Cyberpunk Babes – Incredible Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay

I’m pretty excited about the upcoming release of Cyberpunk 2077 later this year, and I’ve seen a lot of fantastic fan art and cosplay in the community. So I’ve decided to sit down and compile a top 5 collection of the best Cyberpunk 2077 cosplay I could find. There are some real Cyberpunk babes in here, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I’m including links back to the original sources whenever possible, and if I’ve missed any, please feel free to leave me a comment below with the details and I’ll make sure this gallery is updated right away.

So in no particular order…

Cyberpunk Babes – Cosplay Collection

cyberpunk 2077 cosplay
Photo via Imgur
cyberpunk 2077 cosplay
Photo via Imgur

This cosplayer above is probably my favorite of the bunch. It’s very understated, without any of the flashy neon, but still manages to come across as a very accurate portrayal of female V.

male v cosplay
Photo via Maul Cosplay
female v london cyberpunk2077
Photo via Imgur

To the best of my knowledge, none of these are from the official Cyberpunk 2077 cosplay contest, but I think they’re all fantastic none the less. They all manage to capture the essence of the world in a believable way, and I’m impressed with how much care and attention went into designing these costumes.

And then there’s this one…

cyberpunk ciri cosplay
Photo via Imgur

This is cosplay for The Witcher 3’s Ciri character, done in the style of Cyberpunk 2077. Cannon? Not exactly, but I’ll let it slide anyway.

As I find more, I’ll continue to update this post and include them! As always, if you have any suggestions of your own, please let me know!

get rich or die trying
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