5 Things to Think About Before Getting a Tattoo

It’s without question that tattooing is on the rise across the globe, with many of us viewing our bodies as blank canvases to express ourselves in the form of increasingly elaborate and meaningful designs.

But if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and getting your first piece of ink, here are our 5 top things you should stop to think about before you do! After all, a tattoo is a permanent life choice, and you don’t want to make silly mistakes.

The Design

Arguably the most important thing to consider is the design of the tattoo itself. We’ve all seen the horror stories of people who have taken a snap decision on a new tattoo and have come to regret it in years (or sometimes even just minutes) to come.

There are many places to go online for inspiration on your tattoo style so make sure you take the time to consider the variety on show fully. Remember, just because it has been done before doesn’t make it any more or less special to you. Despite the desire for originality, opting for something tried and tested may be a great way to ensure both you and the artist are on the same page.

The Pain

As everyone knows, getting a tattoo is a painful experience and something that can put people off immediately. Those people out there may tell you it doesn’t hurt – well, they’re probably lying! Tattooing requires hundreds of tiny needle holes to be made in the skin to inject ink, so there is no way it couldn’t hurt!

It’s important to remember this, as some of us deal far better with pain than others. Have a chat with an artist about the pain you can expect from your proposed tattoo, keeping in mind that the size, style, and location can greatly impact the severity and duration of the pain you’ll experience!

The Ink

Depending on your design style, choosing the right tattoo ink for your piece will be crucial in ensuring the end result is exactly as you want it! Many artists will have their own favorite inks, so have a chat with yours to see if they recommend anything in particular for the design.

Another big thing to consider with your chosen ink is the potential for allergies. Before your tattoo, you should consider whether your body may have any adverse reactions and whether the tattoo itself is right for you. You should always consult your doctor if you have any history of skin conditions. Alongside this, any good tattoo artist should take you through a skin test beforehand and use trusted ink suppliers such as Barber DTS. They supply reputable tattoo ink brands to ensure only the best quality products are used. If you experience anything untoward during your tattoo sitting, don’t be afraid to stop and assess the situation before continuing!

The Artist

As getting a tattoo is a big decision that will likely stay with you for the rest of your life, you must ensure you’re in the best hands. Many artists will have a full portfolio of previous works at their shops or an online portfolio on a website or social media channel.

Many artists will specialize in a certain discipline, such as Watercolor, Abstract, or Japanese designs, so ensure you pick an artist proficiently in your style. Unfortunately, there is always dishonesty in any discipline; some artists may try to pass off others’ work as their own. Personal recommendations or review sites are always great sources to maintain credibility and ensure you make the correct choice of the artist.

The Aftercare

Many people think you walk out of a tattoo shop with the finished design, and that’s the end. Unfortunately, they’re very wrong, and many people encounter issues purely due to a lack of aftercare!

A regime of careful washing and moisturizing will be key for the days and weeks after getting your tattoo to ensure it not only heals correctly but that the design itself remains intact. Remember, with all those small needle holes, your tattoo is a large open wound and should be treated with the same care as an injury you may experience in other walks of life.

Your tattoo artist will likely wrap the area upon completion and will lay out the best aftercare program for you – take their advice to ensure you’re not left with any nasty surprises!

So there it is, our top 5 things to consider before getting your tattoo. It’s always important to carefully consider your design as an off-the-cuff decision may be one you live to regret. Between you and your artist, you will be able to discuss the pain and ink considerations to make your sitting a success and the steps to take afterward for the most efficient healing.




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