14 Best Guys Night Ideas for an Unforgettable Evening

Ever feel like you’re just going through the motions with your guys’ nights out? I totally understand — it’s easy to fall into a pattern. And let’s be honest, endlessly repeating the same old bar crawls can really start to lose its luster after a while.

That’s why I’ve put in some legwork and explored every nook and cranny for fresh, exhilarating ideas that will inject new life into your bro-time hangouts. Brace yourselves for a night packed with excitement that your crew will talk about for ages!

Key Takeaways

Throw an axe-throwing expedition or set up a backyard bonfire for exciting guys\’ night activities.

Try virtual whiskey tasting or mixology night to explore new flavors and have fun at home.

Plan an active outing like disc golf or laser tag followed by food, or stay in for a comedy club, arcade games, poker, movie screening, or sports watching night.

For each idea, make sure the event is safe and everyone agrees on the plan.

Capture these great moments with photos to remember all the fun times.

Axe-Throwing Expedition

Axe Throwing Expedition

So, you think you’ve got an aim like Hawkeye? Prove it – grab the fellas and head out for an axe-throwing expedition. It’s all the rage lately; just imagine a dartboard, but way bigger… and way more badass.

Hurling Sharp Blades at Wooden Targets

Axe-throwing is a blast, trust me. You get to chuck a hatchet at a wooden target and feel like a warrior while hanging out with your pals. It’s one of those hobbies for men that lets you unwind, compete, and have some laughs all at once.

Now, if you’re on a budget or just want to try something different, consider buying some cheap hatchets. Set up your own targets in the backyard – just make sure it’s safe and no one’s around to walk into an unexpected flying axe!

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This adventure isn’t just about tossing axes; it builds camaraderie, too. Picture this: You’re taking turns throwing, cheering each other on (or playfully trash-talking), and by the end of the night – you’ve got stories to tell.

And hey, nothing says ‘guys’ night’ quite like learning a new skill together or showing off if you’ve already got the knack for it. Just make sure everyone’s throwing safely; we want memories, not scars!

At-Home Bonfire Night

At Home Bonfire Night

Gather ’round, guys – because nothing beats the primal allure of dancing flames and the crackle of a good ol’ backyard bonfire; let’s stoke those embers of camaraderie with tales taller than the fire itself… (and hey, is there ever a bad time for s’mores?) Stick around to unearth how this fiery fixture can ignite your next guys’ night.

Gathering Around the Backyard Fire Pit

bonfire night at home is all about good laughs and staying cozy by the fire. Picture this: My buddies and me, circled around a warm blaze in my backyard, roasting marshmallows, sharing stories, and maybe cracking open a few cold lagers.

We don’t need much—some wood for burning, a safe spot away from anything that could catch fire, and of course, those treats to toast over the flames.

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We always check local rules first because it’s important to keep things safe and legal. Once we’re clear on that, setting up is easy. Find a clear area where we can build our fire pit, or use an existing one if there’s already one in the yard.

While some guys might go for volleyball or tossing around a football in the light of the fire—me? I’m content just kicking back with my friends under the stars, talking about whatever comes up.

Virtual Whiskey Tasting

Virtual Whiskey Tasting

Alright, fellas, ever thought about getting fancy without stepping out? Here’s the scoop – Virtual Whiskey Tasting. Picture this: You’re lounging in your perfect home bar, pals on screen, with top-shelf bottles, and you ain’t even gotta wear pants (but please do).

We’re talking rare dark ales, complex flavors… an evening where “notes” aren’t just from that meeting you Zoomed through. So hit up that web search and find yourselves a connoisseur – trust me, it’s more than just sipping whiskey; it’s banter, it’s laughs…

It’s like being in one of those swanky restaurants, minus the stuffy dress code. Cheers to technology, making our bachelor dens the next best watering hole!

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Exploring Fine Spirits Over Video Chat

Hey, wanna try something cool and different? Let’s talk about virtual whiskey tasting. It’s a blast, seriously! You get to chill at home while sipping and learning about different whiskeys from around the world.

Picture this: you’re lounging in your favorite chair, no need to dress up or drive anywhere. With just your laptop and those little whiskey samples lined up, you’re all set for an adventure.

So here’s how it goes down – you order a tasting kit that gets delivered right to your door. Then, you hop on a video call with friends or join a guided session online. Expert hosts walk you through each whiskey as you taste them one by one.

It’s not just fun; it’s also easy on the wallet compared to hitting expensive bars or restaurants. Plus, there’s no worry about getting home since—you guessed it—you’re already there! Now tell me, that isn’t perfect for our next guys’ night in? Cheers!

Comedy Club Night

Comedy Club Night

Ever been to a comedy club where the laughs are so hard, you leave with your abs feeling like you’ve done a year’s worth of sit-ups? Picture this: You and the guys, cold beers in hand, front row at a dimly-lit venue – it’s Comedy Club Night! It’s all about sharing belly laughs and inside jokes that’ll be quoted for weeks.

Just remember to check whose turn it is to be the designated driver because let’s face it – those drinks can sneak up on ya.

Laughing at Stand-up Performances

comedy club night is all about the laughs. Imagine this: you and your pals, sitting in a dim room with cold beers in hand, waiting for the stage to light up. Once the comedian grabs that mic, it’s game on! Jokes fly left and right, poking fun at everything from daily chores to wild adventures — nothing’s off-limits.

You might find yourself laughing so hard that tears roll down your cheeks.

You’re not just kicking back; you’re building memories here. And hey, let’s be real — we could all use a good chuckle now and then, especially if work’s been riding us hard, or we’ve been feeling that sting of loneliness when she’s away.

So why not text the guys and book some seats at the local comedy club? It beats spending another night alone scrolling through channels or wondering what to do with ourselves. Trust me, sharing a belly laugh over stand-up is way better than solo snacks on the couch any day!

Arcade Night

arcade night with friends

Arcade Night: Dude, blast from the past or what? Picture this — you’re nailing high scores, button-mashing like a pro, and reliving those glory days with your best buds; talk about leveling up your guys’ night! (And hey, if you want the full scoop on how to make it legendary, keep reading.)

Reliving Retro Gaming Glory

So, you’re thinking about an arcade night? Picture this: flashing lights, the sound of tokens clinking, and a whole bunch of games waiting for you and your friends. It’s a blast from the past with all those classic video games.

Plus, if anyone’s feeling competitive, we could even set up a ping-pong table and have ourselves a little tournament.

Arcade night isn’t just playing games; it’s about laughing and having fun together—no skills needed! We grab some snacks, maybe even some pizza or wings (hey, it’s guys’ night!), dive into those button-mashing classics or team up on the latest racing game.

This is one of those indoor activities that make you forget time even exists. Challenge accepted? Let’s do this!

Cookout Night

Cookout Night

Alright, let’s talk Cookout Night. Imagine the smoky aroma of a perfectly grilled steak wafting through the air as we all gather ’round to tell tall tales and chow down on some killer barbecue – it’s pure magic, man.

It doesn’t get more old-school than firing up that grill with your best buds, sipping cold ones and flipping burgers to perfection—it’s a time-honored ritual that screams guys’ night.

Grilling Favorite Foods Outside

So you’ve got the grill, a bunch of meaty treats, and your best buds. That’s all you need for a cookout night! Picture this: we’re laughing, flipping burgers, and maybe someone’s trying to perfect their sear on a steak.

The air smells like summer—even if it isn’t—and cooking outside just beats being in a kitchen any day.

Throw in some cold drinks and good music; now that sets the scene right. And hey, no fancy equipment needed. If folks want to bring over sides or desserts—awesome—but the star is that sizzle on the grill.

We can keep things chill, tell stories around the flames after eating or crank up tunes and let loose—it’s our call! Cookouts are simple pleasures but trust me, those nights are always legendary among friends.

Poker and Cigars Evening

Poker and Cigars Evening

Let’s talk about a classic – poker night, but we’re not just dealing cards here, folks. Imagine this: you’ve got your best buds, a stack of chips (the betting kind), the smoothest cigars you could find, and an atmosphere that screams, “Guys Night Achieved.” Throw in some old-school jazz or whatever floats your boat, and boom – you’ve hit the jackpot of evenings without even needing to bluff your way through.

Bluffing and Smokey Treats

Gather the guys for a classic poker and cigars evening. Imagine this: A table set, cards shuffled, chips stacked high, and the rich aroma of cigars floating through the air. We’re going back to basics with good old-fashioned card play where strategy meets luck.

Add in hand-rolled cigars, and you’ve got an atmosphere that feels like a scene from an old movie. Smoky, suspenseful – just us boys making bets and taking names.

The stakes don’t have to be sky-high; it’s all about having fun and acting like kings for a night. It might not be weekly poker night yet, but who says we can’t try? Between bluffing buddies out of their chips and puffing on premium cigars – laughter rolls as easy as dice.

And hey, when she’s away, what better way to bond than over some friendly competition? Let those cards fly and let’s see who comes out as top dog tonight!

Mixology Night

mixology night with friends

Ever tried donning the mixologist’s hat for a night? Trust me, hosting a Mixology Night with the guys is not just about stirring and shaking cocktails; it’s an epic adventure in flavors that you won’t want to miss – curious yet? Keep reading, and let’s dive into this liquid art together.

Experimenting with Cocktail Concoctions

Alright, so you’ve heard about mixology night, right? Think of it like a magic show but with drinks. You and your buddies get together and try making all sorts of cool cocktails. Everyone can bring their own ingredients or you guys can split the cost—either way works.

You don’t have to be a pro, either; just grab some recipes online or go wild with your own creations. It’s all about having fun, mixing up flavors that hit the spot, and maybe even inventing the next big cocktail.

Plus, it’s an awesome way to learn something new while hanging out with your friends!

Disc Golf Picnic

Disc Golf Picnic

So, you’ve heard about regular golf outings, but let me tell you, disc golf is where it’s at these days. Grab your buds, some flying discs—yeah, think Frisbees on steroids—and head out for a casual yet competitive game followed by an epic picnic loaded with all our favorite grub; talk about hitting the sweet spot of chill and challenge!

Tossing Frisbees on the Course

Disc golf is a blast, and guess what? It’s even cooler with buddies and some good eats. Picture this: you’re outside, the sun’s shining, and you’ve got your pals around throwing discs at those baskets – that’s disc golf for ya! You don’t need to be a pro; just aim for fun.

And hey, it gets better when someone whips out sandwiches or something off the grill.

Now add in a picnic vibe. We set up on the grass near hole one with our favorite meals and cold drinks. Between throws, we grab a bite, chill, and laugh about whose disc almost hit a squirrel.

No fancy setup needed – just good company, simple food, maybe some tunes from a portable speaker. Who knew watching those discs fly could work up an appetite?

Screen a Film Night

Screen a Film Night

You know what’s a solid gold idea for guys’ night? A film screening, man. Imagine – just kicking it back with the boys, a gargantuan bowl of popcorn (the butterier, the better), and that one epic movie everyone quotes but never actually watched together… until now. It’s like your own private cinema where you can be as loud and rowdy as you want—no shushing ushers in sight!

Enjoying Popcorn and a Movie

Grab some popcorn and clear the living room because it’s time to screen a film! Pick out those action-packed blockbusters or comedy classics that you and the guys can’t get enough of.

Make sure everyone gets to throw in their two cents on what flick to watch; after all, movie night is a team sport.

Get that big screen experience by hooking up a projector if you’ve got one, dimming the lights, and cranking up the sound. It feels just like being at the movies but with the bonus of pausing for bathroom breaks without missing a beat.

Just chill, laugh, and maybe shout at the screen—no judgment here! Next up: unloading lasers in an epic battle during laser tag night!

Laser Tag Night

Laser Tag Night

Picture this, guys—stealth-mode on, hearts racing, lasers zipping through the air—you’re in for a night where your inner child meets high-tech warrior… trust me, it’s an adrenaline rush that’ll have you talking for weeks! (Wanna find out who’s the sharpshooter of the squad? Keep reading!).

Shooting Friends with Harmless Beams

So, you’re looking for something super fun and active? Listen up, guys – Laser Tag Night has got to be on your list. Imagine running around in a dark room, beams of light crisscrossing everywhere.

You’ve got your laser gun in hand, ducking behind barriers, strategizing with your buddies to tag the other team. It’s like living out a video game, but way better because you’re actually moving and laughing out loud with your friends.

Peerspace backs me up when I say that this is one thrilling night that’ll have stories rolling for days after. It’s just an awesome way to bring out some friendly competition among the crew.

And here’s the kicker – there’s no mess from paintballs or bruises like from airsoft; it’s all clean fun that anyone can jump into. Grab those vests and get ready to light up the scoreboard!

Sports Night

Sports Night with friends

Ever thought about reliving those high school glory days, minus the awkward teen angst? Picture this — a bunch of us kicking back, brews in hand, yelling at the TV over our favorite teams; it’s sports night done right.

It’s not just about the benefits of watching sports together (and there are plenty), but that brotherhood vibe that comes with every touchdown or slam dunk… man, nothing beats it!

Cheering for Beloved Teams

Hey guys, picture a night where we all cheer for our favorite teams and jump off the couch with every great play. A sports night means setting up the living room like a mini-stadium, grabbing drinks and snacks, and watching the big game together.

You can feel the energy as if you’re right there in the stands. And hey, even if your team isn’t winning, it’s all about hanging out with friends and feeling that rush together.

You’ve got to wear your lucky jersey because it’s basically a rule on sports night. We might not be at the field or court itself but getting into the spirit is half the fun! Let’s shout at bad calls and high-five over epic scores — this is our time to bond over something we love: watching sports brings us closer, with plenty of laughs and maybe some friendly bets too.

Backyard Olympics

Backyard Olympics

Dudes, let’s take those childhood field days up a notch with our own DIY Backyard Olympics; I’m talking relay races, three-legged dashes, even cornhole and bulletball with medals at stake! No need to travel when we can create those lighthearted competitions right at home – it’ll be hours of outrageous fun with the whole crew.

Bring the Backyard Games for Gold Medal Laughs

Gather your crew for a night of DIY competitions in your own backyard! Set up stations for events like cornhole, kanjam, bulletbal, or ladder golf. You could even create silly challenges like a pogo stick obstacle course or water balloon toss. Award homemade medals at the end to celebrate the victors. The best part? No need to travel – just good laughs and camaraderie right at home.

Speakeasy Night

speakeasy night

Alright, who’s ready to party like it’s 1929? I’m talking a legit Speakeasy Night where we transform my basement into an old-school secret hangout, complete with mood lighting and deco. Grab those suspenders and fedoras, folks – we’re going full gangster chic with cards, cocktails, and stories told in accents so thick you’ll feel like you stepped back in time. It’s all in good fun – a night that’ll go down in the books!

Roaring 20s Hangout with Style

Bring the roaring 20s to life with a secret speakeasy party! Transform your basement or garage into an underground hangout, complete with mood lighting and some old-timey decor. Ask everyone to dress up in their best gangster or flapper gear. Mix up classic cocktails to sip on while playing cards, listening to jazz, or telling stories in your best mobster accent. An unusual night the whole crew won’t soon forget!

How to Organize a Memorable Guys’ Night Out

How to Organize a Memorable Guys Night Out

Getting the gang together for a guy’s night out is easier than you think. I’ve got some tips to help you make it a night to remember.

  • Pick a theme that everyone will enjoy, like an “Adventures from Scratch” challenge or a classic sports night.
  • Choose a date and time that works for everybody, then stick to it so no one makes other plans.
  • Create a group chat to keep all the guys updated and excited about the event.
  • Find the right spot using Peerspace or host at someone’s house if it’s more convenient.
  • Plan activities that fit your theme, such as disk golf for an active day or whiskey tasting for something more laid-back.
  • Take care of food by planning a cookout or ordering in from everyone’s favorite spot.
  • Have games and contests ready with small prizes to spice things up.
  • Organize transportation if you’re heading out, so no one has to worry about driving.
  • Make a playlist that gets everyone in the mood for fun times ahead.
  • Bring along extras like cigars for poker night or marshmallows for the bonfire.
  • Consider everyone’s budget so that all your friends can join without stress.
  • Capture the memories with plenty of photos—you’ll appreciate them later!

Bros Night Bliss: Wrap Up & Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! Twelve awesome ideas for a guys’ night that’ll kick boredom to the curb. Whether we’re throwing axes or sharing laughs at a comedy club, these nights are sure to be epic.

The notion of a guy’s night has become flexible in recent years to the point where guys nights in and guys’ nights out are almost interchangeable. Regardless of what activities that you and your group of men are interested in though, the “night out” activities for guys are still among the coolest, most diverse, and exciting options out there as far as I’m concerned!

James Hills, lifestyle journalist at ManTripping — https://www.mantripping.com/travel/guys-night-out-ideas-fun-activities-and-things-to-do.html

Let’s make some memories, have non-stop fun, and just enjoy being dudes together. Now go on—pick one and start planning your next legendary evening!

FAQs About Guys Night Ideas

What are some top things to do for a guy’s night when she’s away?

Well, grab your buddies and get ready for fun! You can shoot some pool, have a poker night, or hit the latest sports bar. Trust me – it’ll be epic.

Can you suggest any out-of-the-box ideas that’ll make our guys’ night unforgettable?

You betcha! How about an indoor skydiving adventure? Or maybe go-kart racing to really rev up the excitement! Oh—and don’t forget a good old-fashioned barbecue with all the fixins’.

Are there any chill options for a laid-back evening with the guys?

Absolutely! Picture this: gaming marathon—yeah, bring out those controllers—or movie night with back-to-back action flicks (popcorn mandatory). Just kick back and relax.

How do we plan an awesome guys’ night without breaking the bank?

No worries, dudes—a great time doesn’t mean empty wallets. Think about hosting a video game competition right at home or hitting up happy hour deals around town (hellooo, discounted wings!). It’s all about enjoying each other’s company…without spending a fortune!




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