How to Beat Blackjack Dealers When Betting Online

Everything wants to play blackjack and win. Being able to understand how dealers work, especially live dealers, is important. However, it also helps if you’ve got a head’s up about how to beat them. We recently played against BJ Dealers, and using some trusted tips; we were able to make a little money. Now, it is time for us to share those tips with you.

Learn To Use Basic Strategy

Arguably the most valuable tool in a player’s arsenal is Basic Strategy. This is a chart that details the best moves you can possibly make when playing blackjack, based on what BJ cards are on the table. You might think that this amounts to cheating? It does not. The dealer will be using Basic Strategy. They have been taught it, so you should have a crack at it, too. Unlike the dealer, you don’t have to memorize a Basic Strategy chart, either. Because you’re playing online, you can literally print it out and keep it with you when betting.

Pick the Ideal Variant

Always be sure to pick the ideal variant. You’re going to have lots of options here. There are all sorts of blackjack games out there, each with its own take on the rules. We recommend that you actually start playing a few of them for free. Doing so will help you learn which ones are to your liking and what they can offer you. This will help you improve your odds of success.

Look for Mistakes with Live Dealers

Live dealers are not as cemented into their moves as, say, an RNG algorithm. Random number generator-based dealers are easy to predict and rigid. They base their decisions on Basic Strategy. However, human dealers found in live dealer games are a touch different. They may think outside the box. This makes them susceptible to mistakes, too. If you’ve got a keen eye, you may be able to catch out a dealer and call their bluff.

Play at Casinos with Excellent Bonus Funds

We certainly recommend that you claim blackjack bonuses found at online casinos. However, we urge this with caution. You shouldn’t just claim any old bonus. You should only opt to claim a bonus that has reasonable terms and conditions, such as wagering requirements. However, a decent and well-timed blackjack bonus can provide you with extra ammunition to take the table to pull one over on the dealer.

Don’t Do Anything Stupid

Finally, we encourage you to avoid making stupid and silly bets. These bets are essentially those where you think about having a wild stab in the dark. You know the type of thing – avoid hitting when you have a 20. At the same time, you should avoid side-bets. Your odds of success with side-bets are woeful, so we’d strongly avoid those and insurance bets (in almost all conditions) to boot.




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