C-Explorer 5 by U-Boat Worx – Five Person Exploration Submarine

I’ve never been a big fan of the underwater world and the thought of swimming in the middle of the ocean where it’s 100’s of feet deep if not more just freaks me out. Although I don’t like being out in the water too much, I do enjoy boats and watercraft. There are some pretty interesting “toys” I’ve written about in the past such as the two-person killer whale submarine and the Necker Nymph (underwater “aircraft”).

I can add another to the list with the U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 5 exploration submarine.  This five person submarine is capable of submerging down to an impressive depth of 958 feet (depending on model) allowing you to swim with the big boys of the sea. Killer whales, sharks, mermaids, and other weird sea creatures are now within reach for you and four friends. If you’re not into the wildlife of the sea, imagine exploring ship wrecks and even getting lucky and finding something of value? You never know!

five person submarine

The 360-degree acrylic hull is 3.25 inches thick and provides views all around while keeping comfort in mind with its climate controlled cabin keeping all occupants comfortable. The C-Explorer 5 meets all the safety guidelines of the International Maritime Organization and is also classified by Germanischer Lloyd. The submarine features two independent life support systems that provide important date such as depth, temperature, internal pressure, thruster status, trim tank status, and battery life. The two horizontal thrusters provide fore, aft, and directional control while the vertical thrusters provide the up and down control.

c-explorer 5 by u-boat worx

The C-Explorer 5 is definitely not one of the fastest watercraft we have written about with a top speed of 2.5 knots (2.8mph) while submersed and 4 knots (4.6mph) while on the surface. The on-board Lithium-ion battery banks on board provide up to eight hours of continuous sea adventure whether submerged or at the surface. The craft is very stable, even in high sea conditions, with its dual-pontoon structure.

u-boat worx

There is also a VHF radio so you are able to communicate while on the surface and an underwater telephone while you explore down under. When you purchase this watercraft, you will also receive comprehensive training and I would expect it considering you have to cough up a cool $2.7 million. Crazy, right? You could buy a pretty decent aircraft for that price. Unless you got crazy money, this is likely targeted towards company’s offering exploration services.




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