The Benefits of Shedworking – Creating an Amazing Home Office and Beyond

Given my new day job as a Programmer, I’ve been approached with an idea that is novel to me: working from home.  You see, I just don’t understand how most people can manage it, being tempted all day by the creature comforts available to them.  How do you manage to get through a day without playing video games or vegging out on the couch? Well it seems the answer is at hand: a work shed.

No, I don’t mean like the shed your grandfather let you play in with all the sharp tools. I’m talking about something a little more related to the tiny homes I wrote about earlier.

These sheds, otherwise referred to as summerhouses, are specialty crafted areas for relaxation in a garden or secluded spot. In this instance, it’s a separate space designed for working that helps people like me stay on track. By separating my working space from the spaces I utilize for relaxation I can stay focused. Plus, there’s the added benefit of a fresh air breeze, something most cubicle workers become desperate for after a 10-hour shift.

Hans Liberg’s Cabin

As an example of an especially awesome office cabin, check out musician and comedian Hans Liberg’s garden spot…

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Of course these easily-adaptable sheds are available for more than just an office space. You can set up a gym for yourself in the peace of your garden. Perhaps a small reading nook out by a pond. I personally see the potential of my own outdoor bar and beer brewing shed. These summerhouses really lend themselves as a dynamic space for whatever you need.

Here’s a very… rustic, shed based gym. Perhaps a bit more akin to a barn, but you get the idea.


And here’s a very basic but functional shed office.


Now obviously there are the associated costs in actual real estate, but some of these small guys can be had for under $1000. That’s much cheaper than any addition to your house, whether you perform the remodeling yourself or not, and can help bring a little extra value to your property.

So, if you’re looking to setup a dream home office or just add something to your land, keep a summerhouse in mind. If you’re looking for more information you can also check out this site dedicated to Shedworking. There are a ton of great articles there featuring a number of unique shed designs and uses, from simple office spaces to recording studios and beyond.



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