Why Roulette Strategies Don’t Work

Every day, hopeful players hit the casino with the hope of striking it big. It’s a serious business, with millions spent as people gather around blackjack tables and place their bets in poker games. Another popular game of luck: roulette. Seasoned roulette players swear that they have tactics that help swing the game in their direction. Let’s look at some of those tactics and talk about why roulette strategies don’t work.

Last Bet Didn’t Work? Bet Higher

Some people like to use strategies that are known as progressive systems. Using these, when one bet falls flat, you bet higher the next time around in hopes that you’ll make up your losses. The best-known of the progressive systems is the Martingale system. Using this one, if a bet doesn’t reap rewards, you double it the next time around. You keep doing this until you win—and when you do, you’ll not only win back your losses, but you’ll also make a bit of money.

The Martingale system quickly runs into problems if your losing streak is a long one. As you double and double your bet, you will soon run out of money or exceed the bet limit. That first one—running out of money—is a big reason why roulette strategies don’t work. You’re bound to reach the limits of your wallet sooner or later.

Can Previous Wins Predict the Future?

In a non-progressive system, players don’t pay attention to the amount of their last bet. Their focus with this kind of strategy is trying to predict which numbers will win based on which numbers have already won. This kind of guessing, or “playing the numbers,” operates on the idea that if a number hasn’t come up yet, it’s due for a turn. If you play for any amount of time, this tactic will reiterate why roulette strategies don’t work. As you play for longer and longer periods of time, the chance that your number will appear begins to even out.

Mechanical and Human Quirks and Errors

“The wheel tilts slightly to the right, which makes the ball land on Red 19 more often.”

“Word is that the dealer at that table throws the ball in a way that makes it land on Black 35 quite a bit.”

If mechanical errors or quirks in the way a dealer operates are obvious to you, the casino will certainly be aware of this and take actions to correct them. In fact, because casinos are so on the ball (no pun intended) with these kinds of things, even when they happen, they are usually so subtle that they are only spotted by full-time, professional players. Simply put: relying on a tilt in the table or the dealer tossing the ball at a certain angle will not score more wins.

These are just a few of the reasons why roulette strategies don’t work. Although long, detailed explanations of strategies such as these might make them sound feasible, the reality is that it’s still all up to chance. There is no proof that any system—physical or mathematical—actually wins. When you head to the casino, bring your rabbit’s foot, wear your lucky shirt, and sit at the table where you won big the last time. Then leave the rest to Lady Luck.




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