Cheapest Ways To Get Drunk At A Bar: Budget-Friendly Buzz Tips and Drinks

Ever caught yourself at a bar, wallet in hand, eyeing the prices and wondering how to get that blissful buzz without draining your pockets? Trust me, you’re not alone. It’s like searching for buried treasure when you’re sifting through those drink specials, looking for the one that doesn’t just taste good but feels like a victory for your budget too.

I’ve done my share of sleuthing (and yes, some pretty enjoyable taste-testing) to unearth a collection of drinks that are as friendly to your wallet as they are to your palate. So let’s dive into this journey together where we find savvy ways to have a great time out without letting our bank accounts take the plunge – it’s all about knowing where (and what) to look for!

Key Takeaways

Happy hour and daily specials are the best times to buy drinks because bars lower their prices.

Simple mixed drinks like Rum and Coke, Vodka Soda, or Gin and Tonic are easy on your wallet.

Draft beer is often cheaper than bottled beer at bars.

Buying well liquor instead of top-shelf can save you money without losing fun.

Having a few drinks at home before going out can cut down on how much you spend at the bar.

Understanding the Cheapest Ways to Get Drunk

Cheapest Ways To Get Drunk At A Bar 2

Hey there, fellow wallet-watchers and happy hour enthusiasts! So you’re on a quest to get that buzz without breaking the bank at your local watering hole, huh? Well, buckle up because I’m about to school you on the art of getting tipsy on a tight budget – let’s just call it “Economics 101: The Booze Edition.” Trust me; your piggy bank’s gonna thank us later.


Now I know the question on all our minds – why do men drink beer anyway? Is it just to catch a buzz? Nah, there’s more to it!  Beer’s your friend here. Go for something like a shandy—it mixes beer with lemonade for a drink that’s easy on the wallet but still big on taste.

Your best bet is to pick one of those light lagers; they usually have lower alcohol content, but hey, they’re cheap and do the job if you have enough of them. For extra entertainment, break out some drunk goggles once you start feeling that buzz! Trying to navigate the bar or play a round of darts with altered vision is always hilarious.

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You can also keep an eye out for happy hour deals or specials—bars often slash prices on drafts during these times. And don’t shy away from asking about domestic drafts; those local brews are not only kinder to your pocket, but sometimes they’re just what you need to enjoy the night without worrying too much about how much cash you’re spending.

Just remember—the goal is having fun while sipping smartly! Drink responsibly and always plan ahead for getting home safe after chasing that buzz.


Moving on from beer, let’s chat about vodka. It’s a real superstar if you’re watching your wallet but still want to have a great time. I’ve got a tip for you: grab a 70cl bottle of vodka before heading out—it could be something like Glenns—and have some drinks at home first.

This trick is super handy and can save you loads of cash at the bar.  Plus, feel free to get creative and turn coming up with new vodka drink combos into drinking games with your friends! See who can mix the tastiest or most unique vodka soda or vodka lime.

Now listen, we’re after that sweet spot—getting our buzz on without burning through our bucks, right? Vodka shines here because it mixes well with just about anything. Think vodka soda or maybe toss in some lime juice for extra zing! And hey, if you’re aiming for quality without splurging too much, there are plenty of vodkas that won’t cost an arm and a leg but still taste like they might.

Cheers to smart choices and good times!


So, Everclear. It’s like the Hulk of alcohols—super strong and not messing around. We’re talking about a drink that’s mostly pure alcohol with an ABV that blows vodka out of the water.

Now, this stuff is serious business; it doesn’t have much taste but whoa, it packs a punch.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: mix Everclear with your favorite flavors, and you’ve got yourself a cocktail that gets you to party town fast without draining your wallet. And yes, while it’s legal in most places, always check local rules so you don’t end up with just a story about the time you almost bought Everclear instead of an actual bottle.

Use it wisely, though; we’re going for budget-friendly fun here, not headline-making mishaps!

Gin with tonic water

I’ll let you in on a little secret—gin and tonic is my go-to when I want to have a good time without breaking the bank. You see, gin’s got this magic trick where it packs a punch with its high alcohol content, getting you that buzz faster.

Now, splash some tonic water into the mix, and what’ve you got? A classic drink that lets you sip more while keeping your head in the game.

Here’s the thing about gin and tonic—it’s sneaky. It seems all light and bubbly, but remember it’s strong too. That means I can hang out longer with my buddies at the bar, enjoying each other’s jokes, without gulping down my wallet along with my drinks.

And hey—who doesn’t love those fancy ice cubes clinking around in their glass like they’re someone important?

Flavor-infused malt drinks

So you’re looking for a buzzy bang for your buck? Let’s talk about flavor-infused malt drinks. These bad boys are like fruit punch with a kick. Picture this: You’re chilling with the guys, and instead of sipping on something pricey, you’ve got a cool, fruity beverage that didn’t break the bank.

Think Boone’s Farm or those King Cobra flavors — sweet enough to keep you drinking, but packed with enough alcohol by volume to get the party started.

And guess what? Some of these flavored malt beverages come cheap, but can sneak up on you quick! Ever heard someone brag about snagging a bottle of peach schnapps for just five bucks at Aldi? That’s what I’m talking about.

Imagine enjoying a night out without having to check your wallet every hour. But hey, let’s not forget it’s important to drink smart; we want good times, not rough mornings, right? Keep an eye on how much you’re downing because these tasty treats can lead to more than just laughs if you’re not careful.

Cheap and Effective Drinks at the Bar

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Hey there, fellow budget-conscious bar-goers! I’m sure you’ve wondered, just like me—how do we get that pleasant buzz without busting our wallets, right? Well, let’s dive headfirst into the art of finding those wallet-friendly potions that’ll have us feeling good and still keeping enough cash for a late-night snack.

(Spoiler alert: We’re talking about more than just happy hour specials here!) Stay with me as we uncover the secrets to sipping economically while still enjoying a night out.

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Rum and Coke

I’ve got a secret for you guys – Rum and Coke. This drink is a real wallet saver when you’re out at the bar. It’s straightforward, no-nonsense, and gets the job done. You just need white rum mixed with Coca-Cola, and boom – you’re set.

Plus, if I’m looking to save even more cash, I always ask for well liquor – that’s the bar’s cheapest bottle.

Here’s a cool tip: order your Rum and Coke with lime; some folks call it a Cuba Libre, then. It sounds fancier but doesn’t cost extra! Sure keeps my nights affordable while still having great vibes with friends.

So next time you’re aiming for some good times without breaking the bank, remember this classic choice!

Vodka Soda

So, you’re looking to save some cash but still want to have a good time? Let me tell you about vodka soda. This is your go-to for a night that doesn’t break the bank. Just some vodka, a splash of soda water and bam – it’s party time! It’s cheap, it gets the job done, and hey, it even has fewer calories than those fancy mixed drinks.

Sure sounds like a win-win to me.

Before heading out to the bar, why not start with vodka sodas at home? It sets the mood right and keeps more money in your pocket. You’re sipping on something light yet effective – talking strategy here! Plus, it’s pretty smooth sailing when all you need are two ingredients.

Keep ’em coming, and cheers to a wallet-friendly buzz!

Gin and Tonic

Moving on from vodka soda, let’s talk about a real bar staple: gin and tonic. It’s not just for fancy garden parties—you’d be surprised how this simple mix can save you cash and get the job done.

Grab some gin, splash in cheap tonic water, and boom, this drink is ready to go! Plus, with gin’s strong alcohol content, it doesn’t take much before you start feeling that buzz.

Now here’s something cool: throw in some fizz with your drink and watch how fast it kicks in. Fizzy drinks like tonic water help alcohol hit your bloodstream quicker—meaning you’ll need fewer rounds to reach that happy place.

Toss in a slice of lime if you’re feeling fancy; either way, it’s a great choice for keeping the night affordable and lively.

Ginger Ale Moscow Mule

Hey buddy, ever tried swapping ginger beer for ginger ale in a Moscow Mule? It’s genius! You still get that spicy kick, but it often costs less. Just pour some vodka over ice, splash in your ginger ale, and don’t forget to squeeze a bit of lime.

Bam! You’ve got yourself a Ginger Ale Moscow Mule that keeps your wallet happy.

Now imagine you’re chilling at the bar with this drink in hand. Feels good, right? This twist on a classic doesn’t just save you bucks; it tastes awesome too. Give it a shot next time – who doesn’t love saving money while sipping something delicious? Cheers to smart choices and great flavors!

Rum and Ginger Ale

So, you’re at the bar and want something that hits the spot without emptying your wallet. You can’t go wrong with rum and ginger ale. It’s a smooth ride on a budget – sweet, spicy, with a kick.

And here’s the kicker: even if you grab the cheaper rum off the shelf, that zippy ginger flavor will make sure it still tastes top-shelf.

You know how sometimes cheap vodka has that… hmm, not-so-great taste? Well, mix it up with ginger beer and boom — problem solved. This combo keeps your night fun-filled and your pockets full.

Plus, it’s super easy to order; just say “rum and ginger ale,” take a sip, and let those good times roll.

Next up is another drink favorite at bars – 7 and 7.

7 and 7

Now, if you like the sound of rum and ginger ale but are looking for something a tad different, boy, do I have just the thing. Ever heard of 7 and 7? This one’s a classic that’s easy on your wallet.

You take Seagram’s 7 Crown Blended Whiskey, throw in some bubbly 7Up soda, and there you have it – simple, smooth, and sure to get the job done without breaking the bank.

I’m telling you; it hits just right when you want that kick without all the fancy stuff. The best part? It’s perfect for us guys who like keeping things straightforward—no need for cocktail shakers or confusing recipes here.

Just sit back with your drink and enjoy a night out with friends—you can thank me later!

Classic Cheap Drinks to Order at a Bar

Cheapest Ways To Get Drunk At A Bar 4

So, you’ve sidled up to the bar, pockets not exactly bursting at the seams—hey, we’ve all been there. But who says a slim wallet means skimping on a good time? Not this guy! Let’s dive into those timeless tipples that’ll give you the buzz without busting your budget.

Because, trust me, when it comes to getting more bang for your buck… (leans in conspiratorially) …the classics never go out of style.

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Vodka Martini

Look, if you want to keep your wallet happy at the bar and still have a good time, let me tell you about the Vodka Martini. This classic drink does the trick without costing an arm and a leg.

You just need vodka, a little dry vermouth – trust me, it’s not pricey – and you’re set. Give it a quick mix with ice, strain it into your glass, and finish with a lemon twist or an olive if that’s what floats your boat.

Here’s another cool thing about Vodka Martinis; they’re made from well liquors which are more budget-friendly but still pack a punch. Bartenders know this drink like the back of their hand, so that means no fancy ingredients or waiting forever while they craft some complicated concoction.

Straight-up simplicity equals less damage to your bank account – leaving you feeling smart and slightly buzzed. Cheers to that!


So, you’re at the bar, and your wallet isn’t exactly bursting – I get it. That’s when the classic screwdriver comes to play. It’s simple: some good old vodka and orange juice, mixed up nice and easy.

The beauty? It’s a cheap ticket to a good time without burning through your cash.

Getting this drink is a breeze – bartenders know it like the back of their hand. The screwdriver is perfect for kicking back with your buddies or even flying solo if that’s how you roll tonight.

Just grab one, find your spot at the bar, and let loose a bit – after all, isn’t that what we came here for? Next up: Let’s talk Salty Dog.

Salty Dog

Let’s talk about a real budget-friendly cocktail, the Salty Dog. It’s simple and won’t put a big dent in your wallet. You grab some gin or vodka, mix it with grapefruit juice—about four ounces—and there you go! But wait, we’re not done just yet.

For that special touch, rim your glass with salt and add a lime wedge on the side for some zing. That cool grapefruit garnish? Yeah, slice up a wedge to make it look sharp.

Ever find yourself at the bar wanting something strong but easy on the bucks? The Salty Dog is your best bet—a perfect blend of tangy and salty that keeps things interesting without asking too much from your pocket.

Bottom line: good times don’t have to cost much when you’ve got this classic in your order list!


Moving away from the tangy taste of a Salty Dog, let’s dive into the refreshing world of Palomas. Now, I bet you’re looking for a drink that hits just right without breaking the bank – well, say hello to this simple yet boozy wonder.

Grab some tequila and a splash of grapefruit soda, maybe toss in a pinch of salt and a lime wedge for good measure – there you have it! A perfect Paloma doesn’t ask for much, but always delivers on flavor.

Picture yourself sipping on one at your favorite bar; not only is it easy on your wallet, but also packs enough punch to get the job done. And hey, you don’t need fancy gear or mixologist skills to whip this up at home, either.

It’s all about those affordable ingredients coming together like old pals — no fuss, no frills — just pure enjoyment waiting at the bottom of your glass. Cheers to keeping it cheap while living up the good times!


Alright, now let’s shift gears from the Paloma to something with a little more zest— the Daiquiri. You can’t go wrong with this classic that packs a punch without punching your wallet.

It’s one of those drinks that feels fancy but is actually easy on your cash. Picture this: white rum mixed with freshly squeezed lime juice and just enough simple syrup to sweeten up your night.

Then, top it off with a lime wedge sitting pretty on the rim of your glass.

Mixing up a daiquiri is like taking a tropical trip without leaving the barstool—and it gets you where you want to be real quick! I’m talking about using simple ingredients that won’t break the bank but will still make for an amazing drink experience.

It’s all about getting creative with what you’ve got, and when life gives you limes… well, squeeze ’em into a daiquiri! Plus, if you’re looking to save even more, keep an eye out for those fruit juices specials at your local bar; they’ll help whip up fruity cocktails like this one for less money.

Tips for Saving Money on Alcohol

Cheapest Ways To Get Drunk At A Bar 5

So, you want to save cash on drinks. Here’s how I keep my wallet happy at the bar:

  • Go during happy hour. Bars often lower their prices then. You can get more for less.
  • Choose draft beer. It’s usually a better deal than bottled ones.
  • Ask about specials. Bartenders know the best deals of the day.
  • Stick to simple cocktails. Drinks like Rum and Coke don’t cost much.
  • Set a budget before heading out. Only take that amount of cash with you.
  • Opt for well liquors instead of top-shelf ones. They’re cheaper and work fine in mixed drinks.
  • Share a pitcher with friends if they’re into beer too. It splits the cost.
  • Skip the fancy stuff. Fancy means more dollars.
  • Look for two-for-one offers or drink promotions at the bar.
  • Try mixing your own at home beforehand if the place allows it – but be responsible!

Final Thoughts on Drinking Economically

Alright, let’s wrap this up. If you’re aiming to get buzzed on a budget at the bar, remember these tips: go for beers in pitchers and look out for happy hour deals. Vodka mixes will do the trick, keep it simple with soda or tonic.

Ever thought about home brewing? It could save you some serious cash in the long run. And hey – always drink smart; your wallet and head will thank you later!

FAQs About The Cheapest Ways To Get Drunk At A Bar

What’s the cheapest drink to get me buzzed at a bar?

Well, hard liquors like rum and bourbon often give you more bang for your buck. A simple mix like a “Jack and Coke” or an “Old Fashioned” can get the job done without breaking the bank.

Can I make my money stretch with mixed cocktails?

Absolutely! Look for happy hour deals on margaritas, mojitos, or sangria. These fruit drinks are not just tasty—they’re usually lighter on the wallet too.

Are there any tricks to finding cheap drinks at a bar?

You bet! Try homebrewing (that’s making your own booze) or look for local bars offering specials—like two-for-one mimosas during brunch!

Is it true some bars have games that could get me drunk faster?

Yeah, you’ve got it – drinking games can up the pace (shh…but remember to drink responsibly). And those dark ‘n stormy nights call for dark rum – another cost-saver!

What about non-traditional ways of getting tipsy without spending much?

Okay… here’s a secret: spiked seltzer and malt liquor pack a punch without costing too much dough.

Do bartenders know how to pour strong but cheap drinks?

Some do! Chat up your bartender—they might whip up something with Southern Comfort or Smirnoff Vanilla that’s easy on the pocket yet effective.



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