19 Red Flags in Dating: Warning Signs to Look Out For

Hey friends, feeling like you’re on a treacherous quest in the realm of romance? Trust me, you’ve got company—I too have navigated those choppy emotional waters and emerged with insights aplenty.

I’ve journeyed deep into the heartland of relationship know-how to unearth those elusive red flags for you. Consider this post your trusty compass to sidestep potential heartbreak and recognize danger before it zeroes in on you.

If straight-shooting advice that might just be your romantic lifesaver sounds good, then stick around!

Key Takeaways

Red flags in dating are warning signs that someone may not be a good match for you, like when they don’t listen or talk bad about their friends.

Some specific red flags include lovebombing, which is too much affection too fast, disrespecting your boundaries, and excessive checking in on you.

Jealousy can also be a red flag if it’s more than just a little and leads to someone being overly controlling or doubting everything you do.

It’s important to pay attention if the person has no close friends, always describes their exes as “crazy,” or avoids talking about where the relationship is going.

Watch out for serious issues like substance abuseanger management problemslow self-esteem in your date—and trust your gut feeling if something feels off.

Defining Red Flags in Dating

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Red flags in dating are like those warning signs that pop up when something might be wrong with your car. Just like you wouldn’t ignore a flashing check engine light, don’t ignore these warnings in your love life! They’re clues that the person you’re seeing might not be the best match for you.

Imagine this: You’re telling a story and the other person keeps checking their phone or nods but doesn’t seem to listen. That’s a red flag! It’s saying, “Hey, I’m not really into what you have to say.” Or maybe they talk bad about all their friends behind their backs.

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Yikes, right? These things show disrespect and can tell you a lot about someone’s character. Keep an eye out for behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy—it often has something important to say about your relationship!

Common Dating Red Flags

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Oh boy, strap in, because identifying common dating red flags is like trying to spot Waldo at a stripe convention – tricky but crucial. From receiving a “Good morning, beautiful” text that’s more suffocating than sweet (hello, lovebombing), to feeling like your date’s teasing has more sting than play – these are the signs that scream “Houston, we have a problem.” But it’s not all doom and gloom; think of spotting these signals like dodging potholes on the road to romance.


So, lovebombing. Picture this: you’re just diving into the dating pool and someone splashes a tsunami of sweet talk and cuddles at you. They’re all up in your grill with compliments, texting good morning like clockwork, maybe even talking about that trip to Paris next summer—and hey, it’s only been two weeks! You might think jackpot, right? But hold up.

This over-the-top adoration fest is actually a red flag called lovebombing. It feels amazing when someone showers you with attention and makes you feel like the star of the show 24/7.

The catch? It’s often a sneaky trick some folks use to grab the reins of your heart (and not always for good reasons). They may want control or power more than they want real intimacy.

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Getting bombed by love can blindside anyone—especially if you’ve got a big heart ready to pump out Lifetime movie levels of affection. Beware, though; those fireworks could be hiding something darker underneath them sparkly feelings.

Now let’s chat about disrespecting boundaries because trust me, they matter—a lot!

Disrespecting Boundaries

Right, let’s talk about boundaries. They’re like invisible lines around our personal space, thoughts, and bodies that should not be crossed without a green light from us. Not cool if someone just barges in! Imagine your mind is your castle; you wouldn’t want someone storming the gates without an invite.

Now picture this: you’ve told your date that you need some alone time to chill after work, or that slow dancing isn’t your thing because it feels too close for comfort. But oops, they “forget” those chats and keep calling during your quiet hours or pulling you onto the dance floor—all red flags waving high!

Stick with me here – respecting boundaries means caring about what makes another person tick or twitch. If I say I’m allergic to peanuts, it means don’t sneak them into my brownies—get it? So when someone keeps nudging past those lines we draw in the sand (or cement), they’re showing they don’t really get us—or worse, don’t care.

Okay, moving on from boundary-busters

Excessive Checking in

So, you’re out with your buddies and your phone is buzzing non-stop. Guess who? Yup, it’s your partner—again. Constant texts asking where you are, what you’re doing, who you’re with… sounds familiar? This kind of excessive checking in might seem like they just care a lot. But let’s be real; it can feel like someone put a tracking device on you.

Sure, staying connected is cool and all, but if every time I step away from my phone for a hot minute I find a pile of “Where are ya?” messages—that’s not chill. It could mean trust issues or insecurity are at play; nobody wants to be with someone who needs constant updates to keep their worry-meter down.

We all need space to breathe! Too much check-in action could spell trouble in relationship land—a place where mutual feels and respect should reign supreme.


Alright, moving on from someone breathing down your neck with constant check-ins, let’s talk about the green-eyed monster—jealousy. Now, a little jealousy can sometimes feel like they really care about you, but watch out! Too much and you’ve got yourself one of those red flags waving in your face.

Imagine this: You’re just liking a friend’s picture or chatting with a coworker, and boom—the person you’re dating goes all detective on you. That’s not cool.

Jealousy gets tricky because it can sneak up on you in cute disguises. One minute they’re playfully teasing you about an old high school buddy, and the next thing you know, they’ve cooked up some story where every “like” is proof that you’re plotting to run off with the mailperson.

Seriously, though—if their trust tank is always running empty despite being Mr. Good Boyfriend 24/7—it might be time to look closer at this whole jealousy scene they’ve got going on.

Remember what I said about narcissists? Keep an eye out; if your date’s more into their social media image than actually trusting and respecting you.. Yeah, we’ve got ourselves another flag on the field!

Insulting or Teasing Behavior

Now, talking about jealousy’s ugly cousin – yeah, that nasty habit some folks have of insulting or teasing. What’s the deal with that? It might seem like just joking around at first, but hey, words can sting.

If your date keeps making fun of you, even after you’ve said it hurts, that’s not cool. That’s them stepping over a line.

And let me tell you something important here. When someone keeps insulting or teasing and calls it love or jokes – red flags should be waving in your mind! This behavior could totally be a sign they’ll emotionally abuse down the road.

It’s critical to catch this early on before things get serious. If they’re poking fun at who you are or what you do, and it makes you feel small… well, buddy, that ain’t right.

You deserve respect and kindness—no ifs, and, or buts about it!

Describing All Exes as “Crazy”

So, you’re dating someone new, and they keep calling all their exes “crazy.” Red flag alert! This is a biggie. It might seem like just talk, but trust me, it’s more than that. Calling every single ex “crazy” could mean they don’t take responsibility for their part in those breakups.

And let’s be real, nobody is perfect – it takes two to tango.

Imagine this: They messed up and never said sorry or learned from the mistakes. That can spell trouble for your relationship too. If they don’t see what went wrong before—or worse, if they always blame the other person—that empathy you want in a partner? Might not be there.

Watch out for this one; understanding where someone comes from means seeing how they treat everyone—yep, even the exes.

Lack of Friends or Social Connections

Whoa, buddy. Ever been out with someone and they seem to have zero pals? Yeah, that’s a bit of a red flag right there. Now, I get it—not everyone is the life of the party or Mr. Social Butterfly.

But if you’re dating someone who can’t list even one or two close friends, it might make you wonder—why not? It could scream “I’m tough to deal with” in neon letters.

Sure, we all go through rough patches where maybe we don’t hang out as much as we’d like due to being busy or moving towns. That happens. However, if your date has no long-standing connections whatsoever… hmm – that raises an eyebrow! It suggests maybe they don’t play well with others, or worse—they leave a trail of busted friendships behind them because they treat folks poorly. Heads up: this kind of behavior could spill into your relationship too! Keep those eyes open and trust your gut; after all, nobody wants to be an episode in their horror series called “Bad Relationships.” Stay sharp and look for signs of healthy social ties—it’ll save you a lot of headaches (and heartaches) down the road.

Ignoring Your Boundaries

Okay, so we’ve chatted about the whole “no friends” flag, but let’s dive into a stickier situation: someone trampling all over your boundaries. You tell them you need some alone time, and boom—they’re texting you every hour on the hour.

It’s like they’ve got a sixth sense for when you’re chilling by yourself and decide that’s the perfect moment to invade your peace.

No bueno, guys. Setting boundaries is like building a personal fence—you decide who gets in and who stays out. Imagine someone just hopping over that fence whenever they feel like it; not cool, right? Well, if your date keeps ignoring the “keep out” sign despite you being clear about your limits—red alert! They might as well be wearing a neon sign flashing, “I don’t respect you.” Remember to put yourself first because if they can’t honor what makes you comfortable, then this ship is sailing straight toward rocky waters—without life jackets!

Inconsistent Behavior (Hot and Cold)

So you’re texting this gal, and one day she’s all over you, sending cute emojis, can’t wait to hear about your day. But then poof! Suddenly, it’s like you’ve sent a message into outer space—no reply for days.

Buddy, that’s them playing hot and cold with you. It makes you wonder if they’re really into the relationship or just messing around when it’s convenient for them.

Hot and cold behavior can drive anyone nuts. One minute they make you feel on top of the world; next thing you know, you’re checking your phone every five minutes thinking maybe it’s broken—it’s not broken.

If talking to her feels like riding a roller coaster of attention and neglect, take note—that inconsistency is a big red flag waving at ya! And hey, no one wants to be left hanging without an idea of where things stand because let’s face it: guessing games are for kids’ birthdays, not mature relationships.

Excessive Alcohol Usage

Okay, you’ve spotted someone who’s hot one minute and cold the next. But let’s not miss another big warning sign – folks who drink too much. It can be a slippery slope from fun nights out to big trouble in dating land.

See, it’s not just about dealing with someone who has one too many at happy hour. We’re talking about that guy who always seems to have a beer in hand or needs a drink to get through any date.

Drinking like there’s no tomorrow? Huge red flag! This habit could mean they’re hiding problems or using booze as an escape hatch. Maybe they’re battling some inner demons, struggling with stuff like low self-esteem or even addiction, but trust me, you don’t want that spilling over into your life.

Now, I’m all for having a good time (responsibly), but if your new sweetheart takes excessive alcohol usage to the next level… yikes! You might find yourself mixed up with someone still tied to another person – yep – still married! Or worse, stuck with a narcissist who loves nothing more than their reflection – and their liquor cabinet.

You deserve someone who shows up sober and ready to enjoy real moments together—not someone whose mood swings depend on their blood alcohol content. So keep those eyes wide open; your happiness is worth it!

Avoiding Discussions about the Relationship

Jumping from one red flag to the next, let’s talk about folks who dodge chats about where things are going. It’s a big “uh-oh!” if you’re getting the silent treatment every time the ‘R’ word pops up.

Sure, not everyone wants to define the relationship after two dates—but if you’ve been hanging out for a while, and they freak out at any mention of “us,” flags don’t get much redder.

Look, nobody loves awkward conversations; I get it. But if someone can’t sit down and talk about what you both are to each other, that’s like driving with no direction—you’ll end up nowhere good! A partner who values you will man up—or woman up—and have those tough talks because they know it matters.

Trust me, avoiding this chat is like ignoring a check engine light: bad news in the long run!

Negative Gut Feeling

Listen to your belly—yep, that little voice inside that sometimes feels like you’ve got butterflies wrestling. It’s telling you something’s off, even if everything looks good on paper.

So say you’re out with someone who checks all the right boxes: smart, funny, and easy on the eyes. But then there’s this weird feeling in your gut that just won’t quit.

Trust that nagging sensation. It might be because they’re too quick to anger, or maybe they keep talking over you (rude much?). Or it could be subtler things, like how they only text when it’s late at night or never introduce you to their friends.

Your brain may not see the warning signs yet, but your gut is on high alert – and for good reason! That instinct? It’s often spot-on in sniffing out a bad match before things go south.

Red Flags in Men Specifically

Red Flags in Dating 4

Oh boy, ladies, buckle up because we’re diving into the choppy waters of red flags that are specific to men—think controlling vibes and a fuse shorter than your patience on leg day—and if you’ve ever wondered what makes Mr.

Right turn into Mr. Why-Did-I-Swipe-Right, you’re gonna want to stick around for this tea..

Overly Controlling Behavior

So, you’re out on a date and things are going… okay. But then, she starts calling the shots on everything – from what you order for dinner to how you should spend your weekends.

Yep, we’re talking overly controlling behavior here, and it’s about as fun as getting a root canal. Think of it like someone holding the remote to your life and pressing mute whenever they don’t like what they hear.

Now listen up – if she’s always dictating your choice of friends or how often you visit mom, that’s a big ol’ red flag waving in front of you. You want to be with someone who digs your company – not trying to do an extreme makeover on every part of your life.

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Sure, compromise is cool, but being bossed around? Not so much.

Control freaks might clutch onto their partners tighter than a kid with candy because deep down they could have trust issues or low self-esteem (and hey, nobody got time for that).

Keep an eye open; if this sounds all too familiar, it might be time to check in with yourself before moving onto issues like lack of trust.

Lack of Trust

Trust is like the glue in a relationship, guys. If she’s always doubting you or snooping through your stuff, that’s a giant red flag waving right in your face! You’re not in court, yet it feels like you’ve got to defend yourself 24/7.

Not cool.

Here’s the deal – if she treats you like you’re guilty until proven innocent, trust me, that’s no way to live. Loving someone means giving them room to breathe and not chaining suspicions around their neck.

So put on those running shoes if trust isn’t on her list, because buddy, without trust, you’re building on sand—and we all know what happens when the tide comes in.

Low Self-Esteem

Moving on from the trust issues, let’s chat about low self-esteem. Oh boy, this one is like a sneaky little gremlin undermining a guy’s entire dating game. So, your date might throw shade at his exes or never seems to have anything sweet to say about you? Yeah, that’s not just him being quirky—it’s a waving red flag saying “low self-esteem onboard!” Sometimes they’ll love-bomb you out of nowhere, and other times leave you feeling like you’re talking to a brick wall.

Here’s another clue—complaining. If he’s constantly whining about work or moaning how everything goes wrong for him, take note. And friends? If he only has online buddies who fit into very specific boxes—or worse, no pals at all—that says something loud and clear about his confidence levels.

You want someone who stands tall in their own shoes—not someone using yours to prop themselves up!

Substance Abuse

Oh boy, let’s talk about something serious for a sec – substance abuse. Now, if you’re dating a guy who’s always reaching for a bottle or seems to have mysterious “medications,” take note.

This isn’t just about having a wild night out; we’re talking mood swingsflakiness, and him never owning up to his mess-ups.

You might see signs like him not caring much about looking good anymore, or money disappearing faster than socks in a dryer. It gets sneaky, too—he might hide how much he’s using or blow off plans with you to go use.

Here’s the kicker: this kinda thing can drag you into one rough ride of a relationship.

Look after number one (that’s you!) and don’t ignore these red flags waving in your face. If something feels off and your gut says there’s trouble brewing with his substance use, trust that feeling.

You’ve got every right to get help or bounce to safer ground if need be – no shame in keeping yourself safe and sound!


So, we’ve just talked about substance abuse and, folks, hold on to your hats because we’re diving into the world of narcissism. Picture this: You’re dating someone who loves mirrors more than Sleeping Beauty’s stepmom.

They think they’re all that—and a bag of chips—but, let’s be real here, their self-love is off the charts.

I’m talking about those guys who puff up their chests like they’re trying to win a prize at the county fair for biggest ego. They’ll turn every chat back to them because somehow they’ve climbed Mount Everest seven times—in their head.

If he’s treating you like you’re lucky just to breathe the same air as him, or if his stories always seem grander than fireworks on the Fourth of July… Ding ding! That’s your cue; Mr. “It’s All About Me” might just have a case of narcissism you don’t want to mess with.

Now, don’t get me wrong—not everyone who takes pride in their wins at life is wearing a ‘narcissist’ badge. But if your guy seems allergic to empathy and wouldn’t know how to share the spotlight if it came with instructions… well, my friend, better watch out! This isn’t just some quirk—it can be one heck of a red flag waving right in front of your face while whispering sweet nothings about how amazing he thinks he is.

Anger Management Issues

Hey, guys. Let’s talk about tempers in dating. You know the drill—someone who blows up over small stuff or gets all Hulk-smash when things don’t go their way? Yeah, that’s a big ol’ red flag waving at you.

Anger management issues can sneak up on you disguised as passion or even protection, but trust me, it’s like trying to play fetch with a beehive – not fun and pretty risky.

Now, here’s the deal: if your date is love bombing you one minute and then getting super mad the next, they might be juggling some anger fireworks waiting to explode. And let’s say they toss around words like “crazy” when talking about their exes—not just once but every time.

That could mean they’re not so great at handling disagreements without turning into a fire-breathing dragon. Mix in a little too much booze, and yikes—you’ve got yourself an anger cocktail that no one ordered.

Watch out for these signs because dodging bullets isn’t part of the romantic experience you signed up for (unless you’re into extreme sports—and even then,). Up next, we’ll dive into trouble saying what’s really on our minds – difficulty communicating openly!

Difficulty Communicating Openly

Gotta tell ya, being with a guy who clams up tighter than a jar of pickles when it’s time to talk about feelings… huge red flag. We’re not mind readers, right? If he can’t spill the beans about what’s bugging him or share his dreams—apart from those where he’s winning “The Voice”—how are you supposed to build anything real?

Look for signs like changing the subject faster than a cheetah on a skateboard whenever something deep comes up. That’s your clue. Or maybe he only texts when talking about heavy stuff because looking in your eyes feels too intense.

And if excuses roll out more often than a red carpet at movie premieres whenever you ask for some straight-up talk—it’s not just shyness; it’s avoiding honest communication.

So next up on this rollercoaster ride of love red flags is how we handle these warning signs without losing our cool—or our sense of humor.

How to Handle Red Flags in Dating

Red Flags in Dating 5

You stumble upon a red flag—now what, Sherlock? First off, don’t ignore that little voice in your head shouting “Danger!” (even if it sounds like your mom). We’re diving into the art of not brushing things under the rug.

It’s about listening to your gut and facing those warning signs head-on, with everything from a heart-to-heart chat to calling in the pros for backup. So buckle up; we’re getting real about turning those “yikes” moments into action plans without just ghosting every person who texts you more than thrice a day.

Acknowledging Your Own Needs

Okay, let’s talk real quick. You’ve got to listen to what you need in dating and in life, right? Sometimes, that gut feeling is trying to tell you something important. It’s like when your car starts making a funny noise – you don’t just ignore it and hope for the best; you pull over and check it out.

So if something feels off, or you’re uncomfortable, pay attention.

Now, I’m not saying become self-centered—just don’t put yourself last on the list, either. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish; it’s smart. If things get too intense or feel sketchy, step back and think about what’s best for your mental health and happiness.

After all, who wants to be stuck in a toxic relationship where they feel second-best all the time? Nope! Your needs matter as much as anyone else’s do—and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise!

Communicating Concerns

So, you’ve hit a bump in the dating road. Maybe they text you way too much or get jealous when you chat with friends. Here’s the scoop: It’s super important to talk about what bugs you.

I mean, nobody’s a mind reader, right? You gotta tell them what’s up. Sure, it might feel awkward, but think of it as steering your relationship away from a giant iceberg.

Let’s say something they do makes you uneasy. Don’t just sit on it and hope things will magically get better – that’s like waiting for a pizza to order itself (spoiler: won’t happen).

Grab the bull by the horns and share your feelings. Keep calm and clear so they can really hear you out. After all, talking things through is how grown-ups nail this whole dating thing down pat!

Seeking Professional Help

Talking to someone who knows the ropes can be a game changer. Imagine sitting down with someone who gets it. They’ve heard all sorts of relationship tales, and trust me; they won’t blink an eye at yours.

Whether you’re dealing with a partner showing signs of narcissistic personality disorder or just feeling stuck in a toxic loop, therapy could be your best move.

Now, don’t get me wrong, buddy – chatting with pals over a beer is great for getting stuff off your chest. But sometimes you need that pro level advice to make sense of the madness.

Therapists are like relationship wizards – they help you see things clearly and work out if it’s time to cut loose or buckle up for some personal growth. Before we dive into how to handle these red flags head-on, let’s agree on something: seeking professional help doesn’t mean you’re weak.

It means you care enough about yourself to get some backup!

Setting Boundaries

Okay, let’s get real about setting boundaries. It’s like drawing a line in the sand; you’re telling someone what’s cool and what’s not in your book. If they cross that line, well, it shows they’re disrespecting you – and nobody’s got time for that.

You might feel awkward doing it at first, but trust me, laying down the law early saves you from a world of drama later on.

So here’s how I roll: if something bugs me or feels off, I speak up. Maybe it’s her being on my case all the time or getting too clingy when I barely know her name – red flag city! That gut feeling? Yeah, it knows its stuff — so listen to it.

And hey, if things go south and self-care calls for a break-up? Being clear about your limits makes walking away simpler because you’ve already set those expectations. Look after number one (that’s you!) by knowing where to draw those lines in your relationships.

Knowing When to Leave

Sometimes, it’s clear you’ve got to call it quits. See a bunch of red flags waving at you like they’re starting a parade? It’s time to head for the hills. Trust your gut if things feel off.

Is she all sweet talk today and throwing shade tomorrow? That’s your cue—exit stage left.

Ignoring pesky warnings can drag you into the deep end of a bad romance. You deserve better than being stuck in an emotional twist or worse, physical harm. Spot those dealbreakers? Peace out before you need to call in the pros from the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Now let’s ease up on this heavy stuff and scoot over to what happens after recognizing these signs..

Your Compass for Avoiding Romantic Shipwrecks

Alright, let’s wrap this up real quick! Spot these 19 dating red flags before you end up in a pickle. Remember, your gut is like that best friend who tells it straight – listen to it! If things feel off, they probably are.

So keep those eyes peeled for any shifty behavior, and don’t be afraid to say “bye” when respect flies out the window. Stay smart, date smarter!

FAQs About Red Flags in Dating

What’s a big warning sign that my date might be bad news?

Watch out for someone who tries to control you – like telling you what to wear or whom to hang out with. This is called manipulation, and it’s not cool.

Can emotional stuff be a red flag too?

Absolutely! If your partner always makes you feel guilty or blames you for everything, that’s emotional abuse… and that’s something to take seriously.

Is it bad if we totally depend on each other in the relationship?

Yeah, being super clingy isn’t good – it’s called codependency. It’s healthy when both people can do their own thing sometimes.

How do I know if they’re just having a tough time, or it’s more serious?

If they’re always angry, mean, or make fun of others – especially if they don’t see why that’s wrong – then heads up! That could point towards some deeper issues like low self-worth or even trauma from the past.

What should I look out for with money matters in my relationship?

Someone who spends all their cash without thinking (or expects you to pay all the time) shows signs of not being great with money management… and who wants a partner like that? Not me!

Are there any sneaky signs of cheating I should know about?

Keep an eye on changes in how they act—like suddenly caring way more about their looks when they leave the house—or getting weirdly jealous over nothing… Oh yeah, these could definitely be hints of cheating.




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