Internet Growth Veteran James Dooley Shares His Life Lessons

Sharing your life lessons and expertise can be fruitful for others and you. It’s an avenue to dispense what you understand to others, allowing yourself to gain more knowledge. In essence, sharing your experiences implies you talk it out with others and open your mind to learn something new. Some individuals, such as James Dooley, also freely share their life lessons to empower others.

James is a successful entrepreneur, internet marketer, influencer, and SEO expert helping others thrive in the digital space. James has vast experience and expertise in various online fields, having joined the internet space early. He has since helped establish multiple seven-figure businesses, including PromoSEO Ltd and Boomtown Gaming Group. This has allowed him to employ dozens of individuals in the UK and help them graduate from being apprentices to directors in various sectors.

James has also invested, built, and retained over 25 million web pages that he rents out to UK businesses for lead generation. His success in the field makes him a celebrated entrepreneur with regular features on videos like this as the leading UK entrepreneur for digital marketing.

The employment of qualified staff in the SEO industry was one of his biggest challenges, and that promoted his desire to empower and mentor others. James has employed apprentices and trained them all up from zero experience because the employees out there did not meet the knowledge and training he was looking for. The outcome was a success, leaving him with top-notch, competent employees.

The experience made James understand that there is no such thing as 10/10. According to him, everyone can develop and improve if given the opportunity under the right mentorship.

“For our sanity and life goals, we should look to improve in all areas of life. It does not matter how old you are or how much experience you have; you should always be improving. If you are not improving yourself, then are you lazy? Train and develop even when you feel you are the best because you need to remain several steps ahead of the game,” James adds.

James also recommends surrounding yourself with loads of friends and family. The more friends, the better because it means gaining different experiences, but keep your best mates and family close because they will be there through everything. Life has taught him that it is not what he has in life but who he has in life that counts.

Therefore, James wants you to create a tribe around you and make sure you gather with them frequently; it is always time spent with family and friends that is the best. The fun is priceless for your health and mindset, and laughter is the best medicine for stress. A good laugh really does recharge your batteries. Let close friends and family advise you on things, but you are responsible solely for your path in your career, health, and happiness.

Your life reflects the choices you make, and that’s why James insists on the need to choose your own path. You can choose what you believe or don’t believe, what you desire and don’t desire. You can define your parameters. James believes that you can start consciously creating your destiny according to your vision once you do that.



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