Injinji Socks – The Best Athletic Socks Ever Made?

You know, I have an odd fascination with socks. There’s just something about seeing stack upon stack of them in the store that really does it for me. Like any other piece of clothing, I can appreciate a good sock, and I think I’ve finally managed to find the master sock… the grand sock, if you will.

I’ve noticed over the last while that a lot of people have become obsessed with shoes that replicate being barefoot, and based on the research, they have the right idea. Vibram has released a slew of shoes that are designed to fit each individual toe on a person’s foot, and Terra Plana has released shoes with ultra thin soles and a box toe to allow for toe spread. Not wanting to be left out, Injinji has released a line of toe socks as their contribution to the growing barefoot movement.

What’s the deal with Injinji socks?

I decided to put this brand to the test and picked up a pair of Injiniji’s performance series mini-crew toe socks at a local outdoor activities store. I had seen these socks online before, but decided to purchase a single pair locally to try them out and decide if they were really worth the hubbub. After wearing them for a few days I can safely say that yes, they’re pretty damn awesome.

The Injinji mini-crew socks are made with a blend of “Coolmax” (a propriety Injiniji material) as well as nylon and lycra. I have no idea what Coolmax is, but I’ll assume it comes from penguin pelts or the like. In any case, the material is incredibly comfortable and reminds me of bamboo fabric.

Injinji’s shtick is that their socks form to every contour of your foot, and I think that’s a pretty apt description. The separated toes are not only comfortable but practical as well. Having trained Parkour for years, being able to flex my toes in a wide range of motion is practical for both balance and properly absorbing landings. The heel is also pre-shaped, meaning the sock isn’t moving around much. I have a feeling that this will cut down on blisters and soreness caused by socks bunching up and moving around from activity.

Despite the mini-crew’s slew of great features, it does come with a few drawbacks. The socks are comparatively expensive, averaging between $11-$18 depending on where you purchase them, and if you’re drunk or tired, putting them on can be a bit of a chore. They do take a bit of wiggling and finesse to get your toes in properly.

Overall a great buy and I plan to try out more socks from their lineup. If you’re looking for something a little bit warmer, check out these men’s thermo socks as well. They’re super high quality, and I’ve started wearing them during the winter months.




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7 comments on “Injinji Socks – The Best Athletic Socks Ever Made?”

  1. Cool blog. I absolutely love Balega socks — I prob have 30-40 pairs of the low style. Stretchy, soft, supportive and no sweating. Check them out.

  2. I am a diabetic cannot find socks that won’t bunch up under my heels and toes,always feel they always shifting in my shoes. Also need comfortable, and cushioned socks , and a comfortable fit.

  3. I used to be a Balega guy… then I found Fitsok. Best running sock for the money. Everything they make is high quality but all 3pks designed for running.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll definitely check these out and report back. I see that they sell them in quite a few places, and they certainly look interesting.


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