What is Beer Money? A Guide to Earning Extra Cash for Life’s Pleasures

Do you ever get that nagging feeling your wallet’s perpetually on a diet, always just a little too thin? Trust me, you’re in good company – I know the struggle of hunting down some extra funds for those delightful non-necessities.

We’re all familiar with the term ‘beer money,’ aren’t we? That’s right, it’s that nice bit of spare change earned online for simple pleasures. In today’s chat, let’s unpack how to snag some easy cash and jazz up your leisure time without breaking a sweat.

Stay with me – it’s easier than picking up today’s trendy slang!

Key Takeaways

Beer money is a term for extra cash that you earn for fun, like buying a drink or treating yourself.

You can make beer money from online tasks like surveys, watching videos, and joining focus groups.

Some websites and apps pay back part of what you spend as beer money when shopping with them.

There are lots of ways to earn online, but it’s not big money; just enough for small treats.

Keep your earnings safe by using trusted sites, and don’t forget about taxes on the extra income.

Definition of ‘Beer Money’

What is Beer Money 2

Beer money is a fun name for a bit of extra cash that you might earn on the side. Imagine you’ve got your regular job, but then you find ways to make some more money just to buy yourself treats like a cold beer at the pub.

It’s not about getting rich or earning loads; it’s just having enough for those small extras in life.

Beer money is the nickname for an allowance, established in the year 1800, that was given to non-commissioned officers and soldiers in the British Army. The practice was started at the suggestion of the Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany.


Nowadays, beer money can come from all sorts of little jobs online — things I can do right from my phone or laptop. Places like Amazon Mechanical Turk or Swagbucks let folks make this kind of cash.

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You do simple tasks and get paid, easy as that! This extra dough isn’t meant to cover big bills, but sure does help when I wanna save money on clothes or treat myself after working hard.

Let’s dive into where the term “beer money” came from next, shall we?

Origins of ‘Beer Money’ Concept

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So, we’ve got a handle on what “beer money” is. Now, let’s take a peek into the past to see where this all started. Picture this: it’s the 1820s in Britain—the time when the phrase first popped up.

Back then, folks used it to talk about spare cash they had for small stuff, like buying a beer after work.

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They didn’t think of it as big sums of money—just enough for little pleasures. It was common among soldiers and students who liked having some coins in their pocket for drinks at pubs.

And just like that, “beer money” became a thing people said when they meant extra funds for fun or minor costs. Cool how words start out, right? Think about that next time you’ve got some change jingling around—it could be your beer money calling!

The Concept of Beer Money and Making Money Online

What is Beer Money 4

Moving from the past to today, making beer money has hit the internet big time. It’s not just about pocket change anymore. You can find a bunch of ways online to earn extra dough for things like games, date nights, or even that cool gadget you’ve been eyeing.

Take Amazon Mechanical Turk; it’s a spot where you can do simple jobs and get paid. Might be boring stuff like looking at pictures or writing what you hear in an audio clip, but hey, it pays!

There are other sites too – think Swagbucks or Rakuten – where shopping turns into money back in your pocket. Who wouldn’t love getting cash for buying stuff you were gonna buy anyway? And then there are apps on your phone that give you bucks just for scanning your shopping receipts.

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It all adds up to more beer money with just some clicks and swipes when you’re chilling after work.

I guess what I’m saying is this whole beer money hustle online is pretty slick because anyone with an internet connection can jump in. Even my buddy who’s scared stiff of messing up his budget has started raking in some extra through these gigs without breaking a sweat!

Types of Beer Money Opportunities

What is Beer Money 5

Oh, the joys of beer money! If you’re like me and enjoy turning small tasks into cold, hard cash for a leisurely pint (or two), then stick around. We’ve got a world of opportunities that range from the simplicity of answering surveys on your phone to getting into that sweet online focus group gig.

It’s about making those extra bucks without putting in a mountain of effort – think fun-sized side hustles that fit snugly into your day-to-day routine… Let’s just say it’s time to make our wallets as frothy as our mugs, my friend.

Microwork or Multi-Task Oriented Sites

So, you’ve heard about microwork sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk, right? These places are all about doing small jobs to make some extra cash. Think of it as a buffet of tasks—you pick what you want to work on.

Some folks do surveys, while others may transcribe stuff or rate pictures and videos.

Now, let’s keep it real—some of these gigs don’t pay a lot. But hey, that’s where being smart comes in. You can use tools like Turker View and scripts such as Panda Crazy to zero in on the jobs that pay better.

It’s kinda like having secret shopping hacks but for finding work online! With the right approach, these sites can definitely help fill your wallet for those little extras in life—or, yeah, even beer money.

Online Focus Group or Testing Groups

Alright, let’s talk about making cash by sharing your thoughts. I’ve been part of these online focus groups and testing gigs. Once, I even got $15 for just ten minutes of chatting about a new app.

And there was this other time when typing up my opinions on a message board landed me $140 over four hours – not too shabby, right? These sessions can be all sorts – from giving feedback on websites to talking about food tastes.

You need to check out these opportunities because they’re like hitting mini jackpots now and then. You usually sign up, wait for an invite, and boom – you’re in the ring throwing punches with your opinions and getting paid for it! The best part? You can do it from your couch while still wearing those comfy sweatpants.

Plus, if you find yourself good at this stuff, who knows how much beer money could come rolling in!

Variety or GPT Websites

So, have you heard about GPT websites? They stand for “get paid to“, and boy, do they live up to the name. Picture this: You’re sitting at home in your favorite chair, maybe sipping on a soda or munching on some chips.

You hop onto a site like Swagbucks – it’s one of those places online where you can earn beer money by doing all sorts of stuff. We’re talking taking surveyswatching videos, even shopping online and getting cash back!

The cool thing is that these sites are pretty easy to use. Just sign up, pick what you want to do, and start racking up points. Once you’ve got enough, trade them in for money or gift cards.

Yeah – it’s basically free money for stuff you might be doing online anyway! And let me tell ya—watching your earnings grow is more satisfying than nailing a triple-word score in Scrabble with the word ‘quizzify’.

Online Gambling as Beer Money Opportunity

Online gambling might be your thing if you’re chasing extra cash. Picture this: you’re chilling at home, maybe with a cold one in hand, and there’s a chance to make some money right from your screen.

It’s a mix of luck and smarts, and while I can’t say it’s surefire—because hey, risk is part of the game—it could beef up that wallet for small indulgences or savings.

Sure, not every day’s going to be a big win. But freebies and rewards from places like https://bonuses.com sweeten the deal. They can give you more bang for your buck as you navigate through slots or card games online.

And even though it sounds all flashy and easy-going, don’t forget to play smart; nobody likes losing their shirt over a game. Keep those bets within beer money range—we’re talking fun-sized stashes here—and remember it’s all about having a good time without breaking the bank.

Cash Back Beer Money Sites

I love getting money back when I buy stuff. It’s like the store is paying me to shop! Some sites give you cash back for buying things online or even in real stores. Swagbucks, Rakuten, and IBotta are a few places that do this.

You just sign up, start shopping through their links, and bam – you get part of your money back as ‘beer money’. It’s not hard at all.

You get digital coupons too with these guys, which save you even more cash. That means more spare change in your pocket for whatever you want – maybe an actual cold one? Or hey, save it up for something bigger; it’s all good either way! Alright, let’s talk about Survey Sites next…

Survey Sites

So, after talking about getting money back on buys, let’s chat about survey sites. These websites are pretty sweet for gathering some extra cash just by sharing your thoughts. Picture this: You’re chilling at home, you hop online, and boom—there’s a chance to make a bit of beer money by filling out surveys or doing simple tasks.

Now, don’t get me wrong; you won’t become rich from this stuff. But hey, it’s an easy way to earn a little without too much hustle. All you need is some spare time and an opinion—which I know we’ve all got plenty of! The key is finding the legit sites that actually pay out.

Stay clear of spammy ones that waste your time without handing over the cash. Once you find good sites, put in some effort and those small payouts can start piling up into a tidy sum for whatever—maybe even treating yourself to a cold one with pals on Friday night!

Is Beer Money Worthwhile?

What is Beer Money 6

Earning some beer money sounds good. It means extra cash for things you don’t really need.

  • You can make a little on the side doing easy online tasks.
  • Trying out apps or answering surveys could buy you that next drink with friends.
  • Keep in mind, this isn’t going to replace your full-time job income.
  • But hey, it’s pretty nice to get paid for things you might do while just chilling on your couch.
  • Sometimes, if I’m smart about which gigs I pick, I end up making more than just beer money.
  • It sure beats having zero dollars until payday comes around again.
  • And let’s face it: having some spare change helps when you want to treat yourself after hard work.
  • Plus, getting into beer money opportunities is simple and often doesn’t cost a thing.

Earning beer money is mostly risk-free fun – unless we’re talking about online gambling; then play it safe! Remember privacy too; always keep your info secure when joining new sites.

With sites offering cashback or survey options, earning a bit of extra dough is totally doable and definitely worth considering.

Pros and Cons of Beer Money

What is Beer Money 7

Alright, fellas, let’s crack open the case of beer money – I’m talking the good, the bad, and everything in between. We’re diving into what makes these side hustles as refreshing as a cold one on a hot day, and when they might leave a bitter aftertaste.


  • It’s flexible as a yoga instructor; you make your schedule and pick up work whenever it suits you.
  • You’ll see extra green in your wallet – it’s not a full-time gig, but it sure helps when I want to snag that new video game without dipping into my savings.
  • No suit and tie required. I can earn from my couch, in my PJs, and nobody’s the wiser.
  • Low barriers to entry here, guys. Most beer money gigs don’t need a resume or experience, just a good internet connection and the drive to dive in.
  • Learning on the fly is the name of the game, and picking up these gigs can teach me a thing or two about new industries or skills.
  • There’s a mix of instant gratification and delayed rewards – some beer money hits my account faster than I can say “bottoms up,” while others build over time.


  • The pay might make you feel like you’re sifting for gold in a sandbox at times. It’s not exactly a gold mine, but it keeps the lights on.
  • It’s like a box of chocolates – unpredictability reigns supreme in the beer money world. Some days it’s feast, other days, well, I’m scraping by.
  • Let’s face it, it can be as repetitive as those hit songs on the radio. Sometimes I catch myself doing tasks that are a bit mind-numbing.
  • Be wary of the time suck; I’ve found myself spending more hours than I planned, just to earn a couple of extra bucks.
  • Sometimes you’ve gotta wade through spammy offers or surveys that want to know my life story before paying out.
  • Not all beer money opportunities are created equal – some sites might leave me high and dry, without a cent to show for my troubles.
  • Lastly, it’s important to keep a lookout for the taxman – Uncle Sam wants his cut, and keeping track of earnings for tax purposes can be as tedious as watching paint dry.

How to Start Earning Beer Money

What is Beer Money 8

I’m going to tell you how to start earning some beer money. It’s not hard, and you can begin right at home with your computer or phone.

  • Check out sites that pay for surveys and watching videos. You might spend a little time, but you’ll get extra cash.
  • Sign up for Amazon Mechanical Turk. They offer small jobs online that add a bit to your wallet.
  • Download mobile applications that give rewards. Some apps pay you for things like playing games or checking into locations.
  • Dive into microwork sites. They’re like digital assembly lines where you do quick tasks for money.
  • Investigate cash back sites when shopping online. Buy stuff you need and get money back—like finding coins in the couch cushions!
  • Explore focus group opportunities. Sharing your thoughts can lead to nice pocket change.
  • Try out GPT (Get Paid To) sites. They offer a mix of ways to earn, from clicking links to trying new products.
  • Get familiar with tools like Turker View or MTurk Suite. They help find the best – paying tasks quicker on Mechanical Turk.
  • Understand scripts such as Panda Crazy—if you use them right, they snag jobs fast on MTurk.

Tips for Maximizing Beer Money Earnings

What is Beer Money 9

Hey, making that extra cash online can be pretty cool. I aim for 10 bucks a day from my couch and usually hit it. Here’s how to pull in some more of that beer money:

  • Set clear goals. Decide how much you want to make and go after tasks that help you reach that number.
  • Choose high-paying gigs. Focus on stuff that offers $15-$20 an hour, so your time’s worth it.
  • Stick with reliable sites. Use places like Swagbucks and Rakuten because they’re known for paying out.
  • Be smart with cash back. Don’t shop just to get money back, but if you’re buying anyway, these sites give a nice bonus.
  • Fill out surveys fast. Pick the ones you can do quick so you can do more in less time.
  • Keep track of earnings. Write down what you make to see which tasks are best for your wallet.
  • Use multiple sites. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket—spread out to earn more overall.
  • Always look for new opportunities. The web changes fast; stay open to new ways to make coins jingle in your pocket.

Snag That Beer Money

Okay, so beer money is like extra cash in your pocket for fun stuff. Think of it as the small change you earn online to buy a cold one or two—nothing huge, just a little something on the side.

Remember, it’s not about making big bucks, but having enough for those little treats without dipping into your main cash stash. Keep it easy and keep those earnings flowing!

FAQs About Beer Money

What is “beer money” anyway?

Ah, beer money… it’s that little bit of extra cash you keep in your wallet for, well – buying a cold one! It’s not about saving or paying bills; it’s just for fun stuff (you know, like when your girlfriend says she’s bad with money but still wants to go out?).

Can beer money be used for other things?

Sure! While the name might make you think of grabbing a drink, you can use beer money for anything small and fun. Maybe picking up a word-of-the-day calendar in French or Spanish, or even splurging on an affiliate link from your favorite Chinese Mandarin learning app.

Is there a way to say “beer money” in other languages?

Oh boy – imagine trying to explain this one using a Japanese-English dictionary! Different cultures have their own versions of the phrase… but hey, whether it’s ‘cerveza dinero’ in Spanish or whatever else… it all spends the same!

Do people really save up just for beer money?

You bet they do! Some folks set aside those few bucks specifically so they aren’t using scared money when having fun — kind of like making sure date night doesn’t end up costing next month’s rent!



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