Do You Want to Work on Your Own Car? Get These Tools!

When you hear strange sounds from your car’s suspension, do you immediately call a mechanic or go into trouble-shooting mode and try to figure out what might be wrong? 

For many men these days, it’s usually the former. There was a time when many men worked on their own cars in the garage, driveway, or backyard. But cars have gotten more technologically advanced. So, it’s harder for the average Joe to be hands-on with maintenance and repairs nowadays. While there’s nothing wrong with calling a reputable mechanic, it doesn’t hurt to be handy with a jack, jack stands, and a wrench. You’ll need the right tools to install quality parts.

If you’re a man who’s interested in working on his own car, truck, or SUV, what follows is a look at some essential must-have tools. As you get more experienced, you can add more specialized tools.

Jack and Jack Stands

You’ll need a jack and jack stands that can support your vehicle’s weight–even if you have a truck or SUV with tons of ground clearance. Once the parking brake is secured, jack up the car, place the jack stands in the appropriate areas under the raised vehicle, and secure the wheels with chalks. It’ll be easier to remove the oil drain plug, change the filter, and do other maintenance. Your vehicle probably already has a jack, but an aftermarket jack will provide better stability.


You’ll also need various types of wrenches in your toolbox. An impact wrench will be helpful when you need to remove nuts and bolts that have rusted or are otherwise hard to remove. A torque wrench that helps you tighten bolts and nuts to manufacturer specifications is also a must-have. Also, get a quality set of wrenches in pipe, adjustable, and ratchet styles.

Socket Set

A good socket set will serve you well if you wish to work on your car. Get an extensive collection that covers the spectrum of bolts and nuts you’ll encounter during your maintenance and repair projects.

Tap and Dye Set

As a home mechanic tinkering with your own vehicle, you’ll encounter situations where you need to fix, clean, or make new threads for bolts and nuts. That’s where a tap and dye set will come in handy. You’ll save yourself a great deal of stress if you have this type of set on hand.


Chances are good that you already have a set of screwdrivers in your toolbox. Make sure you have an extensive set so you don’t run into any problems when the job requires using different types.

Work Light

Add a work light to your arsenal as well. If you’re working on your car in low-light environments, you’ll be glad you have a work light to illuminate your work area. Consider getting a battery-operated work light so that you can use it even if there’s no electrical socket available.

Drip Pan

It’s also essential to have a drip pan. Whether changing the engine oil, transmission oil, radiator fluid, or some other fluid, you’ll want to ensure it doesn’t splash all over your driveway or garage. Collect it all and dispose of it responsibly to prevent harm to animals or the environment.

These are just some tools you’ll want if you fancy doing some or all of your car maintenance and repairs. You might already have some of them in your garage or basement, which will reduce the amount you need to spend to get the ball rolling. Before doing any work on your car, ensure you can do so safely. It starts with having the right tools for the job.




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