BrewDog Squirrel Beer: The 5 Most Shocking Revelations from the World’s Boldest Brew

Have you ever found yourself feeling a bit swamped by the boldness of some craft beers? It’s not just you; trying to wrap your mind around where brewers draw the line can be baffling at times.

But let’s take the plunge into BrewDog’s most audacious project yet: beer wrapped up in taxidermy squirrels, boasting an intense 55% ABV. This article peels back the curtain on such avant-garde brews and their cultural ripple effects—prepare for an insider glimpse that’s as untamed as it promises!

Key Takeaways

BrewDog, a Scottish brewery known for pushing boundaries, created Squirrel Beer with 55% ABV and packaged it in taxidermied squirrels.

Animal rights activists criticized the use of animals in packaging, leading to ethical debates and public backlash against BrewDog.

Despite controversies including claims of sexism and bullying within the company, BrewDog’s crowdfunding initiative Equity for Punks raised over £19 million.

The End of History beer had limited production but sold out immediately, showcasing strong initial market performance despite its unconventional approach.

With a new brewery opening in Columbus, Ohio, BrewDog continues to innovate and may introduce more controversial brews that challenge traditional brewing norms.

Overview of BrewDog

Brewdog Logo

Alright, let’s dive into the world of BrewDog – and trust me, this ain’t your grandad’s local watering hole. Born in the heart of Scotland in 2007 by two mavericks named James Watt and Martin Dickie, these fellas ramped up the craft brewing game from mere weekend projects to a global empire quicker than you can say “Cheers!” Snagging attention with their standout Punk IPA, they’ve continued to stir the pot with some heavyweight beers that have turned heads worldwide.

We’re talking about brews like Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink The Bismarck! – basically proof that Scottish beer isn’t just about tradition; it can rock out with the best of them.

Their secret sauce? It has as much zest as their ales. These guys are all-in on flipping conventions head over heels, giving a cheeky wink at stuffy traditions while keeping it tight with their growing band of fans—or more fittingly, co-owners.

When BrewDog launched Equity for Punks IV back in 2016 inviting beer aficionados to buy into the dream, it wasn’t just talk; they brewed up over £19 million through crowdfunding alone.

Looks like that investment is fizzing towards fruition because these ambitious brewers are planting roots across the pond in Columbus, Ohio. That’s right—soon we’ll be kicking back stateside-style with some seriously good suds straight from our very own slice of BrewDog heaven.

So raise a glass; it seems our palates are set for an exciting ride bursting with flavor courtesy of those Scottish rebels who dared to dream big—and brew even bigger. Cheers to that!

The Unconventional Creation: Squirrel Beer

You heard it right—Squirrel Beer. This isn’t your average brew, and BrewDog certainly flipped the script when they introduced this wild concept that’s as unconventional as it sounds.

Squirrel Beer By BrewDog 2

The Idea behind Squirrel Beer

BrewDog wanted to shake things up. They aimed to make a beer that would start conversations and get people to question the limits of brewing. Enter Squirrel Beer, a creation like no other. This wasn’t just a gimmick or one of many cheap ways to get drunk.

It was their way of pushing boundaries in the craft brewer world.

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The company took on this wild idea after raising £19 million through crowdfunding. They were all set to open a new brewery in Columbus, Ohio, where they could finally brew strong beers legally.

Their squirrel beer wasn’t just about high alcohol content or unique flavors; it was also about making a statement with its taxidermic packaging. BrewDog’s goal? To challenge drinkers’ thoughts on what beer could be while expanding their horizon beyond standard lagers and Belgian ales.

The Brewing Process

I’ve got to tell you about this wild brewing process. Imagine a beer so strong and rare, it’s like nothing else out there.

  • Start with freezing beer at – 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Takes more than half a year.
  • Funded by the community.
  • Only a dozen made in the first batch.

The Controversy Surrounding the Squirrel Beer

Squirrel Beer By BrewDog 3

The Squirrel Beer saga sparked quite the stir, and when I say it ruffled some feathers—or should I say fur—it’s not an understatement. BrewDog found themselves in hot water with this creation, stirring debates on animal rights and ethics that reached far beyond the usual beer enthusiast forums.

Animal Rights Concerns

I have to get real about the squirrel beer thing. BrewDog’s decision to use actual squirrels raises a bunch of red flags for folks who care about animals. Think about it, they packaged their strongest beer in stuffed animals! This move didn’t sit well with animal lovers and rights groups.

And I get why – using dead squirrels as beer koozies isn’t exactly a win for respecting wildlife.

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Now, Jenny Lane had one tricky job: finding these “humanely killed squirrels.” That sounds pretty grim and sparked even more debates on how we treat our furry friends. Sure, this bold choice got people talking and grabbed attention far and wide.

But at what cost? It makes me wonder where we draw the line between cool innovation and crossing into questionable ethics in the drinking culture.

Ethical Issues

The squirrel beer brewed by BrewDog has stirred up some serious ethical debates. Animal rights activists, like those from PETA, are up in arms. They’re not happy with the idea of using dead animals for packaging beer.

It’s a hot topic and folks everywhere are asking if it’s right to mix alcohol with animal ethics.

BrewDog found itself in deep water not just over squirrels, but how they treat people too. Claims shot out about James Watt, co-founder, being unfair to women at work. The company had to make a big change by putting a woman in charge of their board for the first time ever.

This move was meant to tackle chatter about sexism and bullying inside BrewDog’s walls. It’s clear that both animal welfare and human respect are huge deals for drinkers today.

Public Reactions

Guys, BrewDog’s squirrel beer stunt ruffled quite a few feathers. Animal lovers and rights groups went on the offensive after seeing those taxidermied squirrels. They weren’t having any of it – calling it disrespectful and tasteless.

Tweets flew fast, with many saying they’d boycott BrewDog forever.

But that wasn’t all. The company’s own ex-employees slammed them with a no-holds-barred open letter. It painted a grim picture of what was happening behind the scenes at BrewDog.

People started questioning their favorite brewer’s ethics.

Now let’s see how BrewDog tackled this tide of anger head-on in their response…

Inside BrewDog’s Response

Diving headfirst into the eye of the storm, BrewDog’s brass tackled the uproar with a blend of defiance and explanation—hang tight, you won’t want to miss their bold take on this brewing brouhaha.

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CEO James Watt’s Statements

I’ll tell you straight, BrewDog’s own James Watt had a lot to say. He made it clear that investors are the heartbeat of their US brewery. Without them, there would be no special squirrel beer or any other brews for that matter.

He wanted to thank these supporters with something they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Watt’s been in hot water lately. He got called out for bad behavior and throwing his weight around at work. It was serious enough that BrewDog put a woman in charge as the first chair of the board.

This change aimed to clean up their act after stories about sexism and bullying surfaced. Plus, Watt admitted he played dirty once, faking a complaint just to get the company some buzz—talk about stirring up more trouble!

BrewDog’s Justifications

CEO James Watt stood firm, defending the brewing company’s choices. BrewDog says using stuffed squirrels makes people think. It shows their beer is special and different from others like Carlsberg or Kronenbourg 1664.

They’re not just making another hoppy craft drink; they’re pushing boundaries.

BrewDog argues that this shocking packaging reflects their spirit—bold and unapologetic. The taxidermy cases are from roadkill, part of a statement about sustainability in the industry.

For them, it’s art with a message, showing how far they’ll go for unique alcoholic drinks. This isn’t about shock value alone; it’s about challenging norms and sparking conversations on what beer can be.

The Impact of the Squirrel Beer Controversy on BrewDog

The Squirrel Beer scandal sparked a wildfire of debate, profoundly shaking BrewDog’s reputation—dive deeper to gauge the true extent of this uproar on the company’s standing and success.

Public Perception

People didn’t know what to make of BrewDog’s squirrel beer. Some found it cool and edgy; others thought it crossed a line. Opinions flew everywhere like nuts in the park. From beer lovers excited by something new to animal rights activists fuming over ethics, everyone had something to say.

BrewDog faced heat for more than just their bold brews. Allegations of sexism and bullying within the company stirred up strong feelings too. Customers began to wonder about the values behind their favorite beers, questioning if supporting BrewDog was right or wrong.

It wasn’t just about taste anymore – trust and respect were on the line too.

Sales and Market Impact

Shifting gears from public perception, we can’t ignore the concrete numbers that truly paint a picture of the impact BrewDog’s Squirrel Beer had on the market. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

AspectImpact Description
Initial SalesThe End of History sold out immediately, reflecting a successful, albeit limited, initial market performance.
Market IntrigueCraft beer enthusiasts and collectors clamored over the novelty, driving demand even with the beer’s high price point.
Investor InterestCrowdfunding success grew, with over £19 million raised, partially spurred by the buzz surrounding such unconventional products.
Long-term SalesWhile initial sales were impressive, the continued market impact is harder to gauge due to the beer’s limited production.
Brand ImageBrewDog further cemented its reputation for pushing boundaries, attracting a segment of consumers drawn to brand audacity.
Competitor ResponseCompeting breweries took note but largely steered clear of such extreme tactics, sticking to conventional brews and marketing.
Consumer LoyaltySome beer lovers were alienated by the controversy, but others became more steadfast in their support for BrewDog.

Despite the uproar, the company plowed ahead, promising epic rewards to customers who helped refer others. It was a bold move, calculated to keep the momentum in their favor. Only time will tell how these market dynamics will continue to evolve, especially as BrewDog looks toward the future with plans to build a brewery in Columbus, Ohio.

The Future of Unconventional Brews

Curiosity is peaking, isn’t it? As we navigate the uncharted waters of unconventional brews beyond Squirrel Beer, one thing’s for sure – the world of craft beer never ceases to surprise us with its bold creations; stay tuned to witness what audacious concoction comes next!

Potential for New Controversial Brews

I’ve noticed BrewDog isn’t afraid to push the envelope with their beer. Their Squirrel Beer got people talking, and it makes me wonder what’s next.

  • BrewDog’s knack for grabbing attention might lead to more beers with shock value.
  • They may tap into historical recipes that use unexpected, even bizarre ingredients.
  • With the success of high – alcohol beers like The End of History, stronger brews could be on the horizon.
  • Collaborations with artists or celebrities could produce limited – edition beers designed to stir up buzz.
  • Environmental concerns might inspire BrewDog to create a beer that highlights climate change issues.
  • Using cutting-edge brewing technology could result in completely new beer styles that challenge traditional palates.
  • BrewDog may also explore culturally themed brews that incorporate flavors from around the world in unorthodox ways.

Exploring new flavors, BrewDog doesn’t just follow trends—they set them. Their squirrel beer definitely got people talking. Some guys think it’s crazy cool; others aren’t sure what to make of it.

But here’s the thing: everyone loves a wild story behind their pint.

The market for craft beer is all about being bold and different. When BrewDog released The End of History, they knew it would turn heads—and it did! Fans are always chasing the next big thing in booze, and this brew with its taxidermy twist caught attention fast.

With top US investors pouring over $20,000 into Equity for Punks crowdfunding, they’re betting on curiosity to drive sales sky-high. It looks like folks want to sip something that gets the whole bar talking—especially if that drink comes wrapped in a conversation piece like a stuffed squirrel.

Final Thoughts on BrewDog’s Unorthodox Brewing Journey

BrewDog sure knows how to stir the pot with their Squirrel Beer. Wrapping strong beer in taxidermy squirrels got people talking—lots of talk, not all happy. But hey, it made us think about beer’s limits—or if there are any.

They say no press is bad press; maybe that rings true for this wild brew crew. One thing’s certain—the world of craft beer will never be boring with BrewDog around!

FAQs About BrewDog Squirrel Beer

What’s the story behind BrewDog’s squirrel beer?

BrewDog grabbed headlines with “The End of History,” a high alcohol-by-volume beer presented in bottles inside taxidermied squirrels. This unconventional approach stirred debates, making it more than just a drink, but also a statement piece.

Why did BrewDog choose such an unusual bottle for their beer?

Well, BrewDog is known for pushing boundaries in branding and brewing. The choice to present their stout beer within taxidermied squirrels was linked to the historical idea of “The End of History and the Last Man” – aiming to challenge perceptions on what defines luxury.

Is squirrel beer strong compared to regular beers?

Absolutely! With its high alcohol content, this bourbon-infused brew stands out not just visually, but also packs a punch that goes beyond your average pint—expect intense flavors and a memorable experience.

Can I actually buy one of these squirrel beers from BrewDog?

They were released in an extremely limited run; finding one now would be like looking for Princess Diana memorabilia at Carling—a rare find indeed! Keep your eyes peeled, though; who knows when they might resurface?

Did BrewDog face any controversy over using taxidermy animals for their product?

Yes, indeed! Animal lovers expressed concern over ethical aspects while some questioned its taste level—the debate raged on, much like discussions about RHOBH dramas or Kyle Richards’ latest Skims fashion statement.



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