8 Solid Content Optimization Tips For Every Social Media Platform

You can utilize social media as an advertising and promotion platform for a political campaign or selling your product or services. But how effective are the posts and drives you run on social networks? The thing about social media marketing is what seems witty and exciting to you might not have the same appeal to others.

Creating and running a successful social media campaign requires some finesse. You must give some thought to the content – the type of images and messaging you will share and using what tone. It requires you to know how to build the best marketing personas that attract the right audience. And you also must pick the best social media platforms to share the content and determine the opportune time for the same.

Let’s analyze some effective strategies for creating compelling content you can post on any social media platform.

1. Create Short Videos

While people love mixed media content, videos are a favorite for many. Marketers and brand influencers use videos in their promotional and ad campaigns, garnering 66% more qualified leads annually than those using conventional methods. 

A short, concise video has a better chance of being consumed as consumers scan social networks, and it does not need professional input or take a lot of time to create and publish. TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch have live video options with different formats. You can leverage short videos to engage your followers and track metrics related to what you post. The live portion will be available for viewing, so your followers and subscribers do not miss out on what you share.

2. Create Interactive Social Content

User interactions are primarily devoid of chatbots. It is more of a direct interaction that crawler bots can identify. The more your content generates shares, likes, and comments, the more favorable it appears. Therefore, take time to develop shareable content because the user interaction generated fosters brand loyalty. Some tactics you can employ for interactive content include:

  • Live interviews
  • Likes and shares-oriented promotions
  • Company Q&A’s
  • Polls and quizzes for the followers
  • Interactive maps
  • Photo captioning contests
  • Calculators or tests (such as DMI’s digital skills quiz)

3. Evoke Humor & Emotion

Humor and evoking emotions will be effective tactics when trying to humanize your brand. The current social media generation (2022 consumers) favors brands that take an active stand on pertinent social issues and care about essential values.

Taking such an approach ensures that your brand connects with its followers deeper. Hence, something like a silly meme or GIF can garner many shares, likes, and comments.

4. User-Generated Content Is Key

UGC (user-generated content) comprises videos, pictures, memes, screenshots, and other visuals made by social media users. But why consider such content for optimization, and is it an effective method?

Research shows that UGC captures the creator’s or followers’ attention. It also encourages more engagement while drawing on trendy topics or posts from others. Hence, it is a strategy you can use to cut back on time and effort spent creating catchy content for your target audience.

User-generated content is not about copying others’ work but identifying elements that will help make your brand unique. Therefore, give respect where it is due and ensure what you decide to use is shared appropriately and qualifies for such purposes.

5. Respond To Social Comments

Numerous studies show that reaching out to consumers in the comments sections is an effective strategy for building and maintaining your followers. Avoid taking the back-seat approach and be more proactive when interacting with your customer via social media, which has become a customer service channel. It is a communication resource central to dealing with your customer’s queries and providing solutions.

Reach out, like, comment, and share exciting content relevant to your brand. The interactions will appeal to your followers and improve the chances of receiving positive comments and recommendations that can lead to a higher following.

6. Report On Developments & Trends

Staying current and reporting on your industry’s developments and trends can effectively engage your followers. It can make you appear as an authority in your field, giving people reasons to visit your page for information occasionally.

For instance, sharing images and other content about the upcoming line for the season can make users turn to you when searching for news about the fashion industry. They will likely follow your posts for more info on the latest trends.

7. Invite Followers

Companies that exude a corporate demeanor often appear stiff to followers, making them view such a brand as a thing instead of a person worth interacting with. But when what you post has humanized elements, it makes your followers or consumers feel like they are engaging with real people.

So, consider the following tactics when seeking to give your followers an insight into your business or brand:

  • A tour of the office when shooting a “day in the life” video
  • Live demonstration of the services or products you provide
  • Funny pictures, memes, and GIFs from inside the workplace
  • How-to tutorial showing your consumers how to use your products or services
  • A weekly company podcast featuring your staff
  • Content posted by individual workers from different departments

8. Ask For Followers And Social Media Connections 

As a marketer, you need not struggle to make connections if you take a proactive approach to leverage social media. Ask your followers to recommend you or your brand to others, and they will exercise their social nature. Their regular interactions will fuel your efforts to make your brand known. Request them for shares, likes, tags, and comments when you post content. It is a call to action to request your followers to tag a friend, share the content they like, and comment. You can buy IG followers cheap to boost your new account.


Social media marketing, like any other online marketing option, relies on algorithms that can be a resource, not a hindrance. The algorithms are the ropes binding all social media users to specific rules. It levels the playing field for everyone. Hence, what you post has the potential to go viral if you put in the right effort. Learn the rules and abide by them as you interact with your followers to ensure you make your brand known and stay ahead of your competitors.



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