Inside the Inspirational Story of Distinguished Detroit Barber – Ali Alhashemi

Being born poor does not mean you will lead a poor life or die poor. Most prosperous people today have an inspiring story behind their success. Some have stumbled upon the worst things in life but have found alternative ways to rise above the odds and achieve their goals. As long as you have a dream and are passionate about achieving success, you should remain focused, patient, and determined, and you will eventually get there. Ali Alhashemi’s story is proof that you can overcome all odds, live a successful life, and inspire your community.

Ali Alhashemi is the founder and president of UpperCutz Barbershop, CEO of The Groomed Man, and the author of The Barber Al Story. Ali came from a disadvantaged background, immigrated to the US, and now lives in Dearborn, Michigan. Since losing his father and most of his extended family members to a catastrophe at a young age, life was never the same. His impoverished mother struggled to support her family, prompting Ali and his brothers to start working from a young age.

Ali secured a job in a garage to pay for his school fees. Armed with an entrepreneur mindset, he saved money to start a business. After graduating from high school, Ali saved enough to buy a pair of scissors and rent out a small space to use as a barbershop near his home. He decided this after realizing that the business required low starting capital and would be easy to maintain. He was also passionate about styling.

Ali named the shop Upercutz Barbershop. It operates throughout the week and welcomes both booked and walk-in clients. The business is flourishing, prompting Ali to establish three more locations in Dearborn. Using his talent for styling and desire to help frustrated clients deal with unhealthy hair, Ali established a one-stop shop for healthy hair products. The shop, The Groomed Man, sells organic products that give you healthier hair with every wash, a sleek shine, and a fresh all-day look. Ali has also written a book, The Barber Al Story, that features his raw and unedited life story.

Ali’s journey to entrepreneurship was challenging. He had to learn everything with no guidance, and finding the path to success was less about what he had to do and more about who he had to become. Despite all the shortcomings in his life, Ali is the proud barber for the Detroit Pistons and Detroit Lions, and his businesses earn multi-millions in yearly revenue. He loves giving back to his community and has brought many people with him along the way.

Ali advises upcoming entrepreneurs that they should embrace every mistake and failure that they experience. He observes that mistakes teach you the best lessons, provided you don’t make the same mistake twice. Ali has plans to open a barber school to teach the craft of barbering soon. He also hopes to open a chain of barbershops and integrate philanthropy into his entrepreneurship by starting a charitable organization to help the poor and give free haircuts at one of his locations.




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