessing that Apple is thrilled with this as well. Given how many people are watching the video, perhaps Apple will have another massive wave of iPad sales from would-be aerial photographers. For myself, though, I think I would just stick with an inexpensive camera; you know, not something that costs just shy of $500 and that I would be dropping from the stratosphere.



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