Super Tough iPad Extreme Sleeve

iPad sleeve withstand hit from 12-pound bowling ball

There are plenty of cases for the iPad and iPad 2 out there but none of them really do it for me. All these companies claim to offer protection for our beloved gadget but one company really means it when they promise protection for the Apple iPad.

The iPad Extreme Sleeve by G-Form is so bloody tough that an iPad can withstand a hit from a 12-pound bowling ball. The secret is all in the PORON XRD material which is usually found in sports equipment. PORON XRD material is flexible under normal conditions but hardens upon impact. And yes, I like saying the word PORON. The material is lightweight, flexible, and water-resistant.

Because of the material’s reaction to an impact, the iPad is safe and sound while snuggled away in the Extreme Sleeve. All that protection can be yours for only $59.95.

Now check out the demonstration video below.

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