DoubleTap – The .45 ACP Tactical Pocket Pistol

The business of firearms is a funny one, with companies ever seeking to outdo their competition with deadlier designs, and crazier names. The DoubleTap .45 ACP titanium tactical pocket pistol by Heizer Defense is no exception, with its compact, ultra-light design, and two rounds of incredible stopping power. Hell, with a name like DoubleTap, how could a person go wrong?

The DoubleTap is the worlds smallest, and possibly most powerful, concealed carry firearm. If you’re in the market for a pistol that packs all the punch of a full sized Colt 1911, but at a fraction of the size, then the DoubleTap is the perfect addition to your undoubtedly massive collection of guns, ammunition, and other crazy survivalist gear. If you’re buying a pistol like this, I’m guessing it’s not to shoot the critters digging up your flower garden.

Heizer Defense DoubleTap

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It’s not as exciting a video as the one that Arsenal Firearms did for the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol, but it’s still fairly interesting. As I mentioned earlier, I find it fascinating how much effort weapons manufacturers go to produce such sophisticated firearms.

doubletap 45 heizer defense handgun

If I’m understanding the documentation correctly, Heizer created a pistol that has minimal recoil, is light, and packs a real wallop. Then, if the two chambered rounds aren’t enough, there’s two more in the integral grip for a fast round of follow-up shots. The question is, what would survive two rounds of .45 ACP and still require an additional two shots to take it down? Perhaps a zombie? I really can’t even imagine. Certainly nothing that’s living.

doubletap 45 heizer defense pistol

You’ll find more information about the Heizer Defense DoubleTap on their official website. The entire site looks like something out of a 1960s Nasa space program manual, but there’s plenty of interesting information on there if you have an obsession with firearms, or are just curious how this damn thing works.

If any of you happen to own the DoubleTap, please share your experiences in the comments below. This handgun is fairly unique, and I would love to hear more about it.



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19 comments on “DoubleTap – The .45 ACP Tactical Pocket Pistol”

    • Most gunfights are actually within 7 to 10 feet.
      Nothing as seen on tv. This weapon is designed to be pulled from a pocket of a vest or pants or a bellyband when your fighting for your life. When it’s a really bad day and put a couple rounds into whoever is fighting with you. I own one and a Bond Arms in a 45Colt. I would prefer the DoubleTap simply because you don’t have to cock a hammer to fire it. But the Bond arms will carry a couple .410 “000” Buck shot.
      They both have their points.

  1. So when barely andy of the powder burns because the round exits the barrel too quickly because of its length, it will actually hit more like a .380 through a normal barrel, so carrying a smaller caliber pistol would make more sense. Since smaller caliber pistols will hold more than two rounds cost less and are more accurate. People in the us would carry a 12 gauge pistol with a one inch barrel if someone would make it, because its all about who has the biggest round and even though its absolutely useless in a short barrel. So thank you to the people who will surely buy this gun for destroying the firearms industry one gun at a time.

    • You know derringers have been around since 1866 and even then they were shooting .41 cal bullets. This is not a new concept so generalizing that Americans are ruining the gun industry is short sighted and ignorant, if anything it got “destroyed” about 150 years ago according to your standards.

      People in the US are probably the most educated in the world when it comes to guns anyway, considering most other 1st world countries have basically banned them all together.

  2. What a heap of whinin’ -haha, this “piece of shit” is made out of titanium, which is a material that is always expensive. Obviously it’s a gimmick gun that’s riding on the recent CCW wave. And why now would this highly marginal little firearm “destroy the firearms industry on gun at the time”. That’s just silly. The larger variety of guns, the more gun sales we’ll have and an increased support for the 2nd amendment, sounds good to me. Would I buy one, oh no, this is just a bit to gimmicky to me, but I can see myself buying one to the guy who has it all as a fun b-day gift if some other people would chip in just for fun.

  3. The real issue is this company missed the point.
    A affordable 45acp ccw gun.
    Lets see we can run down and sell 125 guns this year a 800.00 a gun .
    Or we can walk down and sell 3000 guns at 350.00 a gun .
    Its only a TWO shot derringer you FUCKING MORONS !

    • Clay, I also own a Ruger LCP, it’s a 6+1 and I carry 4 extra magazines, 90 grain HP’s. For $375, very good for firepower and concealment, always a tradeoff

  4. .45 ACP is designed to be shot out of a five inch barrel. This is a gimmick gun, plain and simple (and I say that because it’s stupid but I still want one). It’s really not hard to conceal something like a single stack 9mm or .380 auto. Hell, even a .38 with a 2″ barrel is a better choice, and not much harder to conceal.

  5. I was a deputy sheriff for 25 years. When we carried 38 revolvers on duty I carried a S&W model 37 in my pocket that I cut the hammer spur off of for a backup.
    When we went to 45 ACP for duty we were restricted to the same thing for all of our carry guns.
    You “anti Taps” try to hide a light,cut down 45 while wearing a bullet proof vest in 95 degree weather. I would love to have had a Double Tap for backup in my pocket then.
    Pretty cheap life insurance in my mind!

  6. In WWII, the Allies tried to drop single-shot pistols to the French in hopes that they would all go out and shoot one German each at the exact same time. The idea didn’t work then, when thousands of these guns could be had. And isn’t a Kahr .45 small enough? How about a Walther P22? Both are small and easy to conceal, and have more rounds. The Kahr costs more, but again, you get more rounds and it works like every other semi-auto pistol. You don’t have to disassemble it to get more shots off.

  7. What led me here was one for $454. And that’s new.The 45ACP can’t be compared to anything smaller. This is a perfect secondary firearm. Hammer enclosed is a must for concealed carry of a gun like this. Perfect. Don’t listen to the nay Sayers with a turd in their pocket, everyone.

  8. I have the 45 double tap and a large collection of other guns. I love this little gun, it is a punishing gun to shoot 15 or 2o rounds through it at the range, but not what is was designed for.
    Small enough to ensure you always put it in your pocket, big enough caliber to stop the threat and if you are a competent shot, 2 rounds will get the job done.


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