5 Exciting Activities to Do When Bored in Your Montreal Airbnb

Enjoy the little things in the city

Whilst visiting Canada, there are a lot of great attractions to behold – which we’ll get to – but it’s important to remember all the small things that the city has to offer first and foremost. A good suggestion would be to make a list of everything you can’t buy elsewhere, or at least not commonly. Such as bagged milk, butter tarts, or poutine. Try ‘em. Try ‘em all if you can, especially the foods because you can bring them along in your other adventures across the city. General rule: if you can find that drink in your hometown, then it’s worth drinking something similar that you don’t recognize the brand of instead.

Some other general rules are as follows: firstly, Montreal is a predominantly French-speaking province, though the majority of its residents are bilingual so you’ll be able to get by in full English. On that note though, if you know a few phrases or greetings, they will absolutely appreciate the effort despite your potentially bad accent. Canada is also very bipolar when it comes to weather, which means very warm summers, and freezing cold winters, so be wary of what clothes you pack in your suitcase for each time of year. Furthermore, especially if it’s snowing, it will take you forever to walk even from shop to shop around your Airbnb in Montreal, so do yourself a favor and either rent a car, or pay for an Uber for travel. Lastly, don’t leave an open box of pizza on the floor of your room because the hotel staff will probably take it away, even if there’s a couple slices left over.

Stop by Mont Royal

Mont Royal sounds very similar to Montreal when you say it out loud, which is because that’s where the city got its name from. West of the downtown core, between the Laurentian and Appalachian mountains, you’ll find Mont Royal, which is the highest spot in the city, coming in at 650+ feet above sea level. It’s just about the coolest hill you’ll ever climb.

The views from Mont Royal are sheer beauty at its finest, with nature at the forefront of this wonderful attraction from up high. Locals and tourists alike will find solitude here, and maybe a little extra if you venture over to the massive 100 foot tall cross which is situated at the summit, past the lookout. You can’t miss it because it’ll be covered in LED lights. It was erected in 1643 by the city’s founder, Paul Chomedey De Maisonneuve, as a thanks to God for not totally flooding the whole colony. Fun fact, the lights will be changed to purple when the current Pope passes away.

Visit New York

Okay, this isn’t part of Canada so it technically doesn’t count but it’s worth throwing in there anyway because if you take a quick look at a map, you’ll find that Montreal is literally right above the state of New York. It may be harder now due to the pandemic, but generally, it’s quite easy to get into the state for a short visit. The border guards you’ll come across are Canadian so of course they’ll be nice to you.

Moreover, New York City is around a 15 hour bus journey from Montreal, and comes with its own great attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, just to name a few. Just make sure your Airbnb in Montreal knows that you’ve ventured out for a little while and will be coming back, because there’s still plenty more to explore in Montreal such as…

Skiing at Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake gets its name from its shape, which gets its name from the town of Beaver in Carroll County, which was originally homesteaded by a Wilson Beaver. It also looks like a beaver from above. At the base of Mont Royal, this lake was artificially fitted in 1938 and is perfect for any season.

In summer, it’s full of life and wildlife alike, perhaps even sporting some beavers as the name suggests. In winter though, you’ll likely be able to rent some skis at the chalet, and probably not ski on the actual lake itself because that’s dangerous, but instead on the rink which is located next to the lake. You can’t miss it. Besides that though, Beaver Lake is completely free, and a very viable option if you’re on a bit of a budget.

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Your Airbnb in Montreal will most likely have its own great pastimes. A television will sport some great channels that you can’t understand. Room service is a guaranteed great time when you order something that sounds delicious and extra Canadian, except when it arrives it’s actually gravy on French fries, and it’s poutine. It’s good, though, give it a try. And the bed will be extremely comfy, like sleeping in a cloud, or potentially ready for some other services which can be found locally.

Using the free WiFi, look up some reviews of nearby Canada escort reviews. No, really. One, you’d be surprised how classy they are – some even take credit cards. And two… well, why not? Inviting someone over to your suite is a great way to get a good feeling for the culture, and generally just having someone from Montreal to talk to if that’s all you want to pay them for. No judgement here.




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