Interview With Model: Aiko Christine

In recent months, we had the opportunity to interview models such as Heather Shanholtz and Lisa Song Sutton. Today, you guys will learn a thing or two about Aiko Christine, a model from Washington state who has a heck of a lot to say.

Unfinished Man: So why don’t you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and when did you first get into modeling?

Aiko Christine: I got into modeling by accident, a friend of mine needed some models for his portfolio and I modeled for him, have been doing it ever since.

UM: What is your ethnic background?

AC: Half Japanese a quarter German a quarter Irish and Scottish.

UM: Before modeling, which jobs have you held in the past?

AC: A lot of marketing jobs and internships.

UM: What was your favorite and least favorite job you’ve had?

AC: Favorite would have to be being a studio manager for a local photographer least favorite would be…..none really I’ve liked all my jobs.

Hot mixed Asian model Aiko Christine from Washington State

UM: Do you have a specific style of modeling you prefer? (ie. Lingerie, fashion, artistic, etc)

AC: Beauty, I love modeling Jewelry and Makeup.

UM: Have you entered any modeling contests in the past?

AC: A few here and there.

UM: If the opportunity came, would you model for Playboy Magazine?

AC: Probably not, I come from a conservative family.

Model Aiko Christine from Seattle, Washington

UM: What are some of the biggest magazines you’ve been featured in?

AC: Bella Petite Nifty and Kaboom Magazine.

UM: What would you like to be doing five years from now?

AC: Working in marketing for a large corporation.

UM: Do you have any interest in acting?

AC: Yes! Would love to act.

UM: Do you do a lot of outdoor activities whether it’s sports, hiking, swimming, etc?

AC: I love being outdoors with my dog.

Japanese German Irish Model Aiko Christine

UM: And how often do you workout?

AC: About 3x a week.

UM: What are some of  your favorite types of food?

AC: Sushi, Thai or Mexican food.

UM: What type of music can be found on your mp3 player?

AC: A lot of hip hop and R&B.

UM: What are a few of your favorite movies?

AC: Blow and Donnie Darko.

UM: How often are you on the road for work?

AC: Not too terribly often sometimes I go out of state for shoots but most is done locally.

Aiko Christine sexy poses

UM: What do you currently drive and what is your dream car?

AC: My car right now BMW 325xi.

UM: As you know, many of our readers are men and they are all wondering if you are single. So what’s happening in that department?

AC: Yes I am single! Just haven’t found the right guy yet.

UM: When you go on a date with a guy, what’s more important to you – personality or looks?

AC: Personality but attraction is also important.

Asian Model Aiko Christine in sexy dress

UM: What does a guy have to do to sweep you off your feet?

AC: Make me laugh.

UM: Which subjects did you enjoy the most in High School and which did you hate?

AC: Hated Math loved Science and English.

UM: Are you big into the clubbing scene?

AC: Not really, I would rather go to a chill bar than a club.

Sexy Asian Model modeling lingerie

UM: Has your family and friends been supportive of you and your career?

AC: Off and on there are some things they approve of and others they don’t.

UM: How many countries have you traveled to and your favorite vacation spot.

AC: I love Europe I’ve traveled to about 9 different countries but my favorite vacation spot is Hawaii.

Sexy Asian in a bathing suit Aiko Christine

UM: Which female model do you look up to and have a lot of respect for?

AC: Lauren Calaway and Isobella Jade.

UM: The modeling business is not an easy one. Any tips for models that are new to the business?

AC: First and foremost learn to love yourself, if you don’t, no one else will.

Asian Aiko Christine in lace lingerie

UM: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

AC: Thanks for all your support! Add me on Facebook @ Aiko Christine and follow me on Twitter @aikochristine. Love ya guys xo
Unfinished Man would like to thank Aiko Christine for her time. Guys, make sure you follow her on twitter and facebook but in a non-creepy way.

Aiko Christine in sexy lingerie




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